Can Vibrators Give You Better Orgasms?

I know what you’re thinking. Well duh, obviously a vibrator feels great and helps you orgasm. True, but did you know that there’s now scientific evidence proving that vibrators give you better orgasms? It’s official: vibrators are awesome. Because science.

When Lovehoney were launching their brand-new range of Happy Rabbit Vibrators, the team wanted to do a little more research into the benefits to women of using a vibrator, backed by scientific evidence. A study was therefore commissioned, and the results are fascinating and enlightening.

The Doctor Will See You Now

This sexy but scientific study was undertaken by neuroscientist Dr Nicole Prause, founder of the biotechnology firm Liberos. The results of 17 women orgasming by hand, and also by vibrator, were analysed under lab conditions. The testing panel had an average age of 31, 54% were of colour, two-thirds were heterosexual and all were sexually active.

Measurements were taken of what happens physically and emotionally as a woman approaches orgasm.

Each woman in the study went through two tests: one of manual masturbation (using their hand) and the other using one of the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Vibrators. They pressed a button to indicate the start and finish of their orgasm to the duration could be measured, while sensors picked up on excitement levels. Anal contractions, skin response, electroencephalography (brain activity) were measured, as well as emotional states before and after the testing periods.

Ready for those good vibe results?

Masturbation By Hand

There was an average of 6.5 minutes masturbation before climax for women without using the vibrator. The women reported they masturbated for their usual amount of time before achieving orgasm.

The orgasms were an average of 19.9 seconds in length.

Masturbation With A Vibrator

Women took an average of 26.4 minutes to achieve orgasm when using the vibrator. The women in the study masturbated for four times longer before climaxing than when just using their hand, because they were enjoying the sensations so much.

Orgasms were 17% longer in duration than by hand: 23.3 seconds on average.

Do vibrators give you better orgasms? Study findings

Conclusions from Dr Prause included that the women felt more ‘excited’ and achieved greater pleasure when orgasming with a vibrator. Alpha brainwave levels increased sooner when using the Happy Rabbit Vibrator, suggesting women could orgasm using less effort than in manual masturbation. ie. Vibrators give you better orgasms.

“The study found that women achieved greater excitement during orgasms with use of a vibrator compared to manual stimulation and their orgasms lasted 17% longer,” explained Dr Prause.

“The women’s brainwaves suggest that vibrators may also reduce the effort used to reach an orgasmic state.

“Our original hypothesis was that the Happy Rabbit would bring women to orgasm quicker than manual masturbation, However, we found that women wanted to play, explore and enjoy their new toy, which resulted in a longer lasting sexual experience with broader physical sensations and more excitement than using their hand alone.”

And what did Lovehoney make of these findings?  

Can Vibrators Give You Better Orgasms?

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“We now have scientific proof that women enjoy longer and more pleasurable orgasms when using a vibrator,” said product director Bonny Hall.

“It was great to put the new products through a thorough scientific study by one of the world’s leading neuroscientists and get such positive results.

“Lovehoney has never done this kind of testing before which provides a proper understanding of how women use sex toys and the pleasure that can be derived by using one for masturbation.”

Happy Rabbits: Personal Research

Although I didn’t try the original Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Vibrators, created a few years ago, I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to try them over summer 2018. My early years of sex toy testing included plenty of rabbit vibrators which didn’t work for me personally –unsafe materials used, battery powered, weak vibrations, not waterproof or sometimes just uncomfortable- but recent upgraded & advanced styles have definitely won me over.

I introduced the all new Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Vibrators in an overview post a couple of months ago, then reviewed the three styles I received in separate reviews. You can check them out as follows:

Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Beaded G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Review

Can Vibrators Give You Better Orgasms?

Summary: The Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Beaded G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator felt extremely powerful as soon as I switched it on. Even just in my hand I could tell that this was a seriously powerful, upgraded type of rabbit vibe than the ones I’d used years ago – and even compared with recent experiences. Rabbit vibrators aren’t my usual go-to type of sex toy, as I usually favour clitoral vibrators, but I was hoping the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Beaded G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator would still thrill me intensely in any case.

