Love Thy Neighbour

If my husband knew the way I thought about Carl, he would have freaked. If he only knew that I tended garden in my high-cut jean shorts and tight white tank top in the hopes that Carl would be outside mowing the lawn, washing his car, or even just getting the mail. If he only knew that I bent over, intentionally pushing my ass into the air, and spreading my legs, hoping that the tiniest hint of my thick lips could be seen pushing against the rough fabric. My body begged for Carl to look over and think about sucking on me.

Carl was everything my husband wasn’t. He was tall, with dark features, and tattoos covering both of his muscular arms. And he was charismatic. His wave and grin alone across the hedges was enough to send a flood of warmth and moisture down my torso and directly to my pussy. On many occasions, I fondled my breasts and rubbed my clit in the shower, eyes closed, fantasizing about it being Carl’s lips and hands on my dripping wet skin. My husband was fine. He was a nice, normal guy. And we had nice, normal sex. But I wanted to be pounded. I wanted someone to throw me up against the wall, bite my nipples, pull my hair, and demand for me to suck their cock. And I wanted that someone to be Carl. I wondered if he knew…

Does she bend over like that on purpose? God, I could suck on that pussy all day, every day. What I wouldn’t give to spread her ass cheeks open and explore both her holes with my tongue and fingers. I bet she could take my whole hand. And her tits. Her tits in that tank top were perfectly full and round like the melons she grew in her garden. I wonder if her pussy is shaved or if she’s left a little bit of softness there. I love a girl with some hair on her twat. It’s the perfect place for my cum to collect after I l deposit my load all over her stomach. Fuck, she makes me hard.

I kissed my husband goodbye for work. He really was a good man. I watched from the doorway as he pulled his silver Lexus out of the driveway and disappeared down the street. The sun was hot, beating down on my chest. I was still wearing one of his dress shirts from bed the night before. I undid a few of the top buttons, letting the warmth flood my neck and the top of my breasts. I wore my favorite black silk underwear underneath. I loved the way the smooth texture felt against my labia. I reached down and gently squeezed my fat mound. I peeked outside the door toward the neighbor’s house. Carl’s jeep was still in the driveway. Even his car was sexy. I let out a grunt of sexual frustration and retreated back into the house. Maybe a nice shower would help. A nice old shower where I could turn the nozzle down and let it beat onto my throbbing pussy while I imagined Carl fucking me. That sounded like the perfect start to my day.

I walked toward the kitchen. The cool tile floor beneath my feet felt good. I hadn’t realized how hot the sun really was, as I wiped the sweat from my chest. I could feel it slowly dripping down my stomach from beneath my breasts. I pulled my long hair onto the top of my head, securing it with a clip. The cool air felt good on the nape of my neck. I was just about to venture upstairs when I heard a knock at the door. It was more of a tap, really. I wasn’t even sure I’d heard it, so I paused and listened. Nothing. Fuck, I was losing my mind. I had just begun ascending the stairs when I heard it again.

I walked swiftly toward the front door frustrated over the interruption to my morning masturbation. I flung the door open, while simultaneously bursting out, “What the fuck do you want?” I was shocked, aroused, and confused to see Carl standing on the other side. He was looking up at me, from beneath his slanted eyebrows and damp hair. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and his body was even more amazing than I imagined. I envied the black panther tattoo that crept over his shoulder and down onto his pec. The cat’s mouth surrounded his pierced nipple. It instantly made my own cat throb with desire.

Love Thy Neighbour

“What do I want?”

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard his voice. It was deep and masculine.

“I want to fuck you.”

The instant those words escaped his lips, I pounced on him like the panther on his chest. My legs wrapped around his waist and his hands instantly grabbed onto my ass checks. He lifted me up higher, propping my crotch on top of his swollen bulge. The tip of his cock was instantly drawn to my honey hole. I could feel his girth pressing through his jeans and pushing my silk panties deeper inside me. He feverishly tongued my mouth. He tasted like cinnamon and cigarettes. His tongue was like syrup in my mouth. It had a mind of his own as it stroked and massaged mine. He pushed through the door, closing it behind him without missing a beat.

He stumbled into the living room and tossed me onto the couch, dropping to his knees before me.

“I need to taste you.”

