Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What’s The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?

How do you store sex toys? Are there any discreet sex toy storage solutions available? What is the best way to store adult toys? If you’re sick of reaching for your favourite toy only to find it covered in dust from where you threw it under the bed last time, you need a new, better way to store your self-pleasure tools. In this guide I’ll be sharing my top recommendations to keep your precious vibrators, dildos & butt plugs safely hidden away, perfectly organised and ready for action whenever you are.

Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What's The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?

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Budget Options: Going The Cheap Route

You might be tempted by what appear to be easy & cheap sex toy storage options. Using whatever you can find round the house, or available at the supermarket, to store your vibrators and other toys. Perhaps you’re limited by budget, or you’re just not sure how else you’re meant to keep your orgasm-providers neat and tidy.

I must admit to ‘making do’ in the past, with regards sex toy storage, using whatever I had round the house which seemed to work. And they did, for a little while. There was always something not quite right, though. Annoyances, and a feeling that there has to be a better way.

Food Bags 

Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What's The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?Plastic food bags didn’t properly fit the longer vibrators and large dildos I had, and I couldn’t close them securely enough. Even zip lock bags felt like the plastic & fasteners wouldn’t stand much jostling in the bedside drawer or under the bed –and besides, the thin plastic didn’t do anything to protect my sex toys from knocks and accidental damage. They felt cheap and nasty, and they were.

Odd Socks 

rainbow socksPopping toys in odd socks was my next trick. Again, it didn’t feel right, was hardly what you’d call a classy and elegant way to store sex toys – especially when some of those sex toys cost over £100!

They deserved better than being stuffed in a faded old sock, which left remnants of fabric fluff on the surface of my toy when I retrieved it anyway, meaning I had to rinse before use. Annoying.

Sometimes I couldn’t tell which toy was in each sock either, and it’s no fun hastily rifling through lumpy odd socks looking for the specific sex toy you’ve got in mind for an impromptu pleasure session.

over door shoe organizerShoe Organiser 

I’ve even tried one of those over-door shoe organisers -you know, the vertically hung, fabric or plastic sheet with cubby holes where you place pairs of shoes? The thing is, I didn’t want my sex toy collection ‘out’ and always ‘in my face’ when it was hung over the back of my en-suite door.

So I tried it on the inside of my wardrobe door. But then, the door didn’t close properly -plus the bulk of the toys inside it took up a lot of closet space.

What Sort Of Storage Will Work For You?

Before parting with any of your hard-earned cash, it’s wise to take some time to think about what sort of storage will perfectly fit your needs (& sex toy collection).

Get yourself comfortable, and before heading to those online retailers…

Make Sure You Know Exactly What You Need

Time to make some important decisions.

Do you really need any sex toy storage?  

Perhaps this is an odd question to include in a guide to the best ways to store your sex toys. You’re not breaking any laws by slinging your vibes in the bedside drawer or your dildos under the bed. Storage does help keep the dust and fluff at bay, though. If you’ve invested money in high-quality, effective sex toys, it makes sense to keep them in great condition which will see them last longer than if you’re pinging them round your bedroom like pinballs. Storing your toys carefully means you always know where they are -and will also help you keep tabs on any instruction manuals, charging leads and other accessories.

Does discretion matter to you when it comes to sex toy storage?  

Mr Hankey dragon dildoHow much of a consideration is it? Are you looking for storage solutions which will completely disguise the fact it contains sex toys, or just a classy and well-made bag or box?

Toy storage discretion isn’t just the extremes between a transparent dildo bag on your mantelpiece or a locked chest in the basement; it could be deciding between company branded bags or something a little more neutral and non-descript. This is particularly relevant if you’re in a shared house or living with family. You might wish to consider lockable options if you have curious children about.

How much storage do you actually need?  

You might think you’ve only got a few sex toys, surely they’ll all fit in that cute zip-up bag. When you locate every item in your sex toy collection, you might be surprised at how many you’ve amassed over the years. This is also a great time for a clear out; get rid of broken toys, toys that don’t do anything for you personally or ones that you just never reach for, for one reason or another.

Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What's The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?Are you going to replace that broken vibrator? Will you be adding new sex toys to your collection in the near future?

When you have a clear idea of how many sex toys you want to store, you’ll be better prepared to shop for the storage solutions to fit your needs.

Oh, and don’t forget that silicone sex toys can be stored next to each other without any adverse effects. Just make sure the material is actually pure silicone. After all, people regularly stack silicone bakeware atop each other in the kitchen cabinets thinking nothing of it and with no ill consequence.

How To Choose The Right Style

Ready to shop? Time to finalise your preferred style of sex toy storage. You’ll be more likely to end up with the right type for you that way; instead of the first kind of storage you find, or something hastily bought just because it’s on offer that week. When faced with all the adult toy storage available, it’s helpful to consider the following aspects:


What comes to mind when you think of storage for your sex toys? One, or maybe several, zip-up bags? Hard-shell cases? A box –whether fabric, wooden, metal or other? Perhaps a larger option, such as a chest or trunk?


Measure the sex toys you want to store, and take note of the measurements of the sex toy bag, case, or box on the product page online (if you’re buying at an online sex shop, and not in-store). This will also highlight how many of those bags or boxes you really need, or if you should ‘size up’ so you can store your favourite 10-inch dildo in style.

Lockable Options 

Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What's The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?After you’ve stored your sex toys away neatly, would you like to/do you need to lock the case or box?

There are lockable sex toy storage items, cases and boxes with locks included, or without a padlock included but you can use your own.

Some sex toy bags, cases and boxes aren’t lockable at all, so make sure you know what type you’re buying if locking up your toys is a priority for you.