And it certainly did. The beads in the shaft are perfectly positioned to stimulate me just inside my vagina, and the angled tip slides in snugly and seeks my G-spot to vibrate against it orgasmically.

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Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting Realistic Rabbit Vibrator Review

Can Vibrators Give You Better Orgasms?

Summary: Combined with the powerful flickering of those rabbit ears, at a speed or pattern I select (although I always opt for constant vibration), the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting Realistic Rabbit Vibrator feels absolutely sensational. I hadn’t tried a thrusting rabbit vibrator before – I didn’t know I needed one until I tried the Happy Rabbit style! It’s like a mini fucking machine which is quieter than a full size Sybian or Motorbunny, and obviously a LOT more portable. No set-up time, no faffing with space or plugs… just grab your Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting Realistic Rabbit Vibrator, get comfortable and enjoy the ride.

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Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Triple Curve Rabbit Vibrator Review

Can Vibrators Give You Better Orgasms?

Summary: This Happy Rabbit Vibrator is supremely easy to operate. This means I can concentrate on where I want the additional stimulation: on my clit through the rabbit ears, or in my anal area thanks to the flexible and comfortable anal beads on the rear. Or both – which obviously, being the power queen I am, I simply had to try out. And yes, it was just as amazing as you’re imagining. It was a little too intense if anything – and that’s from a vibrator veteran who always opts for the most powerful wand vibrators available. I can orgasm in no time at all even when the external stimulators are on the low vibration settings!

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Reviewer Perspectives

I wasn’t the only lucky lady offered the opportunity to test out one of the new Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Vibrators in the name of honest reviews (and for science!). Do vibrators give you better orgasms? Well, the sex toy testing community at the Cara Sutra sex blog were offered three styles to try, and here’s what they have to say:

Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Realistic Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator Review

by BlondeBunny 

Can Vibrators Give You Better Orgasms?

“Well let me tell you, the vibes were so very powerful for the clit that I had to stick to the second (happier) setting out of the three which was a soft vibration. Normally I need strong vibes to get me off but with the two separate motors going at once it was a lot to handle! (blushes) The actual vibrator was on the strongest setting and it was pure joy! The Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Realistic Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator is -as it says on the Lovehoney website- pure luxury. ” 

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Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Beaded G-Spot Vibrator Review 

by Luv Bunny

Can Vibrators Give You Better Orgasms?

“In terms of its orgasmic capability, the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Beaded G-Spot Vibrator does elicit strong blended climaxes. To reach orgasm can take 15-20 minutes or so in my experience, though sometimes maybe the testing process is making me analyse the toy so much that it distracts from what it is meant to do! Occupational hazard, but if I’m more relaxed and not thinking about the toy’s performance I can orgasm more swiftly.” 

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Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Beaded G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator Review

by Leila_K_

Can Vibrators Give You Better Orgasms?

“Switching on the beaded rotating shaft was a ‘Wow’ moment… the feeling of the bulbous curved head continuously pressing firmly on my G-Spot felt incredible. Being a power queen I quickly moved  onto the highest speed, enjoying the sweet sensations on my G-spot. Then I switched on the clitoral bunny ears, staying on the lowest setting, I could feel my orgasm building within minutes. I will say it again the vibrating clitoral bunny ears on this Rabbit are insanely powerful! Medium speed was powerful enough to push me over the edge to the most intense blended orgasm I’ve ever experienced.” 

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Can Vibrators Give You Better Orgasms?

The study has been done (in lab conditions no less) and the scientific evidence collated. Vibrators give you better orgasms, and result in longer sessions of truly pleasurable masturbation. Why not take a happy hop over to Lovehoney today to pick up one of their new Happy Rabbits and conduct your own private research?  😉 

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