How To Buy Sexy Lingerie Which Suits Your Body Shape

Feel your most confident EVER – with this handy guide to sexy lingerie styles

Something really strange happened to me recently. I noticed that my clothes were beginning to feel unnaturally tight. Dresses that used to look lovely on me, began to hang from my body in an awkward manner. I began to look at my body differently which left me feeling quite depressed. The more depressed I felt, the more I turned to food for solace and I’m sure you can imagine the rest… I was always one of those people who could eat whatever they liked and never put on a pound. However, as middle age was approaching, it was clear that this was no longer the case.

Previously, I was proud of my slim pear shaped figure and dressed in a way which flattered the shape of my body. As I watched my body change from a pear shape to an apple shape, the clothes which previously flattered me, no longer cut the mustard. As a lingerie writer and enthusiast, it was quite clear that my lingerie collection also required an immediate overhaul. After all, a change in body shape is perfectly normal as women become older. But, in order to accommodate these changes and continue feeling good about our bodies, sometimes we need to rethink the rules of our personal wardrobes to find the perfect lingerie for the shape of our bodies.

Dressing To Suit Your Body Shape

How To Buy Sexy Lingerie Which Suits Your Body ShapeWomen come in all different shapes and sizes, that’s what makes us so wonderful. If you’re reading this article on your commute to work, or your lunch-break, look around! Every single person in the vicinity looks completely different. The same rules apply when shopping for lingerie. I look at the beautiful women modelling the lingerie on the websites and at trade shows and I know that the outfit won’t look the same on me. In the same breath, what looks good on my friends will also look completely different on me, but that’s not a bad thing! What makes the biggest difference when choosing lingerie, are choosing features are more flattering to your body shape.

There are lots of different types of body shape. However, I am only going to discuss the four main types of body shape as I think that they offer features that every woman can resonate with. By following a few simple rules, shopping for flattering lingerie is child’s play.

How To Buy Sexy Lingerie Which Suits Your Body Shape

Apple Shapes

After spending years as a pear shaped woman, I recently found myself morphing into an apple shaped woman. Apple shaped women usually have larger breasts, broad shoulders and tummies, small bottoms and lovely slim legs. Despite what many people think, apple shapes are not simply women who are plus size. Slim apple shapes can be found on celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley and Jennifer Hudson. The secret to finding lingerie that suits an apple shape is to avoid anything tight fitting around the midsection, and focus on highlighting the other great features of your body shape, such as your breasts, bum and legs.

How To Buy Sexy Lingerie Which Suits Your Body ShapeOnce you learn the rules of dressing your beautiful apple shape, you can add a whole new lease of life to your lingerie collection. Thankfully, apples have a lot of choice when it comes to lingerie!

Opting for a fluttery and light babydoll like the Lovehoney Barely There Black Push-Up Babydoll Set helps to show off a pair of long slim legs small bottom. The pretty straps and low neckline draw the attention away from the problematic tummy area and towards the upper half of the body, whilst the hemline emphasises the legs. Support comes in the form of padded and moulded cups whilst the sheer fabric is deliciously provocative. For plus size purchasers, the Lovehoney Plus Size Barely There Black Push-Up Babydoll Set offers a lovely alternative in deep purple.

Pear Shapes

One of the features that I love best about my new shape, is that for the first time in my life I have breasts. Actual breasts that I haven’t had to pay for! Again, there are no set rules, but pear shaped women often tend to have smaller breasts and flatter stomachs, but often with bigger bottoms and wider hips. Famous pears include Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Shakira and Kelly Clarkson.

The secret to flattering a pear shape figure is the creation of balance. In other words, balancing out the smaller upper half of the body and highlighting those enviable curves. Avoid any fashionable faux paux by avoiding anything with bottom ruffles as this can make the area look bigger, instead of creating balance.


For pear shaped shoppers, the Lovehoney Treasure Me Red Underwired Chemise Set offers the perfect solution in that the underwired demi cups boosts and enhances the cleavage to create proportion, whilst the subtle lace trim sits beneath the bottom to create sleek lines. The matching thong and the addition of sexy stockings is the perfect way to complete the look. For plus sized pear shapes, take a look at the Lovehoney Plus Size Treasure Me Red Underwired Chemise Set, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Hourglass Shapes

The hourglass shape is the most sought after body shape, and this is because it is perceived at the traditional ‘feminine’ silhouette. Personally, I think that every woman is beautiful regardless of shape, but the hourglass figure is highly coveted, with people willing to spend a lot of money to achieve it. Hourglass women usually have bust and hips at a similar size and a small, well defined waist. Some famous hourglass hotties include Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, Blake Lively and Kelly Brook.

How To Buy Sexy Lingerie Which Suits Your Body ShapeWhen shopping for sexy lingerie to suit an hourglass figure, avoid lingerie or outfits that are lacking in structure and fail to show off those incredible curves. Instead, bare all with something jaw-droppingly seductive, like the Lovehoney Moonlight Black Peekaboo Bra and Suspender Knickers Set. Underwire cups emphasise an ample bust, whilst open cups leave nothing to the imagination. The pretty lace simply caresses the skin and the peephole briefs are deliciously alluring. One of the unique features which make this lingerie particularly special is the panel fastening at the back of the neck. I found this to be a beautifully decorative element. For Plus Size Princesses, check out the Lovehoney Plus Size Moonlight Black Peekaboo Bra and Suspender Knickers Set and get ready to rock somebody’s world!

Sporty Shapes

Often referred to as athletic, sporty figures are often solid and toned but with very little waist definition. They can be slimmer, or bigger and they are the trickiest shapes to dress because muscle is much denser than body fat, so an element of trial and error is required. How To Buy Sexy Lingerie Which Suits Your Body ShapeHowever, isn’t a little experimentation the most exciting part of sexy lingerie shopping?

Those hoping to make the most out of this naturally muscular physique do have one thing in common, and that is the need to create curves. A longline bra such as the Lovehoney Treasure Me Front-Fastening Grey Longline Underwired Bra Set are longer at the waist to help fill out an elongated body shape whilst an underwire bra helps to emphasise the curves. The lace trim suspender belt helps to show off a toned waistline whilst creating the illusion of curves and the matching G String delivers the perfect opportunity to flaunt those toned buttocks.

Breaking The Rules

Like everything, there are no hard and fast rules in the world of sexy lingerie and no two women will look the same, nor will they share the same shape. The last thing I wanted was to create limitations to what you wear, but merely to add starting points on which you focus your shopping journey. As I become accustomed to my new body shape, I fully intend to experiment with lingerie and figure out what feels good to me, even if it breaks the rules.

Feel free to do the same, and I hope you have as much fun doing it as I know I will!

How To Buy Sexy Lingerie Which Suits Your Body ShapeHow To Buy Sexy Lingerie Which Suits Your Body Shape

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