YES Organic Intimacy Week 2019 (& Sexy Hamper Giveaway)

The YES Company is renowned for prioritising intimate health by creating and providing certified organic, hypoallergenic and pH balanced sexual lubricants and moisturisers. The YES range is 100% free from skin irritants, including known problematic chemicals regularly found in lower quality products, such as parabens, hormones, silicone and glycerine. This week it’s YES Organic Intimacy Week, a global awareness campaign which YES hope will increase people’s general knowledge of intimate products, as well as the importance of selecting the highest purity quality sex lubes and moisturisers for ongoing intimate wellbeing.

YES Organic Intimacy Week 2019 | Sexy Hamper Giveaway

Who Are YES?

The YES YES Company Ltd began in 2003 and was the brainchild of Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks, who had been friends since the 80s. With experience in the drug safety divisions in major pharmaceutical companies, and a strong desire to provide safe, ethical and effective intimate use products, YES was born.

YES Organic Intimacy Week 2019 | Sexy Hamper GiveawayThe YES values are: be kind to humans, care for animals, nurture nature, focus on profound purity and revere the planet.

I love that YES don’t expect you to just take their word that their products are safe, pure and organic. These intimate lubricants and moisturisers clearly state the ingredients of their formulations on the label, but more than that. They’ve been evaluated and certified by recognised third parties.

The YES range holds certified organic status from the Soil Association, with this official mark of certification noted on the label of all their products. The Soil Association only officially certifies and recognises products which meet strict growth, development and processing procedural guidelines, giving you unrivalled personal and ethical reassurance when you purchase YES products. YES is also approved by The Vegetarian Society.

YES Organic Intimacy Week

Not everyone realises that what you put on your intimate regions should be as carefully considered as what you put on your face. Many of us take the time to select the correct facial moisturiser for us, ensuring that it has no skin irritants or dangerous chemicals. Why would you simply pick any sexual lubricant or moisturiser off the shelf and slather it on to your most sensitive areas without checking the formulation?

That’s why YES have founded Organic Intimacy  Week, to highlight the importance of safety and purity when it comes to sexual use products. The campaign runs from 1st – 8th September 2019, with World Sexual Health Day on the 4th September.

Sex Education

YES Organic Intimacy Week 2019 | Sexy Hamper Giveaway

How are YES raising awareness and educating people about the importance of their sex lubes and moisturisers? Social media is a brilliant way of reaching a lot of people, and you can find & follow the YES company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can find the latest updates and see how everyone is getting involved with the awareness campaign by following the hashtags #MakingVaginasHappy, #ChangingTheWorld and #OrganicIntimacy.

Discover the YES website at

My YES Gift Box

At this point, my vagina and I would like to say an enormous THANK YOU to YES for their spectacular and generous gift bundle.

YES Organic Intimacy Week 2019 | Sexy Hamper Giveaway

I’ve been enjoying using the products included and I’ll write about them separately once I’ve had more time to collate my thoughts. I adore the fresh-feel packaging design, which echoes the company’s pure and ethical ethos. Every product is also hygiene sealed for additional reassurance, and you can find full details of the formulation ingredients as well as the official organic certification on every tube, bottle and box.

Here’s what I received in my YES Gift Box:

YES WB Lubricant: Certified Organic Water Based Personal Lubricant in a hygiene-sealed 100ml flip-top tube.

YES OB Lubricant: Certified Organic Plant-Oil Based Personal Lubricant in a hygiene-sealed 80ml flip-top tube.

YES VM Moisturiser: Certified Organic Vaginal Moisturising Gel in a hygiene-sealed 100ml flip-top tube.

YES CLEANSE Intimate Wash: Certified Organic Ultra Gentle Intimate Foam Wash in a hygiene-sealed 150ml pump-dispense bottle.

Eco-friendly reusable YES fabric bag

Three YES branded stickers… my favourite is the ‘Making Vaginas Happy’ heart! <3

I also received various printed materials, leaflets etc about the YES company and their product range.

Giveaway: Win An Organic Hamper Worth £170+

Would you like to try out some of the YES intimate product range? How about various other organic, skin-friendly and ethical products, too?

During YES Organic Intimacy Week you can enter an exciting competition to win an organic hamper worth over £170. This hamper is full of Soil Association certified skincare and lifestyle goodies, and the giveaway is easy to enter.

Enter on Twitter here:

Or via Instagram here:

Click here to find the full details of this competition, including terms & conditions as well as exactly what the lucky winner can look forward to receiving in their organic hamper prize. The winner will be selected and announced on the 8th September 2019.

Hamper prizes are supplied by a selection of recognised and respected organic product companies, such as Greenscents, Hay Max, Natracare, Odylique, Soap Folk, TRUE Skincare as well as, of course, YES themselves.

Thanks once again to YES for providing me with the opportunity to discover their pure and ethical intimate use products. Thank you also for spreading the word about the importance of selecting safe lubes and moisturisers for sexual wellbeing through YES Organic Intimacy Week.

YES Organic Intimacy Week 2019 | Sexy Hamper Giveaway

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