Pleasure Panel Program Now Exclusively For Patrons

Pleasure Panel Program Change:
Now Exclusively For Patrons

In recent months –and I mean from well before Christmas 2017- I have been considering how to ensure that the popular and beneficial Pleasure Panel program continues. Right now the amount pledged by patrons through Patreon isn’t covering all the costs involved in this enormous outsourced adult product reviews project (postage, packaging, a PO Box for anonymous return label, the Pleasure Panel rewards not to mention my time and efforts running the rounds, being community manager, publishing the reviews and attempting to source enough products each month).

I have put this to my current patrons with a view to making a change that I have shied away from previously because I wanted to keep the Pleasure Panel freely accessible to all. However due to lack of full financial coverage from patrons combined with a huge influx of new reviewers, differing product supply levels each month, having to suspend accepting new reviewers, people regularly running off with products and not reviewing them, and in an attempt to filter the Pleasure Panel reviewers to those 100% committed to providing top quality reviews, I am going to make the Pleasure Panel project a $5+ Patron-only program from April 2018 onwards.

The amount pledged needs to be a minimum of $5 a month. This equates to 83p a week at current exchange rates, or $1.15 per week for my American friends. I feel this is not much to ask in exchange for the benefits the Pleasure Panel brings; not only the products to review, but higher visibility to adult retail companies through exposure of your review writing and blog link on my blog, the SEO & traffic benefits of your blog backlink in your bio (which is shown on every review you have published), being part of a fabulous community, and the ability to review sex toys anonymously without even needing the ‘hassle’ of hosting and maintaining your own blog, if that’s your preference. There are also rewards for travelling up the Leaderboard, the more reviews you write.

In many cases the $5 per month barely covers minimum postage and packaging for a small product sent, never mind the extra costs and benefits mentioned above. You are very welcome to pledge more of course! Patrons also benefit from an exclusive newsletter, behind-the-scenes sneak previews of Cara Sutra news and much more.

Therefore, from April 2018 the Pleasure Panel will be a Patron-Only program. I will accept new reviewers who are patrons, using my discretion, and only after the first billing period has processed their pledge successfully.

Thank you for your understanding. I feel this move to patrons-only is the only way I can sustain the Pleasure Panel program of adult product reviews in the long term.

Related Pleasure Panel pages throughout the site and associated works will be updated to reflect the above change in due course.

Please share your thoughts!

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