Temptation Holidays: Luxurious Adult-Only Vacations For Sexual Adventurers

It’s always the right time to book a fun-packed holiday and enjoy counting down the days until your next adventure. For adults looking to expand their horizons, experience new sensations and enjoy previously undiscovered levels of pleasure while enjoying the company of like-minded holiday guests, Temptation Holidays is the perfect choice.

Temptation Holidays: Enjoy A Sexually Thrilling Adult-Only Vacation

Why Temptation Holidays?

Temptation Holidays are the adult-only vacation specialists. By providing both thoughtfully sensual holiday options as well as party breaks for sexual thrill-seekers, they ingeniously cater to everyone who prioritises their sensual wellness and is looking for a strictly adult-only getaway.

Peter Stratton, CEO of Temptation Holidays, explains:

“In these days of sexual fluidity, we wanted to create a travel company that embodied sex and body positivity in a private and safe environment. Places where people could travel to and be themselves with no judgement, whilst enjoying beautiful locations and first-class service.”

As you can see, the inspiration behind Temptation Holidays is sex positivity and body positivity, which is both reassuring and refreshing. Whether vacationists are sexual novices or have a lot of experience, all adults over the age of 21 are welcome to book one of these alluring sensual wellness holidays and delight in every seductive facet.

What Temptation Holidays Offer

So, just what sort of holiday options can you expect to choose from with Temptation Holidays? To keep it simple, there are three types of holiday available.

Temptation Holidays: Enjoy A Sexually Thrilling Adult-Only Vacation


“Nude” holidays are clothing-optional – not throughout every resort and cruise, just in the designated areas to ensure that everyone feels absolutely comfortable at all times. Perhaps you regularly enjoy going naked… or maybe you’ve never experienced the unique sensations of being nude in public before, but curiosity is now overwhelming you. On “Nude” holidays, you have the choice to indulge and experiment with nudism to a point comfortable for you, in gorgeous locations and on-board glamorous cruises.


The “Play” holiday options are for couples who are wishing to explore their sexuality, whether together or with the option to include other open-minded couples. All activity is of course entirely optional, and Temptation Holidays insists on active consent at all times – so there is no pressure. These safe, private and intimate holidays take place in glamorous locations and on-board the most luxurious cruises to ensure an exquisitely decadent atmosphere.


Temptation Holidays “Party” holidays are perfect for thrill-seeking party animals. The focus is very much on providing you with an exhilarating, stimulating experience along with plenty of sunshine, music to dance the night (and day) away to, and delicious cocktails. There are designated topless-optional areas providing an evocative, raunchy environment. Book a party style holiday for a vibrant, lively and memorable break.

Temptation Holidays: Enjoy A Sexually Thrilling Adult-Only Vacation

In addition to the exciting play and exploration options above, all Temptation Holidays are rated 5 star and are all-inclusive. Once your holiday is booked, you can rest assured that a sumptuous and hedonistic adventure awaits.

LGBTQ+ Holiday Opportunities

The Temptation Holidays team are constantly busy researching further adult-only holiday options plus a wider variety of appropriately secure and luxurious resorts and cruises. Full inclusivity is an important element of sex positivity, and Temptations Holidays are proud to announce that they are currently arranging LGBTQ+ holiday offerings. These will be launching later this year, so keep an eye on the Temptations Holiday website for all the details.

Temptation Holidays Discount Code

2018 has been the inaugural year of the world’s first sex positive travel company, Temptation Holidays. Now, adult holidaymakers wishing to browse and book a sensually thrilling and revitalising getaway can explore a brand-new website, which accurately reflects Temptation Holidays’ sex positive ethos and refined elegance. The new website is also fully optimised and supremely easy to navigate, with the “Party“, “Play” and “Nude” holiday categories clearly accessible.

To celebrate the new website launch, Temptations Holidays are excited to offer a 10% discount on any holidays booked on the website until 16th September 2018. Use discount code CARA10 to take advantage of this irresistible offer, then enjoy anticipating your sexually thrilling holiday in the lap of 5 star, all-inclusive luxury. 

Temptation Holidays: Enjoy A Sexually Thrilling Adult-Only Vacation

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Temptation Holidays: Enjoy A Sexually Thrilling Adult-Only Vacation

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