Welcome To My Loving Sex Toy Shop

Have you noticed the link in the main menu to my ‘sex shop‘? I’ve been meaning to properly introduce my sex toy store for quite a while now. This sex shop is hosted by Loving Sex, which is the retail aspect of sexual education front-runners, Alexander Institute. Here’s my official welcome to my Loving Sex toy shop!

Welcome To My Loving Sex Toy Shop

The products hosted at my Loving Sex toy shop are available to purchase by residents of the USA, as orders are fulfilled by Alexander Institute and those are their terms. I don’t have any of the products here in my own office to send to you –I’d need a much bigger house, for a start. Or I could just move to a sex toy warehouse, I guess. There are worse places to live.

When you purchase sex toys through the Loving Sex toy shop, I get a small % of the sale at no extra cost to you. Therefore, this is an affiliated set-up -which is preferable to me than taking on the day-to-day management of a sex toy store, order fulfilment, stock control and overheads on top of everything else I’m already doing.

Let’s have a closer look at the type of sex toys & sexy accessories you can find and purchase from my store.

A Curated Collection

Welcome To My Loving Sex Toy ShopMany sex toy shops offer all manner of sex toy types and styles regardless of brand, material and efficiency. Buying sex toys can often seem like a leap into the unknown; there’s a risk that you’ll waste your hard-earned cash on products which are unsuitable, unsafe or simply don’t work for you.

That’s not the case at my Loving Sex store.

I wanted to hand-pick products which are proven to work and are worth the price, and that’s what Alexander Institute have enabled me to do. Carefully select products from their catalogue which I know from personal experience, and/or the thousands of honest community reviews I’ve gathered, actually work.

Trustworthy Brands

There’s a great selection of known brands’ sex toys & erotic products for sale at my Loving Sex shop:


Welcome To My Loving Sex Toy ShopWe-Vibe are widely known, loved and respected due to their ever-evolving PiV couple’s vibrator. The C-shaped toy is worn with one stem inside the vagina to provide internal & G-spot stimulation, while the other remains outside to give clitoral thrills. During sex, the vibrating pleasure is also delivered to their penis as they enjoy the buzz of luxurious sex toy enhanced intercourse.

As well as their best-selling and multi award-winning C-shaped vibrator, We-Vibe have also created a range of other sex toys for discerning pleasure-seekers to enjoy. You can find plenty of these in my store.

Read all our We-Vibe sex toy reviews.

Je Joue

Welcome To My Loving Sex Toy ShopJe Joue are famous for their well-made, silky-in-purple-silicone sex toy collection which delivers powerful vibrations through a range of different toy styles.

The Je Joue Mimi pebble-style clitoral vibrator received rave reviews from both myself and my reviewing community, while the Ami and Ami+ Kegel Weights received a full 10/10 score from two separate and independent reviewers. The Ooh By Je Joue Pleasure Kits are extraordinarily fun, with shapes that attach to the main, rechargeable motor giving you all the fun of pick ‘n mix in an orgasmic bedroom setting.

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Welcome To My Loving Sex Toy ShopThe Bliss sex toys at my Loving Sex toy shop comprise a wand vibrator and a large and small bullet vibrator. Wands and bullets are two of my absolute favourite types of vibrating sex toy, so it’s clear why I selected these powerful examples for my store.

Both of the Bliss sex toys reviewed here on the Cara Sutra sex blog received full marks in their reviews, with our reviewer reporting that the Bliss Wand Vibrator “…created such a wonderful feeling, the vibrations were never too strong as you can adjust the levels and create the excitement by changing the settings and pulses”.

As for the Bliss Power Bullet, I couldn’t help but keep that for myself to review. It didn’t disappoint:

It wasn’t long at all before I reached a powerful climax with it, and in subsequent uses I have been able to orgasm using this Bliss bullet vibrator even through my clothes. It’s fantastic for a self-made quickie whenever I feel the need. It’s also quiet during use, and waterproof too.”

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Sway Vibes

Welcome To My Loving Sex Toy ShopSway Vibes 1 (wand vibrator), 2 (rabbit vibrator) and 3 (a lay-on vibrator) are available from my Loving Sex store and have received high praise in the community reviews here on the blog. These silicone sex toys are rechargeable and waterproof, and deliver powerful orgasmic pleasure just as promised.

In addition, you can purchase the Yiva Power Wand in pink or black. The pink version was reviewed by Louise Lace from the Cara Sutra reviews team. Again, this is a luxurious and well-made sex toy which is body-safe, rechargeable and waterproof.

Read all our Sway Vibes reviews and click to read the Yiva Rechargeable Power Wand Massager Pink review

FPPR & Boners

Welcome To My Loving Sex Toy ShopFor those with a penis or looking to purchase penis-pleasuring sex toys, the Loving Sex toy shop has a fine selection of FPPR masturbators and Boners cock rings at incredibly reasonable prices.

The FPPR penis strokers are available in pink, mocha or white colours, with opening styles of vagina, mouth or anus. The stretchy, internally textured pleasure canals are housed in a plastic outer canister, with a screw-off cap. Simply remove the inner stretchy lining after use to rinse through, leave to dry, then replace ready for your next self-love session.

Boners are focused primarily on cock ring style sex toys, with silicone shaft-gripping fancies in a variety of widths and styles. There are also some penis pumps in this range. Boners sex toys are presented in a sophisticated deep grey colour, with sleek and elegant dark blue packaging. The toys are made with body-safe and non-porous silicone, providing that comfortable stretch and snug fit where you want it most.

Welcome To My Loving Sex Toy Shop

Click to read all our FPPR masturbator reviews, and all our Boners sex toy reviews too.


Sliquid Swirl Blue Raspberry Lube ReviewWhen it came to choosing a sex lube for inclusion in my Loving Sex toy shop, there was only one brand that instantly sprang to mind: Sliquid.

Sliquid lubes are internationally renowned for being the top choice for lubricant connoisseurs. They are made with purity and body safety in mind, and there are completely organic options too. The Sliquid lube formulations are all vegan-friendly and free from known irritants such as glycerine, parabens and other problematic chemicals found in low-quality lubes.

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Curated Kits

You could peruse and purchase individual products from the known and respected brands above in my Loving Sex toy shop, but you might decide to go the money-saving and fun route of one of my curated kits instead.

There are three curated kits available at Loving Sex.

Welcome To My Loving Sex Toy Shop


Bliss Rechargeable 10 Mode Power Bullet, Je Joue Ami+ Kegel Weights Set & Sway Vibes No 3 (overall saving of $15.99)


We-Vibe Match Vibrator, FPPR Vagina Masturbator & Boners Double Design Cock Ring (overall saving of $17.98)


Bliss Wand Vibrator, Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator & We-Vibe Tango Vibrator (overall saving of $19.99)

These curated kits give you a ready-to-enjoy set of sex toys which you can rely on to be luxurious, well-made and highly effective.

Limited Time Special Offers

As an extra incentive, the Loving Sex toy shop has a couple of limited time special offers running:

  • Free 2-day shipping on USA orders over $59.99
  • Free $50 gift with all USA orders over $99.99

I hope this introductory overview will motivate you to have a look through the sexy cyber aisles and buying your next exciting bedroom accessory from my Loving Sex store. Click here to visit or through the Sex Shop link on my main menu.

Just a reminder: you need to be a USA resident in order to make a purchase from the Loving Sex toy shop – for those living elsewhere in the world, check out my regular sex toy offers page for unmissable sex toy sales and deals.


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