My 5 Favourite Kinks – And Why I Find Them So Sexy

Are you kinky? If someone was to ask you what your five favourite kinks were, how would you reply? Could you easily rattle off your top favourites or would you have to sit and think for a while? That’s what I’ve found myself thinking about recently. If I had to distil my love of everything (well, most things) kinky into a ‘Top 5’ compilation… what would make the list? Today I’m going to share with you my 5 favourite kinks, then explain why I find them so sexy.

My 5 Favourite Kinks And Why I Find Them So Sexy

1. Ageplay

“Daddy tucked me in, making sure the cover was around me snugly, and gave me a kiss on the forehead. He told me he’d be a little while longer with work, then would come to join me. Teddy would have to look after me for Daddy until he was back. And I was to make sure I wasn’t naughty at all, otherwise Teddy would tell Daddy, and there would be a very ouchy punishment indeed. I shivered at that, despite the warmth of the blanket.”

My 5 Favourite Kinks And Why I Find Them So SexyAgeplay is a very misunderstood kink. Many people worry that it has something to do with actual underage folk, or children, and it really doesn’t. At all. Ageplay is a completely consensual kink or fetish enjoyed by adults, who are able to fully consent. The enjoyment derived from ageplay comes from a sense of both shrugging off all adult expectations and responsibilities, as well as being fully cared for by the Dominant person, in a loving, playfully kinky way.

I feel a lot of pressure and have a lot of responsibility in my everyday life, and I think this is why I’ve gravitated towards ageplay as my main, favourite kink in the bedroom with my partner. It’s not something I’d indulge in with anyone else, and I’m not interested in ageplay as a Dominant with male or female submissives. It’s very much me, with my ‘Daddy’ (my partner) and me as the ‘little girl’ who is looked after, cherished, his little ‘princess’ – but just as equally ‘punished’ when ‘naughty’ or ‘trained’ to be a ‘big girl’ when sexual elements are introduced into the roleplay.

It’s very difficult for me to have sex with my partner now without using the word ‘Daddy’ at some point; I’ll often end up repeating it in begging form when he’s pounding me hard. Begging for what, I’m not always sure. Usually for his cum to fill me, for ‘Daddy’ to cum inside his ‘little girl’ and to fuck me harder, harder, always harder.

2. Rope Bondage

“Mindfulness, meditation… nothing worked to relax me quite as well as this. My eyes were closed, giving me absolute focus on every sensation. He lay the rope over my spread thighs, first of all, gathering the ends, making the loops. My mind dissolved into sparks of bliss as he tightened the first knot around my waist, then drew the two ends up to circle my breasts. The red rope harness would look so vivid against my pale skin. Each pull of rope through another loop against my skin gave me goosebumps of pleasure. I couldn’t wait until he let me look.”

My 5 Favourite Kinks And Why I Find Them So SexyRope bondage is different to other forms of bondage which may use leather, neoprene or other fabric cuffs to retrain wrists and ankles. Rope is versatile enough to restrain not only wrists and/or ankles, but the whole body if so desired… or it may be used not to restrain at all, but simply to adorn the person’s body with a rope harness. In this way rope bondage offers both psychological and aesthetic benefits to the ‘binder’ and ‘bindee’. Rope bondage is an art form, and one variant of this is Shibari bondage which has Japanese origins.

I love the look of rope bondage on submissives and rope ‘bunnies’, but it’s not all about the aesthetics for me. When we have time to play with rope, my partner and I, it’s a very special occasion. His attention given to me in this way feels like a gift, a privilege, something I really appreciate. It takes time for him to create a rope harness on my body, and imagination to place the knots in particularly arousing areas, and to ensure the rope is constricting but not painful or unsafe.

Rope bondage has definitely helped us reinforce our bond as a couple, spending those times together within the art form of rope binding and my implicit trust in him. There’s something very intimate about being sat on the bed, kneeling, sat on my heels with thighs spread as he pulls the rope through loops on my body, creating a harness. It simply melts me every time.

3. Humiliation / Exhibitionism

“As the driver and his passengers cruised on to their destination, I was forced to face their amusement and lecherous hunger. They were undoubtedly enjoying the view: my body spread naked on the bonnet, each small bounce in the road causing the straps to pull on my already tortured nipples, and each wisp of breeze causing me to realise afresh how fully exposed both my holes were.” 

“Fuck, why was he doing this… why was he letting her do this. The checkout lady was coming to the till. He felt the familiar deep red blush spread from his neck to his face as the adrenalin surged through his veins. He watched, almost from outside himself, as his pink painted nails placed the bra and ruffled knickers on the counter. The Bitch let out a low laugh beside him. His erection twitched, mocking him, eager for its new home.” 

My 5 Favourite Kinks And Why I Find Them So SexyA complex kink to try and explain, humiliation has elements of exhibitionism and consensual non-consent. It’s an expression of submission so deep you want to be taken outside your comfort zone in order to display it. Often the anticipation of, and then the reflection over, the humiliation is more arousing than the actual happening itself, however it is realised.

As a lot of humiliation fantasies include other people, and their reactions to the submissive’s predicament, it can be a difficult one to arrange in reality. Involving other people requires their foreknowledge and consent, so fantasies involving the general public and the great outdoors often remain exactly as that, fantasy.

