The Hotness of Body Piercings

Body piercings, tattoos, or both? Whether you love being pierced or prefer getting inked, body modifications can still be controversial in some circles. Pretty stuffy circles, in my opinion. I’m focusing on the hotness of body piercings today, but I’m all for people celebrating their uniqueness and displaying their creativity through the many various forms of body art.

Read on to find out all about my own piercings, how they’ve influenced my sex life & sexuality, my thoughts on body mods in general and the various types – including a comprehensive list of intimate / genital piercings.

My Piercings

The Hotness Of Body Piercings | List Of Genital PiercingsI feel like I’ve neglected my body piercings in recent years, as I’ve been distracted with work, life, family etc. My ears have been pierced since I was young, then I got my belly button and clit hood pierced at the same time back in 2010. Wow, 10 years ago already. I opted for the vertical clit hood piercing; you can also get it pierced horizontally. These clitoral hood piercings are often referred to by their initials, ie. VCH and HCH piercings.

Here’s an excerpt from my diary at the time, way back when. It was a little while after I’d taken my then-slave minnie to get both his nipples pierced, in March 2010 -a memorable experience for us both.

Body Piercings Diary

“We travelled to the same lovely piercing and tattoo parlour that we used for minnie’s nipples last time, Apus Body Art (I figured he never bled or had any pain, so I’d be fine) and I signed up for both the navel and the vertical clitoral hood piercings before I could change my mind. 

True, a Monday morning after a late and hazy Sunday night may not have left me in the most rational, clear and sane frames of mind but nonetheless I’d wanted them done for a while. No time like the present. 

And what a present they were! The lovely girl at Apus explained the procedures thoroughly to me and allowed me to choose the jewellery I wanted in each piercing. I chose a diamante titanium for my clit and a dark pink stone surrounded with gold coloured titanium for my belly-button. Pretty! 

She took them through to the small clinical room and I was informed that the worst one would be done first, the clit. Reassuring! Removing my underwear, I laid on the bed. Nervously. Looking up, I saw a gap above the walls of the cubicle style room and knew that there was a crowd of people in the foyer, including minnie, waiting. I was determined not to make a screaming scene. 

Showing me that the needles were sterile she warned I’d have to take a deep breath. Hang on don’t they numb piercings- OUCH! – that hurt! She grabbed my clit hood firmly and stuck the needle straight through. The pain! Well that was the worst part over. 

But then again… -OUCH!… – she had to attach the ball to the other side of the piercing and that absolutely killed. Right. All done there. 

The navel one was wonderful, she was able to freeze and numb the area with a special spray. She explained (after the event, funnily enough) that they couldn’t freeze genital ones and the spray would probably dissolve the skin. Lovely. 

It was all in all quite a painful day yesterday. I was expecting the clit piercing to continue being the most painful but it was in fact the navel one that caused the most discomfort. Took hours to stop bleeding and even after three changes of clothes it still hurt when I moved. It’s in just the right place to be disturbed when you bend in any way and the movement of the metal caused both fresh pain and bleeding. 

By 7pm I was ready for bed. minnie took his leave from my house, after a full day of shopping, lunching, chatting… and I would have fallen into bed if it weren’t for the metal and holes in various parts of me. 

After bathing the clit with my rock salt wash and cleaning the navel one with the spray and cotton buds I was ready to turn in for the night. Trying to sleep on my back, unusually for me. 

I do love my new piercings, I cannot wait to shop for more jewellery and of course take some pictures to show you…”

List Of Genital PiercingsMy navel still has the piercing, as you might have noticed in my sexy lingerie reviews and on Instagram. I took my clit hood piercing out a few years ago, and it was a couple of days before I realised I should put another bar in, but it had already closed up too much to get a bar back through. I was so annoyed with myself.

Although I’m sad that my VCH has closed up, it’s not all bad news. Sometimes it could catch quite uncomfortably on clothing such as lace underwear and when wearing tight jeans. It also made one hell of a racket when using small vibrators for clitoral stimulation, particularly hard-shell bullet vibrators.

