Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner –Or Yourself!

When it comes to buying romantic gifts for your partner, you might find yourself treading those same, well-worn internet shopping paths of flowers, chocolate, and their preferred form of bubbles. Although a surprise gift containing any of these is always pleasant, sometimes it doesn’t really convey the right level of romance –or raunchiness- as a gift to your lover. Why not shop for a memorable present which will truly impress -with unusual romantic gifts instead of the old predictables?

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

Sex toys and bedroom accessories have historically been items that are bought for oneself, in a private and confidential, almost hidden manner. Home sex toy parties full of giggles –but strictly no men allowed. Blocked-out windowed private shops, in back alleys. Or, since the dawn and rapid popularity of internet shopping, browsing the cyber aisles of a sex toy website –then clearing your internet history. As you can see, purchasing sex toys has previously had an element of almost shame attached to it, a lingering stigma about sex toy shopping and using sex toys.

As society’s awareness has grown, of how our sexual wellness can have a direct, positive impact on our psyche and influence our lives outside the bedroom, interest in/sales of adult toys have soared. Whether you’re proud of your active and adventurous love life with your partner, or you’re looking for ways to heighten the excitement in your long-term relationship, you can be sure that the world of sex toys has something to offer you. And as unusual romantic gifts, which tell your partner you prioritise their psychological and sexual happiness, they simply have no rival.

Let’s take a look at the types of sex toys and bedroom accessories you might consider purchasing as one of those unusual romantic gifts for your partner –or, of course, yourself!

Vibrating Massager

Vibrating massagers, otherwise known as wand vibrators, are capable of providing deep and powerful external vibrating stimulation wherever you like. The larger types are famed for their effective clitoral stim, while the smaller styles can deliver erotic massage style bliss all over the body, particularly the erogenous zones. Here’s my top vibrating massager picks which would certainly make an alluring, unusual romantic gift:

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee  

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfHot Octopuss are mainly known for their bestselling, multi award-winning penis strokers –but with the Queen Bee, they’ve branched out into other forms of sexual stimulation.

Prioritising inclusivity and diversity, Hot Octopuss refrain from labelling their sex toys as ‘for men’ or ‘for women’. Sex toys are for anatomy not gender, after all. The Queen Bee is no different in that regard –it’s an external stimulation toy which can be used by any adult, wherever they wish.

Personally, I enjoyed using the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee for clit stim. It’s my favourite type of sexual stimulation in any case, so it was always going to happen! The dappled convex plate of the hairbrush/microphone shaped sex toy moves quickly up and down when in use, providing a form of stimulation unlike most other vibrating sex toys. There are different settings to choose from and, as a bonus, it’s rechargeable and completely waterproof.

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Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

Loving Joy DUA  

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfLoving Joy Sex Toys are diverse and well-priced, so it’s unsurprising that they’re very popular with adult product fans. There’s a plethora of traditional rabbit vibrators in the range, but the Loving Joy DUA took vibrators up a notch with its body-safe material, power capabilities and, of course, the ingenious design.

As the name suggests, when you buy the Loving Joy DUA you don’t simply get one sex toy –you get two. That’s right, the DUA has interchangeable attachments, meaning that with one powerful and easy to operate base you can switch between a rabbit vibrator and a wand vibrator style sex toy.

This deluxe 2-in-1 sex toy is made with non-porous, non-toxic silicone which is tactile and smooth, plus the DUA is rechargeable and completely waterproof too (as long as one of the attachments is affixed while you use it in water).

What’s better than gifting them one sex toy? Gifting them two!

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Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

Doxy 3 Massager Wand… With New Nexus Attachments

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfIf you know anything about me at all, you’ll know how much I adore my Doxy Wand. The Doxy Massager wand vibrators are so incredibly powerful, thanks to the mains (plug-in) power. The rounded heads give broad stimulation wherever you want it most –which, for me, is clitorally.

While the original Doxy Massager was unapologetically big and not all that light to keep a hold of during use, new addition to the range Doxy 3 solves those issues. It’s smaller, lightweight, but doesn’t skimp on power. In a word, it’s intense. I felt I’d never experienced the full pleasure potential of a wand vibe until I tried Doxy, and the Doxy 3 is absolutely perfect.

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

And now, just to scintillate even further, Doxy have partnered with established pleasure product brand Nexus Range. Four Doxy 3 attachments have been created (rabbit vibrator, clitoral vibrator, penis stroker and prostate massager) so you can pick your perfect style and enjoy your Doxy 3 in a whole new way.

