How To Find The Dominant Woman Or Female Submissive Of Your Dreams

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So many of the emails I’ve received over the years have been from men looking for BDSM advice. Many men really want to find a Dominant woman to help them realise their kinky fantasies, or encourage their partner to become a Mistress –or alternatively, a female submissive. Did you know that there is an easy way to find the Dominant woman or female submissive of your dreams? Read on and I’ll let you in on the secret.  

A Dominant Woman’s Allure

How To Find The Dominant Woman Or Female Submissive Of Your Dreams

In a society which is still heavily patriarchal, many men find the idea of a Dominant woman bossing them around and ‘forcing’ them to do various tasks their biggest turn-on. Of course, the emphasis is on fun, with consent a non-negotiable pre-requisite.  

During consensual roleplay with a Dominant woman the anticipation of the many & varied kinky play options can be intoxicating in itself. Just what will this seductive, powerful woman ‘make’ you do? You might try and resist, but would you really want to?  

The stereotype of a Dominant woman, Mistress or Dominatrix is a leather, latex or PVC clad woman in stiletto heels or thigh-high boots, wielding a whip or other punishment implement – and for very good reason. This is an extremely arousing image for the type of man who seeks a Dominant woman to bring their submissive male BDSM fantasies to life.  

The Appeal Of A Female Submissive

How To Find The Dominant Woman Or Female Submissive Of Your Dreams

Perhaps the idea of a Dominant woman really isn’t your thing at all? Maybe you’re disinterested in Dominant women, or the prospect actively leaves you cold. This might be because male submission and female Dominance isn’t your kink. We’re all different, after all – and Dominant man/submissive female roleplay is an extremely popular and pervasive one in our society. Just look at the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, which helped bring BDSM and kink out from the dungeons and thrust it under the mainstream spotlight.  

Thinking of female submission –and again, the importance of active consent cannot be over-emphasised- what about it in particular turns some men on? It’s easy to see why female submission is a popular kink amongst many men – and women, too. A beautiful woman, on her knees, head bowed and ready to do her Master’s bidding. You might command that she perform a strip-tease for you, or masturbate herself for your viewing pleasure, or fulfil sexual favours such as sucking your cock and more.

How To Find The Dominant Woman Or Female Submissive Of Your Dreams Many women love the consensual fun combination of humiliation and pain from spanking, too. There are various punishment implements you might choose to make a naughty girl’s bottom red, such as floggers and paddles, or perhaps you’ll opt for the traditional closeness of skin-to-skin over the knee spanking.   

When You’re Feeling Switchy

Some people aren’t solely Dominant or submissive, and that goes for women as well as the men with BDSM kinks who seek them. If you’re feeling switchy, that’s to say you have kinky elements of both Dominance and submission, and want to incorporate both elements into a play session, you might prefer to look for someone like yourself –a switch.  

Finding The Dominant Woman Or Female Submissive Of Your Dreams

Had a good hard think and know exactly what sort of woman you’re looking for to help you turn fantasy into reality? There are thousands of women working as London Escorts who are waiting to help you achieve the specific flavour of fun you’re seeking.  

How To Find The Dominant Woman Or Female Submissive Of Your Dreams

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that escorts only fulfil vanilla sex desires and requests; these talented sex workers combine their sensual looks, seductive personalities and years of experience to ensure that your play session is perfectly tailored for your specific desires, kinks and fetishes.  

Head to Crush Escorts today to browse the BDSM escorts galleries and you’ll be sure to find the kinky crush of your hottest dreams.


How To Find The Dominant Woman Or Female Submissive Of Your Dreams

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