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On the whole, though, despite these minor downsides, I would like my clitoral piercing back. I think this time I’d opt for the HCH, the horizontal clitoral hood piercing, as I’d love to get a ring put in that a trigger hook & leash could be attached to… I’ll keep you updated.

My partner just has his ear pierced, but if he ever wanted more piercings I’d be all for it.

Why Do Some People Dislike Piercings?

Occasionally, online or in real-life, you’ll notice people airing their opinions on body piercings –as well as other forms of body modifications and body art. Some people seem to have a real issue with piercings and tattoos, and seem to think it’s absolutely fine to voice their negativity as if it’s any of their damn business. Spoiler: it isn’t. Not your body, not your business.

Why does this noisy minority have such an issue? In previous decades, getting piercings and tattoos wasn’t viewed as an artistic expression of creative freedom and individuality, it was often seen as a sign of being irresponsible and of recklessness.

List Of Genital PiercingsNow, I agree that sometimes body modifications are carried out on people who haven’t given it enough consideration beforehand or who get those modifications (particularly tattoos, which I’ll explore in more depth in a future post) when under the influence of mind-altering substances such as alcohol, drugs or both. We see the extremes of this on Channel 4’s scandal-inducing TV show What Happens In Kavos, and tales of woe & regret before getting professional cover-ups in Tattoo Fixers.

Although it’s illegal for a tattooist in the UK to ink you if you’re under 18 years old, (as far as I’m aware & after research) there aren’t any laws preventing you getting a tattoo if you’re drunk or otherwise not of sound mind. That said, the tattooist may refuse to carry out the procedure if they feel you’re not making the decision responsibly. All tattooists in the UK must register with the local authority. It’s illegal to tattoo anyone whilst unregistered.

List Of Genital PiercingsWith the help of ‘scandalous’ media, body modifications are therefore still seen by some as proof of recklessness and being irresponsible. In previous decades, many employers would likely turn down someone with visible body modifications, and this would often be mentioned in candidate criteria lists, particularly for customer-facing roles. It was assumed that those with visible body modifications such as piercings and tattoos would seem irresponsible, be less trusted by the customer and give an unprofessional view of the hiring business.

With the help of more positive media, both on the TV and on social media, more people are coming to understand that body piercings and tattoos are simply decoration and artistic expression -much like deciding to wear jewellery, a certain shade of lipstick or particular style of shoes. Although there are instances of reckless modification and lingering regret, these cases are exceptions rather than the rule. It shouldn’t be assumed that someone with body mods is reckless, unprofessional or unable to carry out any job to an acceptably high standard.

From Acceptable To Sexy

For many people, piercings aren’t merely acceptable, they’re decidedly sexy. What is it that contributes to the hotness of body piercings? I guess where the piercing is on the body has a lot to do with it (unless you simply have a fetish for pierced skin and find even standard earlobe piercings highly arousing).

The Hotness Of Body Piercings | List Of Genital PiercingsPiercings help to display a liberated spirit. A character who is willing and feels able to express their artistic creativity in a highly personal, sometimes intimate, way. Having taken the step to get piercings implies a free spirit who may be just as free and liberated in other personal areas of life – yes, including their sex life. The connotations are worlds away from boring, staid and routine. Instead, the implication is that someone with piercings is bold, daring, creative, expressive, adventurous and forthright.

Visible piercings which show a deviation from ‘staid’ and ‘routine’ include upper ear piercings, as well as piercings in the eyebrow, nose and lip. A tongue piercing can be seen as extremely sexy because of the additional sexual stimulation during kissing and then oral sex, whether delivering tongue stimulation to a vulva and clitoris, or running that tongue piercing up and down the length of a penis shaft and over the frenulum and penis tip.

List Of Genital PiercingsBelly button or navel piercings can be revealed when wearing a midriff top or bikini as an eye-catching decorative addition. Nipple piercings, while not generally fully revealed in polite social company, could be noticeable through non-padded bras and thin tops, or through the clothing of those who don’t have breasts.

