A Birthday Celebration To Remember

Our birthday weekend began with a bang

I dumped my share of the afternoon’s shopping on the freshly-made hotel bed with an audible oooff, ruining the carefully smoothed covers of pristine white in a matter of seconds. My mind swirled with happiness and mojitos.  

A Birthday Celebration To Remember - Sexy Birthday Weekend BlogOur birthday weekend had been planned and looked forward to for months – and now, it was finally here. Three nights in a hotel and we were definitely going to make the most of our precious time alone together. A 6-month fitness and diet regime meant that I was feeling my absolute best, physically and mentally; I was on top of the world and so ready for this.  

I heard him behind me shutting the door, then setting down the lion’s share of the shopping – as well as our luggage from reception. Friday afternoon in Lincoln, we’d just checked into our hotel for the weekend after shopping and early celebratory drinks, and I let the wonder of what had been anticipated for so long sweep over me. We were really here, and we were really ready to enjoy every second.  

He crossed the spacious room to approach me, and I turned to watch as he gathered up my hastily dumped shopping bags in one hand, setting them aside on the floor.  

“Well, we’re finally here,” he said, putting his hands round my waist and smiling into my eager eyes.  

“Yes… I can’t believe it. The room is so big, it’s perfect!”  

A Birthday Celebration To Remember - Sexy Birthday Weekend BlogHe laughed at that, knowing that I was thinking about getting dressed up in all the outfits I’d been carefully planning for months. Dresses and heels for painting the town red… and close-fitting lace for his private enjoyment. I’d never bothered to conceal the fact that hotel rooms are a massive turn-on for me – the privacy, anonymity and distinct differences from real life – and he’d no doubt caught sight of the sex toys and bondage rope I’d stuffed into the case along with my sparkly dresses and heels.  

“I’m only interested in one part of the room at the moment – this big bed, and you on it,” he growled, his smile becoming decidedly evil. “You are also wearing far too many clothes,” he went on to announce, with that familiar mischievous twinkle in his dark eyes.  

“Um, sorry daddy,” I mumbled, breaking eye-contact with his dark merciless gaze to stare at my feet in mock penitence. I knew calling him by his favourite title would have an immediate effect – I was literally asking for it now.  

I wasn’t wrong. With a growl that thrilled me from scalp to toes he swept me up and threw me on to the king size bed with such wild abandon I thought I’d suddenly popped up in a Jilly Cooper. 

Giving me no time to recover, he made a start on my fastenings. I’d kicked off my heels and let them drop to the floor. Dress unzipped, I shimmied out of it as he drew it downwards then flung it aside. He took a moment to kiss me then, as I lay beneath him in strapless bra and lacy G-string; hungry, breathless kisses that I returned with equal fervour. I loved him always, but especially like this – impatient, determined, ravenous.  

The stirring in my heart was echoed inside the small cotton patch against my sex; the swellings of my arousal grew as he devoured my mouth, and the throbbing of my clit felt like the beat of a drum even before the practised touch of his roaming fingers. His other hand shoved between my side and the bed beneath, and wordlessly understanding his intent I lifted as much as possible to allow him access. An expert pinch of the fabric strip and my bra was unhooked, and swiftly joined my dress and heels.  

I thought my heart would beat its way out of my bare chest, and if I thought my mind swirled with happiness and potential before, it was doing somersaults now. It suddenly struck me as very unfair that I was laid just in my lace thong, being deliciously mauled and man-handled, while he was still fully dressed. No matter, there was time to rectify that. I let myself melt into the moment, and the sensations, as he explored my mouth with his tongue and continued his fingertip tour of my curves.  

With his free hand he held my wrists together above my head, causing me to twist and arch against his teasing bondage. In accord with my body’s silent demands, he dipped his mouth down to trace a nipple with his tongue, then nibble gently. He gave a low throaty laugh as I yelped, feeling that familiar confusing blend of pain and heightened need.  


“Please… what?” he continued to tease, knowing precisely what, of course.  

“I want… I need…” I stopped there, my body knowing, my mouth still ashamed to put words to the desire, even after all this time. My discomfort tapped into his sadism perfectly of course, and fuelled his lust. 

“Tell daddy what you want, and ask nicely, or you won’t get it,” he cruelly mocked.  

I sighed, and gulped. No way out.  

