How To Join The Mile High Club

The Mile High Club is a source of endless fascination and speculation. How do people join this exclusive ‘club’? More to the point, how do you join the mile-high club and get away with it? Does it even really exist, or are these airborne amorous adventures the stuff of myth and legend?

What Is The Mile High Club?

How To Join The Mile High Club Top Tips and Real Life Stories

Joining the ‘mile high’ club requires someone to engage in sexual activity while on an aircraft ‘in flight’. Well, at least 5,280ft above ground level (a mile) if you want to do it properly.

This isn’t an official club; the ‘club’ part of the name refers more to the fact that those who join must complete a significantly unusual initiation procedure. A limited number of people would have had the opportunity and daring to have sex on board an aeroplane during a flight, meaning that members of the club feel a sense of exclusivity. There’s undoubtedly a sense that members have achieved something that the majority of the general population would find extremely difficult or impossible.

Famous self-confessed members of the mile high club include Janet Jackson, Ralph Fiennes and (perhaps unsurprisingly) Richard Branson.

Do People Really Have Sex On Aeroplanes?

How To Join The Mile High Club Top Tips and Real Life StoriesSpeaking of members of the mile high club… how do we know people are telling the truth? Usually there’s no way to tell for sure, as if the sexual event didn’t end in criminal charges being brought or at least a stern telling off from the crew, no-one is witness to it other than those involved. And there have been a few notable cases* of people attempting to join the club and getting into trouble with the law because of the effect on other passengers and crew. We’ll get into the legal aspects a little later.

Other than catching club members ‘in the act’, it comes down to how much you believe these stories are genuine. Pretty much like various other claims of sexual daring and prowess. I certainly wouldn’t underestimate the power of desire and arousal – look at the popularity of dogging, for instance. The allure of doing something naughty and taboo, the risk of being caught, and the thrill of getting it on while zooming through the clouds on an aircraft full of other, hopefully unaware people… these could easily combine to become an irresistible motivator.

How Can You Get Sexy In The Sky?

The big question: how do you join the mile high club?

I guess the question really should be, how can you join the mile high club without getting caught?

If you’re intent on attaining this elusive membership, there are a few options for you to consider:

Stay in your seats

How To Join The Mile High Club Top Tips and Real Life StoriesThis one requires ridiculous amounts of courage, along with affecting absolute nonchalance. You’ll both have to be extremely quiet, and ensure your sexy areas remain covered up. I doubt anyone would get away with PiV (penis in vagina) or other types of vaginal or anal penetrative sex in their aeroplane seats, even if you had the sheer gall to try. Passengers are expected to stay in their own seats at all times during the flight, so straddling someone else would no doubt attract immediate attention.

Perhaps the best that could realistically be achieved is oral sex and fondling, particularly if you share a blanket or use something like a coat as a makeshift cover.

Head to the bathroom

When I hear about the mile high club, this is the option that always springs to mind first. One person heading to the passenger toilet, with the understanding that their partner of choice will follow soon after and join them. With sex in the small bathroom to quickly ensue.

There are a few issues that you’ll have to get around, though:

  • Discretion. On a small aircraft, like typical commercial flights, it may be pretty obvious that the second person is joining the first person who still hasn’t exited the loo.
  • Lack of space. If you do manage to rendez-vous without raising suspicion, you’ll have to somehow both fit into the (usually) tiny bathroom together. Trying to have sex in a tiny bathroom which contains a toilet and a sink would be a challenge for the slimmest and most athletic amongst us. I find aircraft bathrooms a struggle by myself, when I’m just using it for the usual reasons! Add another person, the objective of having sex, and two places you could drop jewellery, phones, condom wrappers etc down… tricky. At least if you accidentally set off the flush it could cover some of the sex noises… Have you heard how loud those things are?
  • Noise. Yes, jet engines and propellers can be noisy, but constant elbow knocks on the door or thin walls of the bathroom are likely to be noticed by passengers seated nearby or passing crew members.
  • Arousal levels. With the above issues in mind, your libido could be seriously affected. You might find that the airborne thrill you fantasised about didn’t translate as well when reality hit. Will you decide to go through with it after all? There’s absolutely no shame in opting out, no matter how last minute.
Pay for a swanky flight with a bed

How To Join The Mile High Club Top Tips and Real Life StoriesIf you’re slightly less brave, but no less amorous – and fabulously wealthy, let’s face it – you could book a flight where you get a bed, instead of just seats. These are often found in the first class areas of the most luxurious aeroplanes, so this endeavour (and you and your partner) won’t come cheap.

Luxurious, lay-flat beds on a commercial flight were premiered by Singapore Airlines in 2007, on their Airbus A380, and were immediately popular. Since then, many other airlines have offered the option of either a single or double bed in the highest class level of their long haul flights – but like I say, you’ll have to dig deep to afford the ticket prices.

Do it on board a private jet 

How To Join The Mile High Club Top Tips and Real Life StoriesFor the super rich, you could enjoy the luxury and privacy afforded by a private jet. You’d certainly join the mile high club in style, even if this does somewhat eliminate the sense of danger and taboo that having sex on board a typical commercial flight provides.

Unfortunately, I don’t personally know anyone with a private jet – but perhaps you do? If so, care to introduce me?!

Book a specially chartered, ‘mile high club’ flight

Again, not the cheapest option – but a specially chartered flight for mile high sexy fun would satisfy the craving for having sex in the sky, possibly while surrounded by other people. Depending on the type of flight you book, they may even be witness to the whole thing, like an exhibitionist bonus.