Other types of body mod which require piercing the skin in some way are surface piercings (a bar parallel to the skin, piercing it), subdermal implants (jewellery which created a 3D shape or pattern under the skin) and microdermal implants (usually studs anchored into the body, with no exit hole).

The Hotness Of Body Piercings | List Of Genital Piercings

Intimate or genital piercings are viewed as sexy by many for obvious reasons. Although they’re not generally revealed in public or when socialising, they can be dropped into conversation during late-stage flirting and as a seductive clincher. We’ve talked about clitoral hood piercings, VCH and HCH. You could also get the clitoris itself pierced but this isn’t very common and the risks of this should be fully researched prior to the procedure.

There are many other types of genital body piercing:

Intimate Body Piercings
  • Deep Clitoral Hood – A variation of clit hood piercing that passes deeper through the hooded area.
  • Vertical Clit Hood – Clitoral hood piercing oriented vertically.
  • Horizontal Clit Hood – Clitoral hood piercing oriented horizontally.
  • Clitoral – Piercing directly through the head (glans) of the clitoris itself. Potential for nerve damage; rarely carried out.
  • Isabella – Extremely deep clitoral shaft piercing which starts below the clit and just above the urethra, and exits at the top of the clitoral hood.
  • Labia Majora – Piercings on the larger folds of the vulva.
  • Labia Minora – Piercings on the lips central in the vulva, outside of the opening to the vagina.
  • Triangle – A piercing which passes through the labia minora, beneath the base of the clitoral hood, and through the labia minora on the other side.
  • Fourchette – Best suited to those with a flap of skin available for this piercing at the rear rim of the vulva (frenulum labiorum pudendi). This is where the labia minora meet posteriorly.
  • Suitcase – Similar to the Fourchette, but deeper and it enters on the perineum.
  • Princess Albertina – Named for its anatomical similarity to the Prince Albert piercing. A ring piercing the lower wall of the urethra.
  • Christina / Venus – Situated below the pubic mound, where the labia majora meet. Highly dependent on anatomy style.
  • Nefertiti – Combination of a VCH and a Christina. A flexible bar is recommended due to the amount of tissue the piercing goes through.
  • Pubic Piercing – A piercing which is above the penis or above the vulva, on the mons pubic (similar to the Christina, but horizontal).
  • Guiche – A horizontal piercing through the perineum.
  • Anal – A perineum piercing which exits through the anus.
  • Ampallang – A piercing through the glans (head/tip) of the penis, which passes through it horizontally.
  • Apadravya – Similar to the Ampallang piercing, except this one pierces the penis glans vertically.
  • Prince Albert (PA) – An extremely popular piercing, which is from the underside/immediately behind the penis glans, exiting through the urethral opening at the tip of the penis.
  • Reverse Prince Albert – This piercing enters through the urethra at the tip of the penis, and exits through a hole pierced on the top of the glans.
  • Dydoe – A piercing through the coronal rim of the penis glans.
  • King’s Crown – Several Dydoe piercings round the rim of the penis glans.
  • Foreskin – A piercing which passes through the foreskin of the penis, on any side. Similar in this way to the clitoral hood piercings on alternate anatomy.
  • Frenum – A piercing through the penile frenum, the small bridge of skin connecting the glans to the shaft.
  • Hafada – A surface piercing of the skin of the scrotum.
  • Lorum – A horizontal piercing on the underside of the penis, where the base of the shaft meets the scrotum.
  • Jacob’s Ladder – A ‘ladder’ of penis piercings from the frenum down to the scrotum.
Non-Genital Piercings

There are many types of non-genital body piercings which you may also be interested in, but I don’t have room to go into them all here. You can find an excellent list of the various names and descriptions on this Wikipedia page.

Can You Ever Go Too Far?

How do you know when you’ve gone ‘too far’ with body piercings? Body modifications are all down to personal taste, and it’s the individual’s choice how many piercings they get, and where. Therefore, an accurate measure of going ‘too far’ with piercings can only ever really be given by the person who has those piercings.