Bonus Features

Would you like your adult toy container to have any other bonus features? For example, the JoyBoxx is made with an antimicrobial agent and the design has discreet ventilation to help prevent any bacterial growth on your sex toys. Other sex toy boxes (like the House Of Plume Moi Box Deluxe) have a small opening through which the charging lead(s) can be fed –meaning you can charge your sex toys while they’re discreetly tucked away in the locked storage box.


Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What's The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?Talking of discretion – I feel it’s worth another mention here. Does the storage bag or box you’ve got your eye on look like an everyday cosmetics case or ornamental box, or is it emblazoned with the logo of a sex toy brand?

Some of these logos are small and discreet, others are the company’s whole name across the front of the bag in bright lettering. If this doesn’t really matter to you – great! I just keep the sex toys I use regularly in my bedside drawer, under my bed and in my (locked) office, so I don’t really care about any logos or company names on my toy storage bags.


Try to determine how opaque the material is, especially when it comes to toy bags. Plenty are made with black satin material, which you can’t see through. Don’t be tempted by those cheap organza bags –not only can you see straight through them, but even if this doesn’t matter to you the colour of the bag can leach into the material your sex toy is made from. This is especially true if your toys are made of porous materials like TPE/TPR and PVC. It’s a false economy.

Our Top Recommendations

Time to find the perfect sex toy storage for you and your curated collection of orgasmic pleasure tools. The sex toy review community and I have tried a few storage options available from various online retailers, and you can find all our dildo and vibrator storage reviews here on the blog.

Here’s a quick summary of our favourites:


Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What's The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?Liberator storage bags are well-designed, roomy, svelte and elegant. I have the red Tallulah storage bag, which is gorgeous (& lockable!) -but while researching for this feature I spotted the Tristan Velvish Toy Bag in Merlot, which jumped straight to the top of my toy storage wishlist.

Just like the Liberator bondage furniture & accessories, their toy storage bags are beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed. There is an array of sizes, colours and styles so you can enjoy choosing the ones which best fit your needs.

Our Liberator reviews

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Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What's The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?Briefly mentioned earlier in this article, the Joyboxx presents itself as a sex toy storage system rather than just a toy box. This generously proportioned box is made with food-grade plastic which is not only PVC, BPA and phthalate-free, it is mixed with a silver ion agent which makes it antimicrobial.

The Joyboxx is ventilated to encourage fast drying and avoid bacterial growth on your toys. There’s an easy-access top compartment while the main, lower area is lockable.

Our Joyboxx review


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Also available at UberKinky


Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What's The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?My experience of Lovehoney toy storage has mainly been with the black zip-up bags and cases which come with the Lovehoney Desire sex toys collection. The zips on these bags and cases fit together in the same style as a suitcase zipper, where there are two interlocking parts which can be locked with a small padlock.

Lovehoney have expanded their toy storage range to include basics like satin drawstring pouches and lacy lingerie bags, as well as hard shell cases in black or bright colours. There are even toy-specific bags such as those for bondage accessories or penis strokers.

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House of Plume 

Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What's The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?I absolutely adore the House of Plume toy storage set I was sent for review here on the Cara Sutra sex blog. I have the Moi Box Deluxe, a sizeable box which came complete with a smaller, fabric zip-around case -much like a makeup bag. My set is in plum purple, but you can buy the House of Plume box and case in smoky grey too.

As you can see from the photographs in my House of Plume review, quite a few sex toys fit in the Moi Box Deluxe, which is also lockable (with your own padlock). I love the little fabric case for taking bullet vibes, lubes, spare batteries and other smaller items away on travels –or just using it for my makeup while at home!

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Other Sex Toy Storage Options


As well as the Liberator range of toy storage, SheVibe have a large selection of other brilliant options.

The silicone ‘Happy Rabbit’ zip-up cases can be found at SheVibe, plus large or extra-large Sugar Saks. The Sugar Sak is an antibacterial, drawstring pouch available in a variety of colours, with fabric infused with BIOSHIELD® 75. This is an exclusive, patented, EPA-approved coating and revolutionary surface protectant which inhibits the growth of harmful yeasts and bacteria.

For luxurious self-pleasure sessions as well as neat storage, try Warm. The Warm Sex Toy & Lube Warming System is a vegan leather pouch into which you can place a sex toy and/or bottle of lube, to be pre-warmed to further enhance your erotic adventures. Just roll your tools of choice in the warming element, plug in and prepare. There’s even an auto-off feature so you don’t have to worry that your toys/lube will be too hot.

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Lovehoney ‘Happy Rabbit’ Cases  

I touched on these Happy Rabbit cases briefly, as some of them are also available at SheVibe. Designed, made and sold by Lovehoney, the Happy Rabbit cases are zip-up silicone sex toy storage containers in mood-lifting bright colours and emblazoned with a positive word, such as Happy, Love and Wow.

Made from silicone, these cases are wipe-clean, lockable (with your own little padlock) and are discreet, looking just like a cosmetics case either in your bedroom or during travel.

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Chests, Trunks & Ottomans 

More sex toys than you can shake a dildo at? I know how you feel! Storage pouches and cases are great for individual sex toys –or, at a push, a small collection. For those who have a vast array of sex toys, bondage accessories and maybe some sexy role play outfits, you might wish to consider a larger item of furniture such as a wooden chest or leather ottoman, the kind of thing people store bedding and towels in.

Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What's The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?


It’s tricky to find lockable large storage chests, but online department stores like Amazon offer a selection of lovely looking pieces which will blend with your other bedroom furniture. You might want to invest in a few select individual storage bags, from the options above, for extra-special toys before placing them into the larger storage trunk. Or will you throw all your bedroom booty in together, and enjoy delving into your very own pleasure pirate’s treasure chest?

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