Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week: Sexual Self-Care Package

Last week was Sexual Happiness Week 2019, and I’ve been attending to my sexual self-care needs with a thoughtful box of sexy goodies courtesy of Lovehoney. Despite receiving hundreds of sex toys and accessories in the post each year, they’re very rarely for me –rather, they are reviewed by the fabulous Pleasure Panel team. On occasion, I’m able to experience the thrill of being surprised by a box of sex toys and goodies purely for self-indulgence. It’s been a sensual and orgasmic week.

Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week Celebrations

You may have seen my post on Instagram announcing the arrival of my Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week Sexual Self-Care Package, so you’ll already know what was inside. In case you missed it, here’s the link – and please follow me! <3
Plus, here’s a photo of the tantalising contents.

Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week: Sexual Self-Care Package

I only knew beforehand that a package was en route to me, not the exact contents –and I do love being surprised with sexy treats that I’ll get to keep all for myself. It’s just not the same when I buy sex toys and accessories for myself, or when I’m receiving a sex toy from a company with the attached obligation of a professional product review.

Lovehoney sent me this sexual self-care package simply for me to enjoy; no strings attached. Now I’ve had the chance to try them out, I was moved to share some of my feedback with my lovely readers.

What Was In My Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week Sexual Self-Care Package?

Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator 

I’ve reviewed several Lovehoney wand vibrators in the past, and when I opened this package, I was surprised to discover a Lovehoney-branded wand vibe I hadn’t tried yet. The Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand (£39.99) has the same style as the larger (and in some cases, smaller) mainline Lovehoney wand vibrators – mainly white, with a purple bendy neck and the red Lovehoney heart logo above the control panel.

This wand vibrator measures 7.25 inches in overall length, and the max circumference of the head is 4.5 inches. The wand is intended for external use only.

It’s rechargeable, so comes complete with the charging lead. One end is a specific pin style which goes into the end of the wand vibe, the other is standard USB. The control panel lights up when it’s charging.

Once charged, it’s easy to figure the controls. There’s + and – buttons for on/more and less/off, with a central squiggle button to change the setting (constant and patterns available).

During use the wand vibrator is quiet – so much quieter than its full-size equivalents! – and easy to operate. The bendy neck meant I could place the vibrating tip against my clitoral area with ease.

The vibrations are more buzzy-feeling, to me, rather than rumbly. To be expected from a smaller size wand, than the larger styles, perhaps. Although I can orgasm from the top constant speed this wand vibrator offers, it’s not an easy ride to climax by any means. I do have to work at getting there.

I love that the size and the light weight makes this wand vibrator comfortable & easy to use, as well as supremely portable. Personally, though, I’d recommend the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator (buy yours here) over this massage wand –if you’re a demanding clit stim power queen like me.

The Tracey Cox bullet vibe is still fairly buzzy, and battery-powered, but it feels more powerful to me and gets me off easier. It’s still quiet, lightweight and easy to stow away for sexually-enhanced travels. As a bonus, it’s also less than half the price.

Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week: Sexual Self-Care Package

Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Double Love Ring

I’ve been impressed with my previous products from the Lovehoney Desire sex toys collection, and I know the Pleasure Panel feel the same way. I was intrigued to discover the Lovehoney Desire Vibrating Double Love Ring (£44.99) in my Sexual Happiness package, then; despite loving the Desire aesthetics and feel, I haven’t found much success with standard vibrating cock rings in the past.

This love ring is made from supremely smooth silicone – it’s genuinely a delight to hold and run your fingers over. It also comes complete with its own zip up (lockable zips, if you have a padlock) black faux leather storage bag bearing a subtle Lovehoney heart logo.

Two stretchy rings designed to go around their penis and testicles are on one side, the other is a rounded pointed end with three stimulation ridges, while the sides of this area have the plus and minus operation buttons and the charging port.

The love ring is clearly designed with both partners’ pleasure in mind (during PiV sex), but how would it fare during use?

First I had to charge it up, which was simple using the included jackpin/USB lead. After that, it was a case of getting familiar with the controls. The + on one side turns it on and raises the vibrating intensity –then hold to discover the patterned options- and the – button on the other side lowers intensity/goes back a setting and press & hold to switch the ring off.