The Hotness Of Body Piercings | List Of Genital PiercingsUnlike tattoos, if you decide at a later date you don’t want a particular piercing any more, you can simply remove the jewellery from it and the piercing either closes up or at least becomes less visible (unless you have a stretcher style piercing like tunnels). Standard piercings can be made temporarily less visible too, by opting not to wear jewellery in them, for instance if you don’t want a facial piercing to show at a certain event or on certain photographs.

As mentioned above, piercings and any other type of body modifications are really no-one else’s business but your own. Perhaps you wouldn’t have that many piercings, or piercings in those places, or even any piercings at all. That’s fine – your body, your choice.

Their body, their choice.

Deciding To Get Pierced

The best time to decide to get pierced is after researching the type of piercing you’re interested in, the place you want to get pierced, and after giving it a lot of careful consideration.

I would advise becoming very familiar with what the procedure involves for your chosen piercing type, how much you can expect to pay for it, how to care for the piercing in the immediate time following the piercing/while it’s healing, and how that particular piercing may affect your everyday life -and possibly your shared or solo sex life, too.

How To Get Body Piercings

List Of Genital PiercingsOnce you’ve decided on your piercing type and location, it’s time to book an appointment to get it done. Be aware that in the UK there are currently no regulations about body piercing (as far as I am aware and after research). This means there are no minimum age requirements in place, or other legal health & safety enforcement surrounding procedures. You will need to be extremely careful who you choose to pierce you.

Find a piercing studio which seems to check out, with regards to plentiful honest positive reviews. Many tattoo studios will also offer piercing services. Be wary of unknown piercing studios; those without any online presence such as social media or customer reviews, or who seem excessively cheap. A good body piercer won’t mind talking you through the procedure to put your mind at rest, and will have a good all-round knowledge of the types of piercings available and the correct hygienic and healing after-care. You should be able to have a chaperone along with you if you so wish. Never continue a procedure if you feel uneasy, unsafe or otherwise worried about going ahead.

Piercing Aftercare & Tips

How are you supposed to look after a piercing once it’s done? Are there any ways you can aid healing –and avoid irritation, pain and even infection?

The Hotness Of Body Piercings | List Of Genital PiercingsThe time for piercings to heal varies hugely depending both on the person and the type of piercing it is. For example, my navel (belly-button) piercing bled a lot when it was first done, and took an age to heal up properly, but my VCH (vertical clitoral hood) piercing didn’t bleed at all and healed up in about a week. I would have thought it’d be the other way around, but thinking on it further, the vulval area is designed to heal from physical trauma (eg. childbirth) quickly and efficiently.

Immediately following a piercing, you should be advised by the piercer to properly clean the area on a daily basis to avoid bacteria build-up and potential infection. Be aware that alcohol-based solutions may dry the piercing out too much, resulting in dry, cracked skin. You can purchase specific post-piercing solutions which keep the area hygienically clean.

In the case of a genital piercing, you may be advised to clean it with a different type of solution, and to refrain from sexual activity (masturbation or intercourse) for a certain amount of time until the piercing has properly healed. Depending on the type of piercing, a condom may be recommended (or similar barrier) after the piercing has started to heal, to provide extra protection while it finishes healing fully. Genital piercings can take anywhere from a week up to six months to heal completely.

Final Thoughts

I find various forms of body modification attractive and sexy, and body piercings are no exception. It’s not just where a person is pierced, it’s also the implication that the pierced person is a free spirit and feels able to express themselves in this creative and artistic way.

List Of Genital PiercingsAnd that’s just the everyday visible piercings. There are, of course, erotic and arousing overtones to the more intimate type: genital piercings. I’ve enjoyed sexual fun with previous female lovers who had pierced nipples, tongue and in the vulval region. There’s also been plenty of kinky power exchange fun with male submissives and slaves with Prince Albert piercings – particularly enjoyable when combined with a PA-specific chastity device.

I’m determined to get my clit hood pierced again someday. As mentioned earlier in this post, I do love the idea of having a horizontal clit hood piercing (HCH) this time, so that a trigger clip and leash can be attached to a ring put through it. How intensely erotic.

What are your thoughts on the hotness of body piercings? Do you find piercings sexy – whether on yourself or others? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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