“I want daddy inside me. I need daddy inside me, and daddy’s cum inside me. Please, daddy…”  

“Mmmh,” was his approving response, before giving a particularly passionate nip to my tender breast. Our well-travelled exchange combined with his physical teasing was a direct line to my pussy. My G-string could never hope to contain the flood of arousal which had surged in the past few minutes, and he delighted when his fingertips found that slippery warmth at the apex of my thighs. “What a naughty little girl you are.” 

I merely squeaked in response, as he moved to peel away the sodden G-string and discard it with the rest. Feeling the wetness against my legs in places as he rolled it downwards simply heightened my humiliation and arousal. A beautifully vicious circle.  

Despite the suitcase packed with an assortment of vibrators and toys, for now we needed nothing else. No accessories. Just us. Me, entirely naked, writhing in a growing pool of my own wetness, and him, dominant and in control above me, fully dressed and taking his sweet time to eke out every ounce of enjoyment. The contrast between fully nude and fully dressed had always fascinated me, with vulnerability feeding humiliation and arousal. I felt the full impact now, he’d made sure of that – and somehow, he was still able to make me feel shy and exposed even though we were alone together, and knew each other so intimately.  

It was time, he decided, as the sound of a zipper in the silence between us revealed. The leather belt slapped softly as he unbuckled it -a motion he always exaggerates as he knows the connotations drive me wild with desire- and his trousers were unbuttoned to provide free access. For him, at least. A hand came back swiftly to hold my wrists together once again, re-igniting that spark of need connecting my throat and pussy, and he smiled down at me as he freed his proudly erect cock.  

My final, wry, thought as he placed his pre-cum coated tip to my slick, puffy labia, was that I really hadn’t needed to pack the lube. It was almost embarrassing how fucking wet I was, just from a few minutes of his pre-quickie teasing; shameful how easy it was for him to manipulate my mind and body into needing his length slamming into me and making me his in entirety. While at the same time it wasn’t embarrassing or shameful in the slightest, because it was him, and I was me, and I was his, and this is us.  

That pre-penetration moment which seems to both stretch into eternity and be gone in a blink, then his tip slid between silky slickness to find my entrance. Gripping my wrists tightly, my back arching to present my body to him for the taking, he gave me one final quick kiss then drove his full length into my desperately needy cunt. It felt like I should scream or howl at the sudden realisation of my want, and I was certainly free to do so in the anonymity of our hotel room. Instead I simply groaned aloud my bliss, allowing the sensation of him filling me completely to wash over and through my body and mind.  

His groan above me echoed mine, more of a low growl of satisfaction, and he pulled back to deliver his cock again. The addicting, wonderful feeling of him fucking me was amplified by his hand rudely groping my breasts, then switching to attend to my screaming clit in-between thrusts. My hips bucked upwards to keep his fingertips firmly against my exposed, sensitive nub as long as possible, which only served to have him drive even more ferociously into my tight, welcoming depths.  

This back-and-forth continued, thrilling us both, teasing us both, the turbulent stimulation of his cock fucking my pussy violently interspersed with ragged breaths between kisses and his fingers sliding against my electrified clit and threatening to send me over that edge at any moment. Like all the best things, this sordid carousel of sensation couldn’t last forever, and bringing his hand up to hold each of my wrists in a clenched fist on the pillows above me, his thrusts took on a sense of determined inevitability I immediately recognised. 

“Please cum, daddy… I need your cum inside me, filling me, filling your little girl…” 

My ragged whispers chanted my filthy want in his ear and filled his mind with taboo lust, the juxtaposition of extreme fantasy and tangible reality triggering him in exactly the right way. Just like it always does.  

His eyes flickered shut as, with a bodily shudder and murmurs of “oh god, oh god”, he delivered his coup de grace.  

We lay together, enjoying the post-coital hazy glow and the hot stickiness, for some time after that. Reluctantly returning to a reality where we were not always joined at the sex, separate but one, a yin-yang of sadism and sweetly hesitant vulnerability, control and eager acquiescence, pain and love.  

Lazily, I supposed I should unpack the case soon. After all, our birthday weekend was only just beginning… 

A Birthday Celebration To Remember - Sexy Birthday Weekend Blog

A Birthday Celebration To Remember - Sexy Birthday Weekend Blog

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