Humiliation is a fascinating subject for me. Although many of my fantasies surround humiliation and exhibitionism (I love the work of the House of Gord, for example), it’s not something I’d ever want or feel comfortable with doing in reality. That would make it very unsexy for me. But in the privacy and safety and control of my imagination? Yes, I’ve explored the deepest nuances of humiliation.

The fascinating aspect is extended when you realise that it’s not just myself the humiliation interest is limited to. Although with myself the humiliation fantasies remain exactly that, fantasy, with male slaves and submissives I have enjoyed making their fantasy reality whenever possible.

Ordering them to simply buy three items from a shop and send me a photo of the receipt – KY Jelly, condoms and the largest cucumber they can find. Telling them to wear stockings beneath their suit to work, and if anyone notices their presence, rather than the usual socks, then oh well! Instructing them to pain their nails pink, then come out in public with me on a day out or to a specific event. Wearing a bra under a shirt, where it may be visible. Or a chastity cage which is a tad too bulky, under tight fitting trousers. Or buying lingerie while I’m present which is clearly not in my size…

4. Male Chastity 

“It had been two months since his training began, since the padlock had snapped shut, since she took the key and wore it victoriously. He’d suffered daily torment. Today’s game was a new one, but just as imaginative as her previous amusements. Spread, she glistened some distance ahead of him, the oasis to his thirst. She’d promised he could drink, if he could reach. He struggled forwards, the ring around his swollen balls yanking painfully as the bolted down chain pulled agonisingly taut.”

My 5 Favourite Kinks And Why I Find Them So SexyMale chastity is a popular kink amongst Dominants of any gender and submissive penis-owners alike. This kink offers a lot of scope for imaginative play and psychological fulfilment for both parties involved, the one in control and the one relinquishing it. Chastity can include a locked chastity device, or cage, where the Dominant party (or Keyholder) holds the key. Or the device may be locked by use of a numbered tag to prove it’s not been tampered with since being locked on. Or, the chastity may be demanded by the Dominant without the use of a chastity device at all – simply a denial of orgasms and/or the submissive touching themselves for pleasure.

Why do I love and get off on male chastity so much? Well you can read what I get out of locking a man in a chastity cage in that related post, but to round up:

It’s more than simply denying a man an erection and/or subsequent stroking pleasure and orgasms. For me to fully enjoy it, I have to feel like the slave/submissive and I are on the same wavelength, that they’re creative and imaginative. I want them to be able to appreciate and derive every ounce of suffering from the teasing and mental torment that goes alongside simply being locked in a metal or plastic cage.

When a creative man on my wavelength is locked in a chastity device and has been wound up to the max, is desperate to be unlocked, begging, possibly (hopefully) even crying… it’s been known to give me some of the most intense orgasms of my life. Fuck, I’m a bitch.

5. Domestic Service

“I entered her home on my knees, as is fitting for a lowly slave. Today I was Mistress’ maid and I knew She would demand not only my absolute obedience, as always, but my diligence and conscientiousness. A list of tasks was thrust down at me, and I was told to get up. After all, how could I clean Mistress’ house from top to bottom on all fours? I tottered on the heels, unused to them. My first task? Make Mistress a coffee. Then it was on with the rubber gloves, and scrub, scrub, scrub until the place shined like the palace Mistress deserves.”

My 5 Favourite Kinks And Why I Find Them So SexyDomestic service submission involves taking on menial tasks and jobs which aren’t, in themselves, sexual in nature. These could be things like household chores, grocery shopping, fixing the car or doing some DIY that the Dominant requires. Jobs which, when completed, would make the Dominant’s life easier and more comfortable. Domestic service might be undertaken in roleplay clothing such as French maid costumes, but could just as easily be done in everyday clothing. Power exchange isn’t limited to times we wear the stereotypical outfits, after all.

I don’t enjoy domestic service submission simply because it’s a cheap and fun way to get my house cleaned. Most of the submissives who have done household chores haven’t even been that great at it, and it would be easier for me to pay someone professional to carry out the task. Also, it’s not been entirely ‘hands-off’ either – in order to keep the domestic submissive motivated, I find I need to be around, giving orders, being the Dominant presence, reminding the submissive visibly of their role and why they’re doing these jobs.

What I really love about domestic service submission is the fact that the tasks being carried out are non-sexual. I don’t allow sexual contact from my subs and slaves in any case, but for me, domestic service is the epitome of selfless submission. They’re doing jobs they wouldn’t otherwise be inclined to do, simply in order to please me and to make my life easier, more comfortable. I’m a pretty traditional Mistress in any case; I like the idea of having a submissive (or fleet of submissives) as staff who make themselves actually useful, instead of wailing about wanting to lick pussy and arse then get tugged off til they spunk all over my thigh-highs.

Plus, I’m much more inclined to fulfil a submissive’s secret desires about their Mistress if my list of household jobs has been completed first…


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into my 5 favourite kinks and why I find them so sexy. What are yours? Feel free to leave a comment below sharing what really turns you on, and why.

My 5 Favourite Kinks And Why I Find Them So Sexy

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