Are Breasts Sexual Organs? Should Female Breasts Be Sexualised?

There was an argument put forward some time ago, by a strong voice on Twitter –someone I’d not heard of before, retweeted into my feed- that breasts are not sexual organs. They were speaking of typically women’s breasts, and were rather stridently arguing their case –with plenty of others retweeting and replying in agreement. I won’t link here, in case of any backlash and everyone is entitled to their opinion –and to air it on social media, if they wish. It did get me thinking, however, about my own views on the subject. Are breasts sexual organs? Should female breasts be sexualised? 

Having thought on these questions for some time, I must admit I’m still torn. My first response was “yes, breasts are sexual organs” –but this was quickly followed by an uncertain, “well, they’re not required for sex, but they are sexy… to me, anyway…” Yeah, pretty lame as an argument. Still, feelings can be valid determiners in matters of sex and relationships, especially with the effects of society and culture strongly in play.

Are Breasts Sexual Organs? Should Female Breasts Be Sexualised?

I’ve oversimplified what I believe are the two opposing arguments for the question ‘are breasts sexual organs’, for the sake of an easily-digestible blog post. Let’s take a closer look.

Yes, Breasts Are Sexual Organs

People may feel that breasts are sexual organs – well, typically female breasts – because visuals of them arouse. It’s not just a hetero thing either, guys drooling over women’s boobs etc. Hetero women can become aroused by sexualised images of other women focusing primarily on their breasts, and of course lesbian and bisexual women can find other women’s breasts sexually arousing.

Much of the above is arguably because breasts –women’s breasts, in particular- are heavily sexualised in western culture. Society says cover them up! No, don’t breastfeed in public, it’s ‘inappropriate’. What if men get turned on? And (ironically), what if kids see? Women’s bare breasts are sexual, they should only be freely accessible as wank fodder, an endless stream of pornographic visuals fed into the eyeballs of anyone, of any age, walking down a newspaper and magazine aisle, watching TV shows, using social media or browsing tabloid news websites. Ahh, society.

During actual sexual sessions, breasts can play a role too. They’re alluring for many people when dressed seductively in sexy lingerie, but it’s not all about visuals. Some people can achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation, which lends weight to the argument that breasts are in fact sexual organs.

No, Breasts Are Not Sexual Organs

Those who feel that women’s breasts are not sexual organs make some very persuasive points. They are mammary glands, the primary biological function of which is to feed offspring. There’s nothing remotely sexual about that, or at least, there shouldn’t be –protesters exclaim.

As well as being there simply in case babies need feeding, breasts are simply fatty tissue which is part of a woman’s anatomy. These anatomical features aren’t required for sex, for reproduction. Any sexualisation of women’s breasts is simply down to culture, to societal attitudes –not because breasts are sexual organs intrinsically.

We can see this because various other cultures differ enormously from the westernised view, when it comes to attitudes towards female breasts. Breasts can be on display at all times, yet simply a part of anatomy, not sexualised at all. As well as not being sexualised, women’s breasts are valuable because they feed the next generation; this respect at odds with the often lewd views about women’s breasts, especially regarding size, in western culture.

Schrödinger’s Boobs: Confusion

Having thought about the question of whether breasts are sexual organs from both points of view, I can honestly say I’m not 100% in either camp. Which isn’t like me at all, usually I’m extremely decisive and am firmly on one side of the fence or the other.

My problem, or situation at least, is this.

  • I’m a woman with pretty nice (if I do say so myself) boobs of my own. I enjoy nipple stimulation during solo masturbation and shared sexual pleasure experiences.
  • I am also a bisexual woman who not only understands the typical massive attraction to breasts but can also be aroused by boob-based visuals myself.
  • I’m a mother who breastfed both her children; my breasts were not sexual in the slightest at those times.
  • To feel seductive and sexually attractive I often dress in sexy lingerie which places great emphasis on my breasts. Even when dressing for innocent days out I might select a low-cut top over a shapely bra in order to feel desirable and boost my own confidence.

Can the above all be resolved by putting both feet firmly down on one side of the yes, they’re sexual/no, they’re not sexual ‘views on breasts’ divide? I don’t believe so.

What I think, is that it all comes down to context. What I think, is that I have Schrödinger’s boobs. Hear me out.

My breasts are both sexual organs and definitely not sexual organs all at once –up to the point where context gets involved and decides which one it is. In that moment. As a bi woman who has breastfed, I find it extremely confusing -so I don’t blame you if you’re having difficulties too.

In Conclusion

I can understand that my breasts are not sexual organs in the ‘required for copulation/reproduction’ sense, but they’re most definitely sexual for me, whether you want to stick to the sexual organ label or call it a highly erogenous zone. I can’t say how much effect culture and societal attitudes have had on my views on female breasts, and my own breasts, although it’s undoubtedly played a part.

Regardless of external influences, I do believe that breasts are both sexual and non-sexual all at once. And that’s quite a fascinating concept.


Are Breasts Sexual Organs? Should Female Breasts Be Sexualised?

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  1. In my younger, wilder days I went to a few fancy dress parties in drag. My then wife was well endowed up top so to speak, so borrowing one of her old bras took a lot of filling. What amazed me was just how many women would come up to me and ask for a feel of them. They seemed fascinated.

  2. I had a mastectomy last week and so am facing a new reality about my breast(s). I agree, they have a particular function that is not sexual. I too breast fed my son. I loved having a good cleavage so that I could wear lower cut dresses and tops. Not to be sexual necessarily, but because I liked them on me. But there is no doubt my breasts have been part of sex. I can orgasm through nipple play, and I had my nipples pierced.

    Right now, it feels like breasts are part of being a woman, part of my identity. Sometimes they are sexy, though not vital for having sex. However they have been part of my sex life. But like you it feels inconclusive. What I will say, is that I will be able to continue to have sex, even without one of my breasts. Xx

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