Scared to Buy Your First Sex Toy? Here’s What to Do

Sex toys used to be a bit frowned on, kept hidden under stuff in the bottom drawer or in a box under the bed.  But now, people are much more open about their use and their benefits. They can help you enjoy a range of sensations and have fun.  But if you are looking to buy your first sex toy, it can still be intimidating, even when you use a top quality website like Pleasure Delights.  So here are some tips for that first purchase.

Scared to Buy Your First Sex Toy Advice Pleasure Delights

Understand what you enjoy

For starters, it is important to know a bit about yourself – specifically what kind of sensations do you enjoy?  That might seem difficult if you have never tried sex toys before because you don’t have anything to work with. So the advice is simple – start with something basic and not too expensive so you can start to learn what you enjoy.  Don’t go with anything that is either too large or to elaborate or you might not enjoy it and have spoiled the whole experience (plus wasted the money). You can always upgrade and swap around later for something new!

Scared to Buy Your First Sex Toy Advice Pleasure Delights

For example, with a vibrator, start with an inexpensive style such as a plastic bullet.  Go for one around 6-7 inches in length to see how what works.  If you decide you need something longer, then a wand style will be a good upgrade.  Don’t jump into anything too complex until you know more.

Sometimes as simple as a dildo might be ideal to start with.  Again go for a smaller size until you get used to it and then work up if you feel the need.  Remember to watch the materials avoid jelly toys or anything made of porous materials. Don’t just straight into G-spot dildos as this can be painful if you aren’t used to it.

Read up on materials

The pleasure from a toy is one thing but you also want to take safety into account.  And the material of a sex toy is a big factor in this. You want something that is easy to clean after use and can be quickly sanitised – silicone, steel, glass and other non-porous materials are ideal for this kind of thing.  You don’t want the experience of using a toy that hasn’t cleaned up well so read up on materials and if in doubt, contact the seller and ask more questions.

Use the right lube

Scared to Buy Your First Sex Toy Advice Pleasure Delights

Lubricant or lube is there to make everything smooth and comfortable and is essential when you first start out with a sex toy.  It can enhance the experience and ensure you don’t get uncomfortable soreness later. However, you should also be cautious of using the right product for your sex toy.  For example, it might sound strange but don’t use silicone lube on a silicone toy as it can cause degradation.  Again, chat with the seller if you need more information.

Read a few reviews

Scared to Buy Your First Sex Toy Advice Pleasure Delights

Okay, what works for one person might not work for another but reading reviews on sex toys are as useful as reading them for a kitchen blender or a new TV.  They give you ideas about what people have thought about the product, what problems they have encountered with it or any issues they have found.  So read a few reviews before making your final purchase.

Don’t be afraid

Read the internet for a short time and you will find horror stories about anything so it is important not to give into those fears and not make a purchase just based on some third-hand story from ten years ago.  For starters, only use reputable sellers for your products then you can be sure that everything complies with safety standards and will work as it is designed.

Secondly, read instructions that come with the toy and learn about how your own body reacts to it.  Remember, pain is a that something isn’t right for one reason or another and isn’t a sign you should ignore.  If something hurts, stop and see why. Maybe it is that you aren’t ready for the toy or that you aren’t using it quite right.  Try again and listen to what your body is telling you, don’t just push through the pain.

Understand how to use them

As mentioned, all sex toys will come with some sort of instructions and there are lots of ideas about how to use them in different ways.  Because you want to start small, then you can experiment but always be cautious. For example, for anal play, if there is a toy designed for prostate play, understand that this will have a different shape than a normal toy.  But also understand that this will create a completely different sensation – you might or might not like it!



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  1. i’d always used my fingers to get myself off, so i really never thought about anything else. my (current) husband bought me my 1st vibe, and i was “introduced” to it on our 2nd get together. he’s bought all my “toys” for the past 20 years. i even make him go shopping with me for most of my clothes, shoes, bedroom wear, and undies. he seems to “know” me better than i do LOL 🙂

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