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Happy New Year 2022! I hope you all enjoyed peaceful and revitalising holidays, and that this new year continues to be kind to you and yours. We have various plans for 2022, our first full year as husband and wife. I’m reluctant to make plans which are too ambitious or outlandish because, as 2020 taught us all, absolutely anything could happen. That said, I’m still going to list our main plans for 2022 below, as putting them in black and white helps me maintain focus and makes the goals feel a little more tangible and certain.

New Furniture

Happy New Year 2022: Our Plans, Goals and ResolutionsAn extremely domestic plan to start: buy some new sofas. We’ve been planning to get rid of the lounge suite we have now for several years, but other big expenses have always taken precedence. Buying our first home, learning to drive, getting married… but now the time has finally arrived.

We’ll be getting rid of our horrible old sofa suite (what’s left of it, anyway – we already got rid of an armchair and the corner piece) which is over 10 years old, and getting a lovely new set.

Ok time for a little admission… This can almost be ticked off the list already! A few weeks before Christmas, my husband and I enjoyed a little scout of a few furniture stores and promptly fell in love with some sofas to fit in our lounge space. A 2-seater and 3-seater. The price dropped slightly in the January sales, so we put the order in last week. Delivery time is some way off yet, though, which I guess is to be expected with such large household items. We can’t wait.

As well as having lovely brand-new sofas, it’s going to be fantastic to finally be rid of the old set which I strongly dislike for various reasons.


Another huge purchase planned for this year – a conservatory! This was on my ‘5 year plan’ when we bought our home in 2016, so I’m thrilled we’ll be able to put the wheels in motion in 2022. My husband and I need to finish our research into both local and national conservatory companies and see what the best option is for us, considering styles, reviews and price. All going well, work should begin in spring so we can enjoy our new conservatory this summer.

Dear US readers: I am not talking about a greenhouse. British conservatories are like a glass sunroom built on the back or side of the existing bricks & mortar home, where we can enjoy kinda being in the garden (yard? but with grass) without being rained on all year.

Summer Holiday

Something fun for the family next; a holiday. We’re still not travelling abroad this year, mostly due to the ongoing uncertainties with air travel and COVID.

A few years ago we enjoyed a short break in Blackpool as a family, but found we didn’t really have enough time to see and do the multitude of attractions in just a couple of days. So we’re heading back this summer for a longer stay, and staying in a holiday cottage by the sea with all the facilities we need.

Very much looking forward to doing Blackpool ‘properly’ and I know our boys are excited about it too. Especially dancing on the glass floor in Blackpool tower, and all the rollercoasters at Pleasure Beach!

Our First Wedding Anniversary

August ’22 will be our very first wedding anniversary, so we have a romantic long weekend planned in our favourite ‘local’ destination as a couple: Lincoln. It’s where we’ve enjoyed our big birthday weekends in July as a couple in years gone by, and where we married in August 2021.

Happy New Year 2022: Our Plans, Goals and Resolutions

Lincoln is a picturesque, historic, bustling city with plenty of shops, bars and attractions. We always really enjoy our childfree stays there and of course our wedding last year was outstanding. We’ll be heading back to our wedding venue for our first wedding anniversary, to mark the occasion and to make the most of what the city has to offer.

If we get out of the bedroom that is… I’ll be packing my sexiest lingerie and plenty of our favourite sex toys!

Book Our Honeymoon

Research has started into our honeymoon, but as mentioned previously, I’ve been hesitant to book travel out of the UK while restrictions surrounding COVID fluctuate between countries. Not sure we’ll get to go on honeymoon during 2022 but I’d love to get it booked – we’re hoping to go perhaps February 2023.

Our dream is to stay in a glass dome or similar in one of the Scandinavian countries – to see the Northern lights (aurora borealis). Snuggling up together in the warm, while the snow is deep outside, and while we’re watching nature’s light show in the skies… the height of romance.

Happy New Year 2022: Our Plans, Goals and Resolutions

I haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions this year – too much pressure and they usually get broken by the end of January. That said, I do hope to send more email newsletters to my subscribers from now on. Sign up here so you don’t miss any updates about the plans mentioned above as well as other exciting happenings such as giveaways, review opportunities and more.

Once again to all my readers: A very Happy New Year 2022!


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