The less said about my experiences with this love ring the better, I think –I’ve written in the past about why I don’t get on with vibrating cock rings (usually, anyway) and sadly, the Desire Vibrating Double Love Ring was one of those types which doesn’t do it for me.

During PiV sex with him we’re not constantly together, rather the motion of sex moves our bodies away from each other then back again. So I don’t feel the vibrations from the cock ring for long enough to really build on that stimulation to climax from it.

I could sit atop him, with the ridged area of the ring against my clit, while he writhes and is desperate to thrust into me from beneath; and this would be great if the vibration style and strength were the type which brings me to orgasm.

The top constant speed usually does it, on powerful rumbly (or even strongly buzzy) toys – this love ring wasn’t powerful enough to make me orgasm from it. It’s a real shame.

Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week: Sexual Self-Care Package

Lovehoney Oh! Sex Bomb Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb For Her 

The inclusion of a bath bomb in my package was very welcome – who doesn’t love a self-pamper session in a relaxing bath? I knew about the Lovehoney Oh! Sexy Surprise Bath Bombs already, as both the ‘for him’ and ‘for her’ versions were provided for the Pleasure Panel to review in recent months. I was looking forward to having the chance to try one out for myself.

This bath bomb (£14.99) is cellophane shrink-wrapped inside a bright ‘n funky Lovehoney branded box. I could smell the lovely fragrance of the bath bomb just upon opening the glossy card box, and the bomb wasn’t even out of the plastic yet!

I must admit at this point that I wasn’t expecting great things from the bath bomb as I’d read someone else’s review and they weren’t all that impressed. However, I was really surprised when I had my pamper sesh with the bath bomb – plenty of bubbles appeared while the bomb was in the bath with the hot water running, and the smell from the bath bomb is gorgeous; a relaxing, fragrant, pleasant scent.

After not too long at all I noticed the contents separate from the main powder element of the bath bomb in the hot foamy water, so I went fishing and retrieved the ‘surprise’. It’s a semi-transparent Kinder-egg style container which protected the toy within from the bath bomb surround then the eventual water. Unscrewing the two halves revealed the vibrating toy – a battery-powered screw-cap bullet vibrator with a removable stretchy finger sleeve complete with stimulating nodules and a bulbous, angled tip.

Take a look at my video to see the bath bomb under water, the retrieval of the toy and how to operate the vibrator:

I’m not one for sleeves over my vibrators, so when using this vibe I ditch the sleeve and just use it as a bullet vibrator. The sleeve feels like it’s made from TPE as well which isn’t my favourite material. The bullet vibrator is single speed, a very buzzy but powerful speed reminiscent of the famous and popular RO-80mm. It’s operated by pressing the button on the end. Just make sure you remove the protective paper disc in the battery compartment before you try and use it, and don’t over-screw the cap as the water-sealing ring between the cap and main body of the vibrator tends to pop out.

Not the best bullet vibrator in the world but it’s surprisingly effective.

My Top Tip for this bath bomb is to have someone else on hand, so they can:

1) cut the bath bomb out of the shrink-wrap –it’s on there tight

2) unscrew the toy canister once the bomb dissolves enough to reveal it

3) remove the paper disc from the battery compartment of the vibrator, if you plan on using it immediately

All of the above are difficult (if not impossible) while you’re sat in a lush bubble bath with wet hands!

Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week: Sexual Self-Care Package

Lovehoney Delight Extra Silky Water-Based Lubricant 100ml 

It’s rare that I get excited about a new lube, unless it offers some particularly different feature to the other water or silicone lubes out there. The Lovehoney Delight Extra Silky Water-Based Lubricant (£9.99) says it’s water-based and extra silky, but this could’ve been marketing spiel… I was expecting your standard water-based sex lubricant in a Lovehoney branded bottle, to be honest. I noted the pump dispenser top – my favourite – so it had that going for it, at least.

It wasn’t until I peeled away the hygiene seal and dispensed a little Delight Lube that I realised my preconceptions about this lube had been completely wrong. It isn’t thin and clear, as I was expecting; the Delight Lube is semi-opaque (white) and genuinely silky. A delightfully slippery, silky and thick cushioning lube.

