Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect One!

If you’re a male shopping for yourself, or perhaps looking for your male partner, you most likely want to find the perfect male sex toy! Now this might sound simple, but believe me, this is no easy task. You have hundreds of different male sex toys and manufacturers. What type will work best on him? What kind of male toys are there? What will deliver the most powerful orgasm? These are all frequent questions when looking for the top male sex toys, so let me break it down for you.

Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect One

I will explain the main types of male sex toys in the industry, what’s most common and who they are made for. I will explain the perfect process for picking something out that won’t break your bank yet deliver the most pleasure he has ever experienced. Now let’s peel back this mysterious curtain and dive deep into the male sex toy world!

Male Sex Toys Safety

The first thing you need to know when picking out a male sex toy no matter who it is for; is safety. Do not skip over this section thinking you know it all. Even if you have been masturbating for years, anal play is much different than masturbating with a vagina or penis!

  • Rule #1:

Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect OneIf you are diving into anal play, make sure you never share your anal sex toy with your partner. It must be cleaned or covered with a different condom than you used; if you feel it is absolutely necessary to share. This is because bacteria in your anal cavity is specific to you and you alone, sharing can spread bacteria and viruses you body is not used too.

  • Rule #2:

Do not use sex toys designed for vaginal penetration in your anus. Make sure whatever male butt plug or male anal beads being used have a large “stopper” on the end of it. The anus (male or female) does not have a natural blocker like the vagina that prevents toys from getting “lost” in the body. I stick to the rule of the handle must be 1/3 larger than the largest diameter you are inserting.

  • Rule #3:

Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect OneKnow what you are putting in your body! Just like you wouldn’t eat something random you have no clue what is in it… Why stick something random in your body. Unfortunately, the reality is there are a lot “knock off” sex toys being manufactured with “sketchy” materials.

Materials like pure silicone are expensive, so poor quality manufacturers may mix the pure silicone with other “silicone-like” materials to make and sell the toys for less. Make sure to use a trusted retailer who sells well-known manufactured adult products.

  • Rule #4

The last and final rule (I know you want to get to the pleasurable stuff) is always use lube during anal play. I highly recommend a water-based lube since these are easy to clean off sheets and clothing, plus friendlier on sensitive skin. I personally prefer to use oil-based lubes when enjoying water play, like in the shower or bath tub.

Male Sex Toys 101

Now that we got the boring but totally necessary safety out of the way, lets talk male sex toys! In my book, there are really 4 main types of male sex toys. Let me break down what each type is, and how it’s used. You need to fully understand these before you can pick out the perfect sex toy for him.

  • Male Sleeves:

Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect OneMale masturbation sleeves are one of the most common male sex toy. They come in a lot of different styles but the most famous you might have heard of are Fleshlights. These are hand held sleeves, typically silicone that allow you to slide up and down around your shaft.

Some you can even adjust the suction on it for a more intense “grip” around your shaft. In a sense you lube it up and use it as an artificial orifice. Some come with different internal texturing to give you a unique and pleasurable experience. New and technologically advanced penis masturbators include the PULSE toys by Hot Octopuss.

Don’t forget these are not only good for solo masturbation sessions but can be used in the bedroom with a partner! Use it on him for some pleasurable foreplay. Let him watch you stroke it slowly up and down his shaft for the perfect tease before the “big show”! Just remember all sex toys are not only designed for solo play, but couples can use them as well! This is no different with male sex toys!

  • Male Butt Plugs & Prostate Massagers

Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect OneButt plugs are a fantastic addition to any sex toy collection. Keep in mind that the male and female anus are identical (that’s your anatomy lesson for the day). So, there is no such thing as a male or female specific butt plug. Butt plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. But they all have the same concept which is a tapered bulb on one end for anal penetration that quickly slims down before a large handle on the other. These are designed to stretch and slide in before your butt naturally clenches around the slim part of the male sex toy.

Butt plugs are very unique and used in a number of ways. They are really designed to be inserted and stay in place, providing pleasure as you move or clench around them. They can be worn while you stimulate your penis for a solo masturbation session. Or worn while you engage in penetrative sex to provide a more intense blended stimulation orgasm. Use them around the house or in public (if you dare) to stimulate and provide pleasure while going about daily activities!

Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect One

You may also wish to explore prostate play with one of these cleverly designed prostate massagers to hit all the right buttons. Or rather, one button in particular…

  • Male Anal Beads:

Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect OneSimilar to butt plugs, there is no anal bead specific to male vs. female. Unless you’re particular about which colour you prefer. Anal beads are designed to be used slightly different than butt plugs. They are typically a string of balls connected in graduating order of diameter. They start with a small bead and incrementally slowly grow up in size until the “stopper” or handle end. These can be made from a variety of material, but silicone is the most popular due to its ability to flex.

Anal beads are designed to be used in a couple different ways. It can be used during solo masturbation or partner penetrative sex. Due to their graduation in size, they are great for beginners looking to stretch and develop their anal play skills. As each bead slides in, it passes over two main muscles in the anus. This can be extremely pleasurable. The way most men use these male sex toys is not to orgasm directly from them but use it build the stimulation. It’s great foreplay!

