Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Libidinous Zombie Erotic Horror Anthology by Rose Caraway – Pleasure Panel Review

8 out of 10
By Emmanuelle de Maupassant Eight authors, each with their own style and approach, take their turn to explore the nature of our erotic drive, relentless and destructive: the ‘Libidinous Zombie‘ within. As Remittance Girl so perfectly describes it: ‘the delicious marriage between horror and eroticism’.
Mammoth Book of New Erotica 13

The Mammoth Book Of Best New Erotica 13 by Maxim Jakubowski Review

8 out of 10
Here is something for every taste: domination, submission, encounters with strangers, voyeurism and exhibitionism. Not every tale in The Mammoth Book Of Best New Erotica 13 will accord with your own personal rhythm - but more than a handful of these melodies is sure to resonate.