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Sexy bathtime story

By the time I got to the bathroom I was standing in just my lace g-string and the rest of the clothes made an untidy pile in the doorway. Pulling my hair free. I shook my head and then eyed myself in the mirror. I looked tired. Running my hands over the classical cinch of my waist and enjoying the dramatic flare of my hips, I peeled off the string and dipped a toe into the comforting heat with a shiver of sudden corporeal need.

Ceduxtion Strawberry Erotic Massage Candle Review

This is my review of the Ceduxtion Strawberry Erotic Massage Candle. I’m a girl that loves candles, all types. Doesn’t matter if they are massage candles, aromatherapy/pheromone candles, skin safe wax play candles or just your ordinary table candles, there is something alluring about candle light and the atmosphere that a candle provides.

Cupid’s Perfect Remote Control Bullet Vibrator Review

By Cara Sutra: The Cupid's Perfect Remote Control Bullet Vibrator (previously named the Mantric Miyakodori Remote Control Bullet Vibrator) is a sex toy I have wanted ever since I read about it in Dirty Little Secret, a wonderfully erotic short story by the famously fabulous Carly Drew.

Body Piercings All Healed Up

I recently wrote about my piercing plans, after they were completed and how I've felt about my body piercings on a personal and sexual level.

Sex Toy Testing, New Lingerie & Sexy Books To Read

Well... what is a girl to do with herself! If you speak with me regularly, through Twitter and Facebook updates, you will know I have been very busy recently. with writing, sex toy testing and much more.

iTap Egg Vibrator Review – Cal Exotics Touch Activated Vibrating Sex Toy

Since seeing this product on the market, I have wanted to try it. Receiving mixed reviews all round, the only way to find out the truth was to obtain one myself. The iTap Egg Vibrator is made by the US company California Exotic Novelties and is sold in the UK through adult retailers and sex toy shops online.

Blazin Bitch Black Cherry Erotic Massage Candle Review

Those of you who know me will already know of my previous affairs with cherry scented products, particularly the divine Durex Cherry Flavoured Lube and the Earthly Body Cherry lickable massage candle. Here's my review of my latest addition to the cherry collection, the Blazin Bitch Black Cherry Erotic Massage Candle.

Beginner’s Guide To Silicone Sex Toys and Silicone Lubes

If you have any experience of sex toys, you will either have heard of silicone, or you may even have used it already. But really, what is silicone all about? Is there are difference between ordinary vibrators and silicone sex toys? What's the deal with silicone lube?

My Sex Toys Collection Photographs

I've spent an afternoon sorting my entire collection of sex toys & fun playtime items... an extensive exercise! So here is a little photo blog post to share my gorgeous possessions with you... have a peek into my sex toys collection and see what the lady really loves!

Female Chastity & Orgasm Denial

I'm wondering today, how many orgasms per week someone needs in order to feel fulfilled. Perhaps several each day, several an hour? Or are you a one-a-day man or woman? How do you choose to travel to this destination? Does it involve female chastity for you?

Taught by Stone Franks Erotic Book Review

By Cara Sutra: Stone Franks is a female author who usually writes horror stories. Reading this short story (Taught by Stone Franks), it soon becomes apparent that horror is where her writing prowess lies.

The 3 different types of lesbians

I'm a very feminine woman. In the lesbian world, there are terms to describe the different types of lesbians. Of course not all women will fit these categories exactly, it is impossible to pigeon hole absolutely everyone with a few labels. However, I do identify with these types both from personal experience with women and how I feel in myself.

Monday Morning Wank

What a fabulously sunny Monday morning! Kids are back at school, there's a smile on my face and a twinkle on various parts of my body. I was dying for a Monday morning wank.

Teased by vibrators & an orgasm diary

I could use my butt plugs and combine with one of my vibrators in my pussy... but this will not necessarily lead to climax for me. I have always been very much a clit stimulation sort of girl. Yes, I do regret not training for penetrative orgasms now I'm being mercilessly teased by vibrators!

Nookii In the Mood for Love Sex Toy Kit Review

I was lucky enough to win the Nookii In The Mood For Love Sex Toy Kit recently, which is available to buy from Lovehoney.

Beginner’s Guide To Pegging Sex Toys, Strap On Harnesses And Strap On Dildos

I wanted to write a blog post about the strap on harnesses I have and the strap on dildos I use with them. I own three strap on harnesses: Sportsheets Sedeux Velvet Harness with Vibrating Bullet Vac U Lock Lucid Dream No 9 Sharon Sloane Latex Double G Pleasure Briefs
Fetish Fantasy Straitjacket

Fetish Fantasy Unisex Strait Jacket Review

By Cara Sutra: I received the wonderfully deviant Fetish Fantasy Unisex Strait Jacket to test and review!

Adventures of a London Call Boy by Ben Franckx Book Review

Xcite Books
By Cara Sutra: Adventures of a London Call Boy by Ben Franckx details the hedonistic adventures of a young man in London who thoroughly enjoys sex. Deciding to combine his love of the sexual act with women and his lack of finances, he embarks upon a trail of saucy naughtiness which will leave you horny, empathising, giggling and breathless for the next encounter.

Are sex toys better than real cock?

Men, I find it very odd that some of you have a problem with sex toys. Not a hatred for rubber or silicone; but more specifically a feeling of angst when they are brought into the bedroom by your lover. There's this ongoing debate: Are sex toys better than real cock?

Body Piercings Diary

We travelled to the same lovely piercing and tattoo parlour that we used for minnie's nipples last time, Apus Body Art (I figured he never bled or had any pain, so I'd be fine) and I signed up for both the navel and the vertical clitoral hood piercings before I could change my mind.