But the ultimate key to anal beads are slowly removing them just before and during your orgasm. These provide an extra boost of pleasure, and make your orgasm last much longer!

  • Male Cock Ring:

Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect OneIf you have a partner, this is what I highly recommend using to truly spice up your sex life! Cock rings are typically silicone because they vibrate and require the flexibility to stretch around the male’s shaft. These male sex toys are powerful! They have a variety of shapes and sizes but will have a flat head on the front where the vibration motor lays.

They are designed for one simple use, stimulate the female clitoris while preforming penetrative sex on her. It’s a genius idea really! The constriction and vibration of the cock ring provides serious pleasure to him, keeping him extra hard. While with each and every thrust of his penis into her, the vibrating silicone pad stimulates the girl’s clitoris. This will ramp up the pleasure on both ends!

Male Sex Toy Materials

Male sex toys come in a variety of different materials here is a brief description of the most common materials used and what you need to know about them:

  • Steel:

Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect OneSteel sex toys are becoming more popular for good reason. Make sure they are 100% Stainless-Steel grade, or you might have a mix of metal that could potentially not be body safe.

The steel sex toys for men have some great weight behind them and are extremely durable. If you break a steel sex toy, I’d love to hear how you managed that!

The other benefit to them is they are non-porous. This leaves no room for bacteria to reside, they’re easy to clean and resist retaining any unwelcome smells. Not to mention the polished mirror finish is both luxurious yet bad-ass!


  • Glass:

Glass sex toys for men are sleek and sexy. They come in extravagant colours shapes and sizes. They are like works of art and usually hand-made. Good quality glass sex toys are body safe and made with durable borosilicate glass (Pyrex). Similar to steel, glass toys are non-porous. You can even stick a glass sex toy (known to be of the highest manufacturing standard) in the dishwasher, for an easy clean.

  • Silicone:

Ensure you’re buying 100% silicone sex toys. My general rule is stick to quality manufacturers and retailers to ensure the silicone isn’t actually a blend of materials, with “Sil-a gel” or phthalates in it. It needs to be 100% pure silicone to provide those non-porous and body safe benefits -and unfortunately there are a lot of “knock-offs” out there. Regulations are beginning to come in, but for peace of mind and body safety, stick with the best quality companies.

  • Stone / Crystal:

A lot of crystal and stone products are being hand carved or polished into works of art that can bring pleasure as well! Just have common sense when you look over the sex toy and avoid any with sharp edges, or pieces that could break off. Stone and crystal sex toys manufactured by reputable companies are completely body safe -buyer beware when it comes to cheap ‘lookalikes’ from previously unheard of retailers and websites.

Picking Out A Male Sex Toy For Yourself

If you are picking out the sex toy for yourself, it becomes a little easier. You know your own body! If you don’t know your body… it’s easy to learn. You should experiment with multiple forms of stimulation. Anal play with plugs and beads, penis stimulation through vibration or sleeves. Don’t forget the different areas to experiment stimulating too! Try vibration on just the tip of your penis, or down on your balls… mix and match, never stop searching for more pleasure!

Over time you will learn your body and develop a great taste for what your body craves most. Not everyone receives the same amount of pleasure from the same type of stimulation. Only you can learn what male sex toys can develop the most powerful orgasms for you! Perhaps it requires more than one sex toy, or even switching off, but once you find it… It’s a truly amazing experience!

Picking Out A Male Sex Toy For Another

Male Sex Toys: How To Pick Out The Perfect OneIf you are picking out a male sex toy for your partner its not as easy as sticking a butt plug in and moving it around to determine how you like it. It takes a true bond through communication to understand your partner and their desires. You need to learn what types of stimulation he likes, how he likes it, and where he likes it. From there, you can pick out a male sex toy that will blow his mind!

How do you know what he likes? Focus your telepathic powers real hard while having sex to know if he likes something…. I’m kidding! You will need to communicate in the bedroom. If you don’t already, it might seem a little awkward at first, but believe me it is a necessity! Even a simple “how do you like this?” or “is this to fast?” will work as a great starting point. Once you understand his pleasure, you can pick out the perfect male sex toy for him.

Male Sex Toy Wrap-Up

This was a brief overview of the different kinds of male sex toys, how to use them, sex toy materials, and how to pick them out. But in the end, it really comes down to two things… Trial and error, along with communication. You need to constantly try new things, new positions, new materials. Communicate with your partner what you do and don’t like. Over time you will hit certain sex toys that give you that “eureka” moment. Those sex toys will become your “go-to” toys that guarantee the most pleasure and full body orgasms.

I know this hasn’t been the simple answer you were maybe looking for, of “here, buy this” which a lot of companies will tell you in order to sell you something while they make money… But this is the honest advice that will bring you the most pleasure in the long run. Experimenting with different sex toys should be fun, light spirited, and of course pleasurable! So at least your homework assignment isn’t that difficult! 😉




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