The Lowdown On Penis Head Pumps

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In your search for the perfect penis pump, you have probably come across a penis head pump and wondered what the hell it was for. Well, these pumps actually have a lot of benefits and they can be a lot of fun to use too. They will give you increased stamina, a larger penis, a more sensitive head and they might just make you orgasm in the process too. Want to know more? Yeah, you do!

The Lowdown On Penis Head Pumps

What is a penis head pump?

A penis head pump is a lot like a regular penis pump except that it is designed to fit and stimulate the head of the penis only, rather than the full shaft. Most of the parts will be the same but the cylinder which the penis goes into is much shorter. Just like regular pumps, you can get penis head pumps that are manual pumps, electric pumps and even ones that vibrate too.

What does a penis head pump do?

A penis head pump works much like a regular pump, except it focuses its attention directly onto the head of the penis. A penis head pump uses suction to create a vacuum within the cylinder and pull blood flow into the tip of the penis. This increased blood flow through the penis can help to achieve and maintain an erection, and if you use a penis ring along with pumping, you should be able to keep this erection even longer too.

The Lowdown On Penis Head PumpsAlong with helping to create an erection, this increased blood flow to the head of the penis also makes this area fuller, girthier and a lot more sensitive to touch. In fact, the use of a penis head pump can temporarily increase the size of the head 30%. While some pump for this particular look, it also means that there is 30% more surface area to stimulate and 30% extra sensation which can make an orgasm feel a lot more intense.

In fact, the majority of the nerve endings of the penis are located in the head area and that concentration of nerve endings can make the process of pumping itself very enjoyable for many. This type of pump generally has a tighter than normal inner sleeve which clings to your shaft for maximum suction. This creates a sucking effect while you pump that teases the sensitive tip of the penis and mimics the feeling of a blow job.

Some will also include a penis ring that sits over the sleeves and moves up and down as you pump to stimulate a stroking effect. And, if you get a vibrating one then there will be even more stimulation to the head. So, not only do these pumps help your overall sexual function, improve your stamina and sensitise the head of the penis, they are also a lot of fun to use.

Who can use a penis head pump?

Because there are some many uses for a penis head pump, they can be used by pretty much anyone that has a penis. You can use it prior to sex or masturbation to help with your sensitivity and stamina, or you can use it as part of foreplay or masturbation and enjoy the sensation that pumping the head of the penis offers. A penis head pump is a functional and fun device.

How do you use a penis head pump?

The Lowdown On Penis Head PumpsThe instructions on how to use a penis head pump are much the same as with a standard penis pump. Simply slip the sleeve and cylinder over the top of the glans and lightly squeeze to create a vacuum within the chamber. Pump slowly and leave a few moments before the next pump to let your body get used to the sensation.

If you are using an electric pump, then just put your penis inside the cylinder and press the button. It will pump and release for you so you don’t need to worry about watching the pressure gauge.

With a head pump, the inner sleeve will be significantly tighter than a standard pump. This is because the cylinder does not fit your full penis inside so it cannot create a seal between the cylinder and your body. The sleeve helps to create a seal on the shaft of your penis instead so you should some water-based lubricant on the shaft of the penis so the sleeve can sit comfortably and create a tight seal.

Start off by only pumping 2 – 3 times a week and only pump for 15 minutes then release the pressure and give your penis a break. Massage the penis and stretch it out a bit in between pumping sessions too as this will help to get the blood circulating and ready for more pumping.

The best thing you can do is follow the instructions and listen to your body. Your penis will tell you if things aren’t right. I suggest you be careful and go slow, as tempting as it is to just go for gold because if you do any damage, you will need to wait until you are completely healed and that could take weeks or even months.

Are there any risks or side effects?

The Lowdown On Penis Head PumpsSo, on that note, are there any risks associated with penis head pumping? The simple answer is yes, but this can be avoided by following the instructions included with the pump and not over pumping.

Blisters, skin discoloration and numbness of the penis (don’t worry, it goes away) are fairly common for pumping beginners and will all naturally heal fairly quickly so long as you don’t pump until you are fully healed.

The doughnut effect is another common side effect of penis pumping, especially for those using a penis head enlarger.  When you pump, you draw blood into the head of the penis, but you also draw in lymphatic fluid. This occurs naturally in the body and is fine in small amounts but over swelling isn’t good. You want a nice bulbous effect, not something that looks swollen and sore.

The Lowdown On Penis Head PumpsWhen you pump, there will be pressure but it shouldn’t hurt. And the same thing goes for the color. Some redness is pretty normal but if it becomes too dark or starts going purple, remove the pump and don’t repeat it until your penis is back to its normal color completely.

If you are a beginner, then a pump with a quick release valve or button can help prevent injury if you accidentally over pump. If you are more experienced, then it is fine to use one without this as you will be more aware of your own limitations and how the pumping usually feels for you.

How to look after your pump

Cleaning your pump is as easy as separating the cylinder from the hand pump and clean the cylinder and sleeve in warm soapy water. You can use an antibacterial wipe of the handheld part if you want to be thorough too. Basically, any part that comes in contact with your genitals or with lubricant needs to be thoroughly cleaned between each use. Lubricant residue can build up over time and make the seal less strong so make sure you wash it and get rid of all traces. It is a good idea to stick to water-based lubricant too as it is the easiest to clean up and will not damage or degrade any part of the pump.

The Lowdown On Penis Head Pumps


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