Zumio Giveaway: Win The Zumio X & Zumio S Spirotip Clitoral Stimulators

Welcome to my Zumio giveaway! I’m so excited to be able to share some intense Zumio thrills with not just one lucky reader courtesy of this sexy competition, but three. As you can see from my recent Zumio X Spirotip Clitoral Stimulator review, I’ve fallen in love with Zumio’s unique and breathtakingly effective orgasmic pleasure.

The Prizes

Zumio Giveaway: Win The Zumio X & Zumio S Spirotip Clitoral Stimulators

So, what could you win in this new giveaway? Zumio have kindly offered a total of three vibrators for lucky Cara Sutra readers.

The winner will receive a Zumio X and Zumio S prize bundle, while 2 runners-up will be able to pick between a Zumio X or Zumio S each.

What’s the Difference Between Zumio X and Zumio S?

Zumio Giveaway: Win The Zumio X & Zumio S Spirotip Clitoral StimulatorsZumio have thoughtfully created two slightly different types of clitoral stimulator, as they know not everyone wants or needs absolutely top-level and extremely intense stimulation especially in such a sensitive spot.

The Zumio X Spirotip Clitoral Stimulator is the flagship style, with a slender yet resilient stem finished with a small spherical tip. Zumio S has a slightly shorter stem and a slightly larger spherical tip, meaning that it’s ideal for those who would find the Zumio X far too intense.

How Does Zumio Work – And How Does It Feel?

Instead of simply vibrating, the Zumio sex toys have an innovative ‘spiro tip’ motion. The tip whirls incredibly fast, delivering a unique form of clitoral stimulation which is mind-blowingly effective. It’s easy to relocate the tip, giving you precise control over where you apply that intense stimulation, thanks to the slender stem and the small surface area of the fast and minutely whirling end. I found that the stimulation feels even better when I apply a dot of lubricant to myself first.

Zumio X Spirotip Clitoral Vibrator ReviewZumio vibrators are rechargeable, giving you reliable power in a modern, sophisticated way. They are easy to charge up in the cradle, into which a micro USB to USB lead is inserted. The charging cradle and lead are both supplied, as are full instructions –and you even get a cute storage pouch to keep your Zumio safe and clean between uses.

As an extra bonus, both the Zumio X and Zumio S are fully waterproof, so you can enjoy a blissful bath-time or satisfying shower whenever you desire. My Zumio X is surprisingly quiet, so you don’t have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your climactic fun either.

Zumio Giveaway Details

It’s easy to enter this giveaway –so what are you waiting for? Ok, here’s a few details to take note of.

Zumio Giveaway: Win The Zumio X & Zumio S Spirotip Clitoral StimulatorsThe giveaway will end at 10pm UK time on Friday 15th November. It’s open to international entrants (yay!).

The prizes will be sent directly to the winner and runners-up by the Zumio company, so by entering this giveaway you acknowledge and agree that you’ll need to email me with your name and postal details, then I’ll pass those to a Zumio representative for the purposes of prize delivery. I directly email the winner and runners-up to the email address you use with the Rafflecopter widget below.

To enter, just answer the question on the Rafflecopter widget at the end of this post (it’s just for fun!), then you’ll see other ways to enter are revealed. You can even bookmark this page and enter daily through the ‘tweet’ option, which will increase your chances of winning. Twitter entries must be done through this Rafflecopter widget in order to be registered as additional entries.

Enter To Win An Orgasmic Zumio Prize

Zumio X Spirotip Clitoral Vibrator ReviewHere we go! Best of luck to all my lovely giveaway entrants – three of you will soon experience the unique climactic bliss that Zumio has to offer. I absolutely love my Zumio X (did I mention that?!) so I’m thrilled that I’m able to share the Zumio love in a more direct way with a few of my readers.

Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below – have fun! Once you’ve entered, why not check out the Zumio website for more information about their well-made and highly efficient sex toys?

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