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Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

Penis Stroker

When you think of penis strokers, you might visualise some rubbery, jelly-feel tube with ridges or nodules on the inside –pretty cheap and tacky. Well, think again. Penis strokers have come a long way (#sorrynotsorry) since the days when stretchy tubes were your only option. These deluxe styles of penis stimulating sex toy will make for extremely unusual romantic gifts that are sure to be unforgettable.

Hot Octopuss Pulse 3

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfHot Octopuss are back –well, I couldn’t possibly talk about deluxe penis strokers and skip the leaders in this field. What I absolutely love about the Hot Octopuss Pulse penis toys –apart from their high-quality finish and effectiveness, of course – is that they’re non-anatomical. Presented in classy, dark and universally-appealing colours, without any gender or sexuality bias, the Hot Octopuss Pulse strokers can be used and by anyone with a penis. Brilliant.

The Pulse penis stimulators work by way of what Hot Octopuss call ‘PulsePlate technology’ -that’s to say, there’s a little plate on the inside of the penis-enveloping toy which moves in and out, stimulating the shaft while vibrations overwhelm the user with orgasmic delight. The Pulse 3 has various settings to enjoy and it’s fully waterproof. The Pocket Pulse is smaller and delivers vibrations without the PulsePlate tech, as a travel- and budget-friendly option.

If they have a penis, they need a Hot Octopuss Pulse. Solo for solo enjoyment, Duo for couples’ fun.

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Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself


Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfThe REV1000 is Loving Joy’s flagship penis stroker. Billed as ‘truly revolutionary’, the REV1000 takes the traditional methods of penis stimulation by sex toys, and dials it all the way up to 11 using some pretty nifty technology.

Rechargeable so you can be ever-ready for action, the REV1000 also has an easy-grip handle for one-handed use. Which is, um, handy. The caressing and massaging action of the textured canal stimulates the top of the penis shaft and frenulum to bliss, using your choice of 7 patterns, each with 7 different speed settings.

Coat the canal with a splash of water-based lube then dive into a ‘spin session’ you certainly won’t forget in a hurry.

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

Fleshlight STU 

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfFleshlight must be the most well-known quality penis stroker manufacturer in the world. The signature style is of an oversized ‘flashlight’ shaped canister, with a screw-off lid where you find the ‘real-feel’ penis stimulating canal encased. The Fleshlight collection is absolutely enormous at this point. With anatomical entrances in various skin tones, porn girls’ cloned parts, the cool translucency of the Ice styles and the highly alternative Fleshlight Freaks range to browse, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Being penis-free myself, it was surprising how alluring I found the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit when I first handled one in the sex toy office many years ago. I knew it was something special right from the start. The entrance is in pink vulva style, leading to a canal which is intensely tight and filled with massaging nodules to send you over the edge.

Unfortunately, I’ll never fully understand the height of pleasure experienced from plunging into its luscious depths –you’ll just have to enjoy it for me.

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Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

Prostate Massager

Thanks to years of work by sex educators to enlighten people on the joys of prostate pleasure, more people than ever are feeling able to experiment with this highly sensitive, sexual zone. I’ve written about prostate pleasure sensations myself and there’s a brilliant beginner’s guide to prostate massage here.

What sort of sex toy should you use for the most effective prostate stim? There are a lot of prostate massagers to choose from out there; let’s take a look at the industry leaders.

Nexus Revo Slim

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfThere are five reviews of the Nexus Revo Slim prostate massager here at the Cara Sutra sex blog, and they range from 7/10 up to top marks, 10/10 by the Pleasure Panel reviewing team. Clearly, this is a prostate massager of note; high-quality, and effective in use.

Made with body-safe, non-porous and smoothly comfortable silicone, the Nexus Revo Slim has been designed with both anatomy and the peak of sexual pleasure in mind. The multi-level vibrating settings are easy to operate, and rechargeable. The toy is fully waterproof and comes with a remote control to make the self-stimulation session that much easier and luxurious.

As one reviewer notes“A fantastically designed product boasting impressive qualities, the Nexus Revo Slim Rechargeable Rotating Prostate Massager would be a great addition to any toy collection. Fairly priced and worth every penny.”

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Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself


Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfAneros is another prostate massager brand which is widely known, highly popular and well respected. They offer prostate massagers from budget-priced plastic styles up to the more recent luxurious, silicone creations such as the Aneros Helix Syn.

Having read many Aneros prostate massager reviews from the Pleasure Panel, it’s clear that the styles may seem simple in design but really come into their own during use. The simplicity is deceiving; every curve and slight angle of those insertable probes is the result of years of research and feedback.

Prostate massagers can be used for solo pleasure or enjoyed during couples’ foreplay and sex –invest in your preference, broaden your sexual horizons and enjoy the full spectrum of orgasmic pleasure.

