Ersties Podcast: Educational & Entertaining Sex Chat

If you’d like to keep up to speed with everything sex, dating and the sex industry (and who wouldn’t), then the Ersties podcast is where it’s at. Four fearless and fun feminists from Germany provide listeners with unique insights and fascinating perspectives on sex-themed issues of all kinds, via a monthly podcast which aims to both educate and entertain.

The Ersties Podcast Educational And Entertaining Free Sex Chat  

What Does ‘Ersties’ Mean?

Curious about the name – Ersties – I did a little research. The Ersties podcast team are based in Berlin, Germany – so I assumed the word had its roots in the German language. My assumption was correct. I learned that ‘erst’ means ‘first’, particularly in comparison to something else.

I really like this; there’s a play on words here because the Ersties could refer to sexual pleasure and sexual education coming first, before anything else in terms of importance, or women coming first… you get the idea.

What Is Ersties All About?

The Ersties Podcast Educational And Entertaining Free Sex Chat  The main Ersties website, founded in 2010, is a porn site with a difference. All the porn movies are shot and produced by women, and the emphasis is firmly on creating authentic couplings and liaisons on-screen which engage with the viewer on a deeper, more intimate erotic level than standard porn movies. The action is all natural and unscripted.

Ersties porn films have authenticity as their core value, as well as aiming to provide viewers with adult movies with not only a female gaze but adhering to a sex and body positive ethos. This is truly refreshing, particularly in an industry which is still predominantly owned by and created for men, and all too often appears to neglect the needs of women and shies away from any involvement with female sex issues.

Meet The Ersties Podcast Team

The Ersties Podcast team comprises four forward-thinking, feminist women:

The Ersties Podcast Educational And Entertaining Free Sex Chat  Paulita Pappel

Paulita describes herself as a feminist pornographer, and founded She is also the co-curator and a co-organiser of the Porn Film Festival of Berlin. Paulita works as a director, producer and a performer for the Ersties porn movies.

Lina Bembe

Also based in Berlin, Lisa Bembe is a Mexican performer, model and writer. Selective about the movies she performs in, Lina can often be found in alternative porn films such as those with feminist amateur and queer narratives. She has also starred in non-pornographic films with feminism and sexuality themes.


Olivia is the video editor of the Ersties team, plus she writes erotic fantasies. Her sensual articles draw on her real life sexual experiences which are fascinating and eye-opening to read.


Pandora describes herself as an “inappropriate comment maker, awkward social situation connoisseur, napper, wine drinker and all-round sassy lady”, who is content with the title of “Bad Ass Woman”. Sounds good to me!

The Ersties Podcast

The Ersties Podcast Educational And Entertaining Free Sex Chat  As well as the main Ersties porn website, there is now an Ersties podcast which was launched late 2017. Fans can now not only enjoy the adult movies on the main website, they can also listen to the sex discussion of the week and get to know the Ersties team a little better at the same time. Offering a podcast along with the main site’s porn movies reiterates the values most important to Ersties – authenticity and a drive to provide easily accessible (as well as pleasurable and entertaining) sex information.

A new Ersties podcast comes out the first Friday of every month, and it’s extremely easy to find and listen to. Just tap into wherever you normally listen to your podcasts, and search ‘Ersties’. You can find the Ersties podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play and Stitcher, with Spotify and RSS coming soon.

Sex Chat: Discussions & Debates

So what sort of discussions can you expect to hear on the Ersties podcast? The team have a unique and distinctive collective voice in the sex industry, and always find plenty to talk about in the monthly podcast. Past podcasts have covered a wide variety of subjects, such as sexting, kinky stories & experiences, why anyone would pay for porn, polyamory, BDSM, sex parties, dating, camming, adult industry censorship plus a whole lot more.

Head to to find out more, listen to the latest episodes, or click through the banner below. You can also keep up with all the awesome Ersties movies & news on Twitter and Facebook.

The Ersties Podcast Educational And Entertaining Free Sex Chat  

The Ersties Podcast Educational And Entertaining Free Sex Chat 

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