Pools of cum gathered in my panties. I could feel my thick juices spreading across my inner thighs. I thought for sure the minute he touched me I would release my hot liquid all over him. His fingertips reached up and expertly slipped my panties off my ankles. I ripped the button down shirt from my body. It felt like fire. I needed it off. I needed to feel the cold air and my own hands on my nipples. Carl took his hands and forcefully pushed my knees up toward my head. My dripping wet cunt was now inches from his lips. He stared into my hole as if it was a mysterious cave waiting to be discovered. I pushed my hips up, urging him to eat me. I pinched my nipples hard. They were as stiff as my now pulsating nub.

What a beautiful pussy. I paused for a moment to take in the wonder of her thick folds and pink lips. Her clit was like a perfect pearl – pink and swollen, nestled in the hood of her cunt. Her pussy juice gleamed in and around her pleasure spot. Her crevice looked tight and hungry for my mouth, tongue, and fingers. I lapped up her juices with my tongue, using deep, even strokes. She tasted so fucking good.

The instant my lips touched hers, she let out a cry. My shaft had never been this hard. It was stretching and pulsing inside my jeans. My fly could barely contain its thickness. But first, I needed to feel her cum on my face. I wanted to swallow every last drop of her sweet nectar. I worked my tongue up and down every fold of her skin, nibbling on her love button, driving her crazy. Her sweet cream was fucking delicious. Her thighs pressed tightly against my head. I easily slid my middle finger into her as her body opened up, welcoming the penetration. But one wasn’t enough. I slid two, then three fingers into her soft hole.

She was dripping, her hot thick juice engulfing my fingers and tongue. I finger fucked her hard and fast while my tongue circled her pearl. She cried out in pleasure and her body jerked violently as her hot load poured down my throat and onto my hand.

Oh my fucking God. His hands and his tongue worked my pussy in ways I’ve never felt before. How did he move his tongue so fast? His fingers felt like a thick cock inside me. But it was no match for the real thing. I lowered my legs down, placing my feet onto the floor. He watched as I feverishly undid his buckle and unleashed his monstrous dick. The hard shaft sprang into my open, waiting hand. It was thick and perfect. The veins running up and down his member were throbbing. I wiped the precum from the tip with my fingers, licking it off while he watched. His eyes locked onto mine.

“Fuck me”.

I wasn’t asking it. I needed it now. I’d never needed to be fucked as bad as I did in that moment.

Carl positioned himself between my wide open legs. My cunt was still sensitive from my previous orgasm, but it didn’t stop me from grabbing into Carl’s hips and driving his cock deep inside me. He found his rhythm right away, pumping in and out with long, steady strokes. My pussy clamped tightly around his stiff tool. His hands grabbed tightly onto my tits, as they bounced in unison with our bodies. I grabbed onto his nipple ring and tugged. I could tell he liked it. His nipple hardened between my fingers and he bit his lip.

“Oh yeah, like that. Harder.”

I twisted and pulled on his perfect pink nipples while he forcefully rammed into me. I could feel the pleasure mounting inside my abdomen. He was going to make me cum again.

Oh yeah. I could feel her vagina pressing hard against my shaft as I pumped faster and harder. She was so fucking wet. Her pussy cream was sliding down her asscrack and onto my balls. She was perfectly tight, just enough to squeeze my manhood but still give way to its thickness. The more she tugged on my nipples, the harder I got. The more I wanted to drive my cock deep inside her.

Her tits were perfect, filling my hands just right. I loved watching her face twist and wince in pure ecstasy the harder and faster I fucked her. I could tell she was ready to go again. I was gonna make that pussy cum again. I applied pressure to her nub with my thumb, flicking it beneath my finger. It was driving her wild. The louder she got, the closer to climax I was. She moaned and squealed, begging me to fuck her harder. I couldn’t hold off.

I let out a long, heavy breath as my balls tightened and a rush of hot cum filled every crevice of her cunt. She was cumming too. She cried out, pulling harder than before on the metal hoops hanging from my chest. I drove my dick into her, grabbing on her ass and pulling her close. We came together, just as I had hoped we would. I didn’t move for a while after that, just staring down at her gorgeous body. I watched as her muscles slowly relaxed. Her eyes were closed and her lips were curled into a seductive grin. I wondered what she was thinking. That was the best pussy I’d ever had. And I wanted it again.

Carl was the best fuck I’d ever had. I was hoping he recovered quick and was wondering if we’d have time for round two before my husband came home from work…


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