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

Bondage Gear

Some, like myself, have always had a penchant for being restrained. Many others are now experimenting and experiencing the joy of bondage for the first time, which might largely be due to the current grey-shaded spotlight in movies and associated press. Whatever the reason, more people than ever are looking for bondage gear to enjoy with their partner for thrilling new erotic adventures in the bedroom and beyond.

Here are my top picks for bondage sex toys which are not only firmly effective, but gloriously lavish to provide a truly unusual gift option for newbies to kink and experienced kinksters alike.

Lovehoney DOMINIX Collection 

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfThe Lovehoney DOMINIX Collection comprises bondage gear which brooks no argument –with the exception of your safeword, of course. I love that the DOMINIX range doesn’t only offer the usual beginner choices such as cuffs, collar, flogger and paddle, there’s bondage gear for those who dare to venture further.

Pinwheels, nipple clamps, canes, dildo gags, tail plugs and chastity cages are just a few examples of the great diversity in the DOMINIX range. I own a couple of items from the collection myself and was extremely impressed with the high-quality finish and how resilient but comfortable they were during even rigorous play.

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

Bound Noir Collection

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfThe Bound Noir bondage gear collection, by Loving Joy, is another range I was particularly impressed with. Not only are the items extremely alluring and well-made, they’re exceptionally well-priced for the quality you receive. Made with velvet-soft nubuck leather, the black items are contrasted by gold colour highlights on the O rings, D rings and other fixtures, to deliver a deliciously indulgent aesthetic.

Bound Noir offers bondage staple items such as collar, cuffs, paddle and flogger, but also steps a little deeper with offerings such as the O-ring choker, hog tie and riding crop. Items are priced from just £9.95.

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Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

Honour HNRX 

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfEsteemed fetish gear retailer Honour have recently launched a new sub-range of bondage items; the Honour HNRX Collection. Unlike many other bondage collections, the restrains from Honour HNRX are made with rubber, sure to thrill bondage enthusiasts and rubber fetishists alike.

As well as the deluxe wrist and ankle cuffs, blindfolds, collars and more, the Honour HNRX collection also includes stainless steel equipment. There are seductive spreader bars in various widths and a teasing anal hook. My favourite has to be the 4 D-ring rubber collar, however; so many play possibilities!

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

Sex Dolls

The very mention of ‘sex dolls’ might have you thinking of the old-fashioned inflatable styles, which looked attractive enough on the box –not so much once fully inflated. Skip to this century and with a little research, you realise sex dolls have benefited from a much-needed upgrade.


unusual romantic gifts for your partner or yourselfWith a website called sexdolls.com you know you’ve found the world’s hub of the greatest, most satisfying sex dolls available. These are not mere penis strokers fitted into inflatable surrounds, they’re not even simply sex toys. The sophisticated creations from Sex Dolls are more like sensual companions who guide you through new erotic adventures.

It would be easy to mistake these sex dolls for real women –in fact I did a double-take more than once just at the images on the sex dolls website. The creations have captured that lustful look, an expression which seems to convey just how much they want you inside them right now.

Whatever your fantasy, there’s a beautiful sex doll waiting to help you realise it in all its orgasmic reality. These sex dolls are handmade to your requirements rather than ‘off the shelf’, and can be made with silicone, which is the non-porous, non-toxic, smooth and resilient adult product material of choice.

Which doll would be your perfect gift?

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfSexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie is a traditional romantic gift, granted. However, nothing says ‘I love you’ like selecting an unusual set from the latest offerings, in a size and style which suits their body shape perfectly. The trick is to try and select lingerie that they’d opt for themselves, garments which are not only flattering and seductive but also extremely comfortable to wear.

New Styles From Lovehoney

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or YourselfLovehoney have recently launched their welcome and impressive ‘sexy is not a size’ campaign, which features absolutely stunning sexy lingerie items in sizes up to UK 28. Rather than taking the garment style and simply creating it in larger sizes, as other lingerie manufacturers have mistakenly done through the years, Lovehoney have designed sexy lingerie items and sets which specifically complement a more curvaceous figure.

As well as new sexy plus size lingerie, Lovehoney have added several new sub-ranges to their lingerie aisles which look exquisitely glamorous. I’m torn between which I’d want to be gifted most; the Parisienne Chemise, the Midnight Soiree Corset Set or the Late Night Liaison Deep Plunge Bustier.

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself


Hopefully this lovers’ guide to unusual romantic gifts has given you a little inspiration about how to seduce and surprise your partner all at once. Or perhaps you’ll be selecting a sensational sex toy as a well-deserved treat for yourself. Either way, it’s been a pleasure to showcase my top toy choices for you!

Unusual Romantic Gifts For Your Partner Or Yourself

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