Enjoying Sex Furniture When You Don’t Have A Sex Dungeon

Visiting a venue with a range of sex furniture to experiment on and enjoy is something that most of us rarely get the opportunity to experience. Although sex furniture is becoming more affordable for people to consider buying and enjoying at home, there’s still one important issue to consider before you splash the cash. The big issue of… space.

Furniture tends to be on the large side, as it’s made to hold at least one person. When you consider the privacy required for furniture of a sexual nature, and that most people’s bedrooms already have lots of furniture contained in them, you realise that the sex furniture struggle is real. How are you meant to buy & enjoy sex furniture at home when you don’t happen to have a sex dungeon?

Sex Furniture For The Everyday

Consider some small but surprisingly effective pieces of sex furniture

Enjoying Sex Furniture When You Don’t Have A Sex Dungeon
Sex furniture doesn’t have to be enormous, or awkwardly-shaped so you trip over it in the night. I’ve had the privilege of trying some smaller but still effective pieces of sex furniture which I can fit into my (already crowded) bedroom.


The most recent addition to my sex furniture haul is the Kiziti Sex Stool. I absolutely love this curved, shapely little stool – it’s so kinky, so versatile, yet so innocent looking. You can use it as a regular stool in your bedroom, or flip it over to have an instant Queening seat. Due to the material you can even use it in the bath or shower. It’s available in clear or vivid pink.

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Another item I’ve enjoyed using in various ways is the LoveArc. A curved metal bar with feet or grips at either end, the LoveArc is a fantastic bit of kit to use with your suction cup dildos. And thanks to the creation of some clever straps, you can even use non-suction but flared base dildos with it too, and a slightly differently designed strap means you can strap-on-and-ride my favourite toy, the Doxy Wand Massager.

The LoveArc can be used face up or down, depending on whether you want to be able to rock on the LoveArc or for it to remain immobile during use. Fantastic versatility, and it can fit underneath some beds, or stand in the corner of a room, or in the closet or hung behind your door if you have a hook large enough.

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Liberator offer a huge variety of sex furniture in all shapes and sizes, as well as prices to suit every budget. There are luxuriously cushioned ramps and wedges to help you get that perfect angle during sex, as well as toy mounts for magic wand vibrators and Fleshlight masturbators. When you’re finished, put the mess-catching, superbly comfortable Liberator Throw into the wash ready for next time.

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Enjoying Sex Furniture When You Don’t Have A Sex Dungeon

In a similar vein, Sportsheets have created sex accessories to fit in with your present bedroom furniture. Try the Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs for a quickly set-up bondage session, or keep the Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System secured under the mattress to turn your bed into a kinky bondage playground at any time of the day or night.

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LUVVU Mirror

Not only can you now experiment with radically new and exciting action in the privacy of your own bedroom, you can feel like a porn star while you’re at it. Luvsense London’s LUVVU Mirror is a glamorous, two-sided mirror which affixes to your ceiling or wall to heighten every sensation whether you’re alone or with a partner.

One side of the LUVVU Mirror is traditionally mirrored while the other reflects your passion in atmospheric red. The circular mirror feels sophisticated and modern; the sex mirror to help you fall in love with them –and yourself- all over again.

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Replace your current bed – with a bondage bed

Enjoying Sex Furniture When You Don’t Have A Sex DungeonIf you’re really serious about installing an investment piece of sex furniture into your bedroom, why not consider a specialised bed? If space and budget allow, you could replace your current bed with a bondage bed – the ultimate in private kinky play spaces. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry that you’ll be too tired to crawl into bed afterwards, as you’ll already be there.

Some websites you might like to browse while you’re researching a bondage bed are:

Metal Bound

Behind Barz

Fetters (headboards & bed accessories)

Consider Sheets of San Francisco “Linen”

And what better bed linen for your new bondage bed than a fluidproof set from Sheets of San Francisco? Not only do Sheets of San Francisco offer flat fluidproof sheets which function as sex throws (and are machine washable to boot), they have designed a range of duvet covers and pillow cases so you’ll always be ready for maximum mess and so much fun -and none of the laundry worries.

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Buy sex furniture which deflates or packs away flat between uses

Another option if you’re really short on space or can’t/don’t want to replace your current bed, is to buy sex furniture accessories which store away neatly between uses.

Pillows Foreplay for Couples is a handy solution in this situation. We tried two pillows from the collection (which has been updated since our review) and there was one designed for inserting penis masturbators (such as Fleshlights) into, and another into which you can insert vibrators and dildos. The inflatable pillows are first set into their satin sleeves then inflated as much as you desire.

Once inflated to a comfortable amount for you, you can have fun riding your sex toys alone or with your partner, or simply using the Pillows Foreplay as sex furniture on the bed, on the floor or wherever. After use they can be deflated, the slips can be machine washed and the pillows and covers stored away in a drawer, cupboard or under the bed.

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Consider renting sex furniture before you buy, or just as a viable option in itself

So much sex furniture –especially the larger pieces- is so expensive to buy for keeps. Splashing out on a bondage bed (sorrynotsorry) for example, isn’t something you do on the spur of a moment; not everyone has a few grand in their back pocket for an instant bed upgrade.

Some items of sex furniture can be rented before you make that life-changing purchase, so you can get a real feel for the item and see if it’s something you want in your bedroom –and sex life- forever. Or you might decide to rent on those occasions you want to spice up a weekend, or a week where you have the house to yourselves for a chance, simply as an ongoing option in itself.

Consider sex machines. Fucking machines like the MotorBunny, F-Gigolo and renowned Sybian are famous for giving extreme power output and sexual pleasure to their riders. However, they’re expensive to buy outright, with a brand new Sybian costing upwards of £1,500. Some forward-thinking companies have started to offer customers the chance to rent sex machines. Take for example FMachineFun. You could rent a Sybian for only £40 a night, or an F-Machine Pro for just £20 a night – both with weekly prices available too.

The perfect way to see if a sex machine is the right purchase for you – try before you fully buy.

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Sex Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

I hope this article has given you some fresh ideas for sex furniture which will fit into the confines and privacy of your own bedroom. If you have any other suggestions, compact and/or discreet sex furniture which has worked for you, feel free to leave a comment below.


Enjoying Sex Furniture When You Don’t Have A Sex Dungeon

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