I had to take a little video (originally shared to Instagram) to show you what I mean:

It’s easy to dispense, feels beautifully slippery and silky, and you can see where you’re applying it due to the semi-opaqueness. The lube is water-based so it provides superb glide without leaving any oily or greasy residue on your skin.

BONUS: The Delight lube is vegan-friendly, latex condom friendly, and free from both parabens and glycerin!

The Delight lube is now in residence on my bedside table for my solo and shared pleasure sessions – it feels even better for intimate and orgasmic use than it did between my fingers in the vid… 😉

Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week: Sexual Self-Care Package

Lovehoney Desire Luxury Orgasm Balm 30g 

Here’s another product I sadly misjudged from the outset… Lovehoney Desire Orgasm Balm (£19.99). Orgasm-enhancing gels, creams and balms can be found at most sex toy retailers, and in my experience the majority of them are just a cheap addition to a larger range and have provided zero to limited effectiveness during use. I’ve been majorly impressed by the Lovehoney Desire sex toy collection, and I wasn’t looking forward to being disappointed by this orgasm balm tagged on to the range.

…turns out, I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m not sure which of the (awesome-sounding, recognisable and natural) ingredients does the trick for me, or if it’s simply that this combination is the ultimate winner. It contains things you’ll know, like soybean, shea butter, menthol… as well as coconut, peppermint, avocado hemp seed, apricot and jojoba seed oils. All in this little 30g pot.

You only need a little bit, and the balm warms up to deposit enough on your fingers for use. It’s like a menthol & lemon-scented thick lip balm, except it’s not oily or gel-like at all. It’s an opaque balm which doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue.

When I saw the price of this little pot at the Lovehoney website I balked… how can 30g of anything be worth £20?
After using it? OK, this magical stuff is worth more than £20.

1) I only used a tiny amount; this is going to last me ages.
2) You got me… that was a fan-fucking-tastic orgasm.

It just goes to show you (me) that you (I) should never trust your (my) preconceptions about a product. I would never have bought this orgasm balm, writing it off as a gimmick; now I’m using it before every masturbation session to enhance the intensity of play and my resulting orgasms.

When I apply it to my clit it feels like that silently-squealing horny feeling when I really need to orgasm… hot and cold all at once, with no discomfort, just intense, tingling pleasure. It is also effective applied to whichever other erogenous zone you fancy –nipples, labia etc. Strongly recommend!

Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week: Sexual Self-Care Package

Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Lickable Massage Candle 60g 

Vanilla isn’t the scent I’d usually go for on massage candles (or anything else!) but I was prepared to give this Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Massage Candle (£5.99) a go anyway, as it had been kindly included in my Sexual Happiness Week package.

It’s a 60g candle in a lidded tin, with sticker on the lid and the base telling you what it is, how to use and what’s inside. It doesn’t contain parabens or glycerin, so that’s a plus. The leading ingredient is vegetable oil, although it does also contain soybean, hemp seed, avocado, apricot, jojoba seed and coconut oils, too. With such similar latter ingredients to the orgasm balm, my hopes were raised.

Lighting the candle was a simple affair, and after waiting a short time a little pool of oil had gathered around the wick.

You can see in the video I posted to Instagram what the oil is like once the candle has melted a bit:

Unfortunately, my high hopes were rather dashed at this point, and during subsequent uses with my partner. Maybe it’s because the candle has a high amount of vegetable oil, but I just didn’t find the feel of the oil very alluring. The Lovehoney website also says the candle is lickable but it doesn’t taste nice; unless you like warm, slightly vanilla-scented vegetable oil on your tongue.

The oil feels nice enough during a massage but it leaves a very greasy residue which needs to be thoroughly washed off in a warm soapy shower or bath (immediately, if you’re me and can’t stand that itching oily feeling on your skin).

This one wasn’t for me at all – I’m still a devotee of the Jimmyjane Massage Candles which are the best intimate massage candles I’ve ever used. They’re more expensive and not lickable –but they’re worth every penny.

Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week: Sexual Self-Care Package

I’d like to thank Lovehoney for sending me this fabulous sexy self-care package to help us enjoy Sexual Happiness Week 2019. A little hit and miss with the items, but that’s to be expected as we’re all different!

Have you tried any of these items and had different experiences? Or do you have your own favourite, tried and tested makes which you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

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Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week: Sexual Self-Care Package

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