Happy New Year 2020: Hopes & Goals For My 40th Year

Another year over, a new one just begun. Happy New Year 2020! It’s that time of the year where I – and countless other people round the globe – think about what we want to achieve over the next 12 months. I’ve traditionally blogged my New Year’s Resolutions, which in recent times have evolved into New Year’s hopes and goals. Being a bit of a rebel it’s just too tempting to break the rules, so resolutions don’t work for me. Seeing if I can achieve something? Doing my best to work towards a goal? Yes, that feels a whole lot better.

This got me thinking about the difference between a resolution and a goal. I see a resolution as a strict, binding oath – generally people resolve to give something up or never do a particular thing again. My goals are worked towards. Along the way I fall over plenty, but as long as I get up, dust myself off and carry on in the general direction of the original goal, I’ll get there eventually.

Over the past few years my new year’s goals have included the typical weight loss aspirations that follow the over-indulgence of Christmas, and blog-centric goals, as well as bigger projects. Previously I’ve gone through the Invisalign process to straighten my teeth, we’ve bought our own home, and last year I wanted to learn to drive. I was determined, worked hard and was overjoyed to achieve my driving licence (read all about it in my related post, 2019 Reflections: Goodbye To Another Year).

My Goals For 2020

Happy New Year 2020 Hopes and Goals For My 40th Year

So what do I want to get out of 2020? What do I want to do and achieve this year?

This year, I don’t have a specific major goal or plan of action. In 2018 I worked on my fitness with the side benefit of losing weight to a point where I was finally happy with my body, and this restored my body confidence. I started to exercise, and to enjoy exercising, which was a wondrous experience – rather than focusing on eating less and hoping to starve myself skinny. My focus these days is definitely on health and strength rather than being thin at all costs –and there are plenty of costs, mental, physical and otherwise.

In 2019, as I mentioned above, I continued my personal fitness efforts after the usual extravagance of Christmas 2018, and worked towards exercise and weight goals for my birthday in July. I also set my mind on learning to drive and achieved my licence at the start of October.

This year I want to:

Restore My Fitness Routine

We had another huge and amazing Christmas to round off 2019, so I’m not as trim as I was last July, and I don’t feel as physically fit either as I took time to rest and relax throughout November and December. Therefore, my most immediate and pressing goal is to restore my routine, my way of eating and exercising that I’ve found works best for me, my body and lifestyle.

Hopefully then I can kiss goodbye to the extra timber and get back to feeling energetic, lean and punching fit.

Be Fit At 40

Happy New Year 2020 Hopes and Goals For My 40th YearI’ve decided to link this year’s birthday into my ongoing fitness plans, as I’ve done the past couple of years. My birthday in July has been my ‘goal date’ for various dress size/weight/exercise routine goals, giving me 6-7 months to work on my progress then enjoying where I’m at in summer. This year it feels even more poignant to work hard ready for feeling like I’m my ‘best self’ come birthday month, as this year I’ll be 40.

I’m determined to be the happiest me I’ve ever been, confident, physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and the fittest 40-year-old I can be. No comparisons to others, just the best ever version of myself. No maudlin pondering over when I was younger… 18, 21, 25 – I’m looking to the future, not where I’ve been.

I’m quite excited about turning 40, in all honesty – I’ve never been as happy and confident as I have been in the last couple of years, and that’s down to determination and mindset, not the age of my body. I wouldn’t trade my stretch marks and gradually increasing wrinkles to go back to being an insecure, desperately unhappy 18-year-old again – no thank you.

Reassess My Relationship With Alcohol

Connected to freshening up after Christmas and looking towards being “fit at 40”, I’ve decided to start the year with that popular detox plan, Dry January. Giving up alcohol for a month might seem like a difficult task, and I agree it’s not always easy, but strangely I find it easier than drinking in moderation. Once I’ve made the decision to not drink at all, that’s it. But having only one or two drinks at the end of a stressful, hectic week then stopping? Much more difficult.

Happy New Year 2020 Hopes and Goals For My 40th YearDoing Dry January is also providing me with the opportunity to look at my relationship with alcohol as a whole and reassess how I use it. Instead of enjoying a moderate one or two drinks at the end of the week, or a sensible amount when out with friends/at an event, I slipped into having far too much each time. Binging on it as an escape from the stresses of life, work, family and more –when in reality, the hangovers, physical damage, lack of decent sleep and other health/mental issues caused more stress than the drink alleviated.

I’m hoping that by starting the year doing Dry January I’ll be able to step away from this downward slide into damaging my health in various ways, and my overall happiness, and find other ways to relieve stress, relax and celebrate occasions. Much of my drinking was habitual – a habit formed decades ago by the office work norm of working so intensely 9-5 Monday to Friday, then drinking ridiculous amounts from Friday afternoon through the weekend, only to start all over again on Monday morning. Talk about a rat race. So yes, even now, years later, when it comes to Friday afternoon, I do get that ‘Friday feeling’ – a habitual urge to start the weekend by slipping into a vat of wine. I want to break that habit and install some new, healthier ones. I’ll see how I feel at the end of Dry January – I’m hoping that the health benefits will persuade me to carry on in happy sobriety (or at least learn to somehow drink only occasionally and in moderation).

Organise & Improve Our Home

Other less exciting hopes and plans are for home improvement – we’ve spent the last few years since moving into our forever home just getting settled as well as working from home. It’s been difficult to find the time to properly furnish and decorate the house, especially with the demands of family life on top, and various travel plans.

Improve As A Driver

I want to carry on improving as a driver too. I’m under no illusions that gaining a driving licence instantly makes me a brilliant driver; I’m very aware that as a new driver I need to be exceptionally careful and build my experience and skills slowly and carefully through the years.

Strengthen My Blog

As for the blog, I’m hoping to spend less time formatting and publishing guest reviews now that the Pleasure Panel is officially closed. I’ll also be attempting to accept less sex toys and other adult products for personal sex toy reviews while I work on other types of content for my website. I want to focus on solving various glitches and issues in the structure of my blog, while fixing errors and continuing work on my SEO strategy.

Overall Focus For 2020

My Focus keywords for 2020? Happiness. Health. Strength. Fitness. Confidence. Determined. Organised. Family. Love.

What are your hopes and goals this year?

Happy New Year 2020 everyone.

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  1. I’ve been waiting two newsletters for this to launch. 🙂 Always love your opening New Year newsletter/blog. And I agree with you re: resolutions VS goals. I always break the former, too. Happy New Year Cara. #2020 #thetwenties.

  2. With you on the driving one. I’ve only been out a few times since I passed two years ago and currently my anxiety is outweighing my confidence! Going to try to get out on the road a bit more in 2020 so it becomes more familiar and easier to do.

  3. Just started reading your blog, and I’m so inspired and loving it! Thanks for your honesty and so much helpful info, keep sharing yourself and your life if you can, it’s much appreciated and you’re awesome!

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