I tried to find some mile high club flights in the UK, but I’m not sure The Yorkshire Gliding Club‘s offer of joining the mile high club means the same thing to them as it does to us…

Sex in The Sky: Dos And Don’ts

The ‘ins and outs’ of sex in the sky are clearly much trickier than regular, private sex – or even land-based, semi-public saucy shenanigans.

Here are my top mile high club dos and don’ts:

  • Keep everything as discreet, private and secret as possible. This is to safeguard you and your lover, as well as for the ongoing comfort of everyone else on board, and so you can enjoy your liaison without being rudely interrupted by crew members telling you off and possibly even reporting your actions as a criminal act once you reach your destination.
  • Make sure both/all people involved express active consent for the sexy activities to proceed, throughout. Even if you’ve started to get sexy during the flight, there should be no pressure to keep going if someone wants to stop at any time. This shouldn’t even need saying, of course.
  • Stay tidy, clean and hygienic. This is relevant no matter where or how you decide to get sexy on the flight. Clean up the bathroom before leaving, pop any sex-related rubbish in your hand luggage before eventually disembarking at your destination. Make sure you’re all tucked back in and check your zippers!
  • Use alcohol to summon some ‘Dutch courage’ before joining the mile high club. I know it is extremely tempting, but booze lowers inhibitions to the point where it seriously affects your decision-making ability. You need to make sure that whatever you decide to do during the flight, you do it in sound, sober mind. Being completely sober will also mean you’re aware of just how obvious (or hopefully not) your actions are to other passengers and the crew, and how much noise you’re making.
  • Try and sneak anything on board which will get you into legal trouble – or at the very least, cause you embarrassment. Think sealed sachet of lube rather than a bottle, and rechargeable or battery-operated sex toys sadly need to be stowed in the hold luggage, rather than in your hand luggage.
  • Do anything sex-related which could easily be witnessed by those around you. Even if you get off on the exhibitionism, they’ve not consented to be your voyeur. They’ll likely be offended and upset, plus you could get into legal trouble for indecency in a public place.

Reality – and Legality

I’m sure you’d agree – especially as you’ve chosen to read my article about it – that joining the mile high club is an extremely arousing fantasy. Air travel is exciting enough by itself, then factoring in some sexy action with a lover takes it to a whole other level. Getting your raunch on while surrounded by other people… with nowhere for you or them to escape to… doing something that is so taboo and frowned on, and could land you in a whole heap of embarrassment and trouble…

In reality, I’m sure that only a very small percentage of people have attempted to join the mile high club – at least, on commercial flights. I’m not counting the flights specially chartered for mile high club antics here, as I feel the traditional notion of the ‘club’ contains the erotic taboo and extreme danger aspects as part of the allure. Pillow talk fantasies about joining the mile high club together on your next flight is one thing; it can feel absolutely impossible to get started with your plans once you’re soaring through the clouds packed into a tube with hundreds of strangers, and the crew constantly milling about.

Would you get into legal trouble if you’re caught joining (or attempting to join) the mile high club? It really depends on the specific jurisdiction laws where you take off from, or where you land. In the UK, having sex in a lavatory to which the public have access is a crime (section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act 2004). If it’s provable that at least one other person has seen a sex act, then perpetrators could be charged, under common law, with outraging public decency.

Practice During Sexy Role Play

If you’re fascinated by mile high sauciness but not sure if you’re brave enough, or practically able, to join this legendary club, why not practice with some ‘aeronaughty’ role play?

Here are some non gender-specific ideas to consider:


  • Pilot seduces, or is seduced by, a passenger
  • Pilot seduces, or is seduced by, a crew member
  • Naughty crew members getting it on
  • Strangers on board a commercial flight fall in lust at first sight
  • Lovers get frisky on board a commercial flight

As you can see, all it takes is a little imagination and you could be practicing for a kinky sky-high adventure. Add extra realism by wearing some air crew uniform fantasy costumes and accessories (or police costumes, if the thought of being caught turns you on!), available online from

You can also shop for sexy role play costumes in the UK at Lovehoney, Ann Summers & Bondara.

Discover more sexy scenario ideas to try with your partner in my related feature:
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Enjoy mile high club erotica with
Flying High: Sexy Stories collated by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Final Thoughts

It’s been fantastic to share my thoughts on the mile high club with you here – I’ve wanted to write about this intriguing issue for so long. With the COVID-19 pandemic this year and related travel restrictions, I think I’d be close to orgasm just boarding an aircraft right now, never mind anything else. I’m dreaming of the days when we can book a holiday without worries of last minute cancellations, quarantine issues, worries over rising R rates and more.

I’m sure aeroplane holiday times will be back again one day, and the mile high club tips above will prove extremely useful.

How To Join The Mile High Club Top Tips and Real Life Stories

Are you a fully-fledged member of the mile high club? How did you manage it?

If you aren’t a member yet: would you try to join? How do you plan on ‘getting away with it’?

I’d love to hear all about your experiences and suggestions in the comments below.

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*Notable Cases

1999: Two strangers arrested for having sex in front of other passengers on a Dallas to Manchester flight

2000: Drunken married couple fined for sex-related antics in view of other passengers on a transatlantic flight

2007: Couple whose Jamaica-bound flight was diverted to Bermuda due to their in-flight sexual activities given jail sentences & heavily fined



  1. weve never flown anywhere together, i did fly to him for a 4 day meeting one time. well i got ‘excited” just thinking about what may happen over the next 4 days.. i was really wet, and my clit was tingling, i went to the bathroom, and relieved my “anxiety”. i got back to my seat just in time for the “buckle your seat belts” warning from the captain. i realized soon after i got off the plane i’d left a brand new black lace thong in the bathroom….

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