My Mistress Cara Red Leather Mord-Sith Cosplay Outfit: The Story & The Photos

What on earth is a mord-sith? And what has it got to do with a red leather catsuit? I wouldn’t blame you for starting to read this post with those very questions on the tip of your tongue. Before we begin, let me make one thing clear – it’s absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars. Sorry if you’d got your hopes up. My Mistress Cara red leather mord-sith cosplay outfit means a lot to me, which is one reason why I wanted to share this explanatory post with you all today.

So it has nothing to do with Star Wars, there’s a leather catsuit involved and for some reason I wanted to write about it all on my sex blog. Let me start at the beginning; I’ll attempt to explain what a mord-sith is, how they made an impact on my life, and why this skin-tight red leather outfit means so much to me.

My Mistress Cara Red Leather Mord-Sith Cosplay Outfit

Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth Books

It all started when I read some of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth fantasy fiction series. This is a very long series of books, 19 at the last count, with more spin-offs being added here and there. The story was also televised as a TV series in the United States, but unfortunately only lasted one series before being axed. The TV series was called Legend of the Seeker.

What Is A Mord-Sith?

My Mistress Cara Red Leather Mord-Sith Cosplay OutfitA mord-sith is a member of a warrior group in the Sword Of Truth series. They’re all women, and are trained to become mord-sith from when they’re young girls. They are captured from their family in order to go through brutal training to attain the title and role of mord-sith.

It is said that the gentlest and kindest girls are selected as they become the best mord-sith. I have similar sentiments about being a sadistic Domme; I believe you need to have a great deal of empathy in order to understand what the cruellest and most effective punishments would be.

The mord-sith act as an army of soldiers whose main duty is to protect and serve the ruler of the empire in the books (known as D’Hara) – no matter if that ruler is good or evil. In reality, the mord-sith act pretty much as they please – albeit loosely following the orders from above.

Mord-sith are easily recognised due to wearing skin-tight leather outfits – red is the main colour, to hide the blood from the ‘training sessions’ or confession/punishments of their captives. At other times they may wear a brown leather catsuit, or a fully white one. The white catsuits are only worn when their captive has no further need of training, they’re completely broken and devoted.

My Mistress Cara Red Leather Mord-Sith Cosplay OutfitThe mord-sith only use two weapons during combat and during captive training sessions; brute force and a magical weapon known as an agiel. This is a thin rod with a wrist chain, and the same blood red as their skin-tight red leather outfits. It gives incredible amounts of pain when it comes into contact with a person, and even gives pain to she who wields it – not that a mord-sith would show that pain, of course. Their own brutal training broke them, and prepared them for such a life. They are the epitome of grim determination and relentlessness.

You can learn more about the mord-sith at this fan site.

Who Is ‘Cara’?

My Mistress Cara Red Leather Mord-Sith Cosplay OutfitCara is one of the mord-sith ‘army’. She stood out to me in the books because of her dry humour but also because of a barely concealed vulnerability that I didn’t detect as much from the other mord-sith. In the TV series she’s bisexual. Cara really resonated with me, so much so that I named myself Mistress Cara online, in my role as a Domme/Mistress in the BDSM scene. The character and role fit, and the name stuck, and I’ve been known as Cara ever since.

When I began my sex blog I wanted to keep the Cara part of my name, but ‘sex it up’ as a more mainstream sex blogging brand. So, Cara Sutra was born. Early this year, I changed my first name to Cara legally – everyone in my life has been calling me Cara for years in any case, and I feel much more Cara than I ever felt like my birth name. It was like a rebirth to be honest; as the real me, a departure from childhood traumas and terrible past experiences, and a celebration of where I’m at in my life now.

To me this all has echoes of the development of a mord-sith. As a child they’re captured and made to become something against their will, they undergo brutal training and are conditioned. It’s all very traumatic, and leaves them with physical and mental scars. However, as adults, they are in control of themselves and have conquered various demons, emerging as a strong woman who takes no crap – although there is softness and vulnerability within, to those special enough to be trusted with it.

As a bonus: a skin-tight red leather outfit and a little bit of roughhousing a guy in a dungeon environment is absolutely fiiine with me.

The Mistress Cara Red Leather Mord-Sith Cosplay Outfit

I acquired my Mistress Cara Red Leather Mord-Sith Cosplay Outfit in summer 2014 – a whole four years ago! One of my submissives at the time bought it for me, from a person who made them on Etsy. It’s a completely tailored outfit and cost a lot of money – at the time I recall it was almost £2,000, and that was without the boots or any gloves.

Receiving my Red Leather Mord-Sith Cosplay Outfit was like a dream come true. Love at first sight. It felt like coming home; like I finally had the outerwear to match that character side of me.

Sadly, where I was in my life back then, I never got the chance to do the mord-sith photo shoot I wanted. Life happened, and with it came plenty of weight gain. By the time I was in a place –mentally and locationally- to do a shoot wearing the outfit, it didn’t fit me anymore. It was carefully wrapped up and stored until I lost the weight and felt able to fit into it then take some pictures. And generally enjoy it (and life!) once again.

Oh hi, 2018.

My Mistress Cara Red Leather Mord-Sith Cosplay OutfitYep, four years later and here we are: I finally lost the weight – all 4stone 2lbs of it to reach my goal weight – and I fit comfortably into my Mistress Cara Red Leather Mord-Sith Cosplay Outfit. Joy and celebrations.

So, as part of my New year’s Resolution fulfilment, which was to lose the weight as a birthday gift to myself this year (my birthday is mid-July), I finally got those photos I wanted. Sure, they’re just taken at and around my home, but I love them and feel they demonstrate just how happy and confident I’m feeling right now.

Happiness and confidence is the real gift to myself. I’ve slayed plenty of personal demons over the years, I’ve –well, not recovered from, but moved on from childhood and past relationship traumas. I’ve learned a lot of lessons and I believe I have the grim determination and relentlessness to truly be the mord-sith Cara of my own life. Watch out world!

I hope you all enjoy the photos – any comments, leave them below!

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  1. Congrats on being able to finally fit in it – sounds like a fantastic motivational tool! I should buy some tight little number and see if it works for me.

    Wizard’s First Rule was my favorite book as a teen, though I fell out of the series around number 7. I had more than a few fun teenage dreams involving Cara. Shame about the TV series, though it was a bit… naff.

    Anyway, just wanted to say you look incredible, worth every penny!

  2. With Your Red Hair and Mord-Sith Uniform; You Look VERY Scary to Cross! Terry Goodkin Has a Hell of a Series! Loved Your Series of Photos!

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