What Are Dental Dams? A Beginner's Guide & Safe Oral Sex Tips

Pasante Flavoured Dental Dams Review | Pleasure Panel

7 out of 10
By Live & Let Love I'm giving these dams a 7 out of 10 because, as far as dams go, I'm sure they're pretty good. It's the fact that they're dams that was the issue for us. We're pretty new using dental dams and find them quite awkward. First Mr took a turn using the Strawberry Crush on me. He found the thickness not too bad (again, as dams go). I could feel quite a bit through the dam, but not as good as tongue on skin. He didn't find the dam overpowering, but he did say he kept flashing back to his dentist's office where they use scented/flavoured latex gloves. Not very sexy. ;) His final word was he'd rather not give oral than use dams all the time (and he LOVES giving oral.)