London, Where Hiring An Escort Is Cheaper Than A Tinder Date!

Do you find it hard to meet women? Tried the ‘going on the pull with the lads’ tactic, only to be regularly disappointed? It can be tempting to enter the world of dating – specifically internet dating, which now covers not just member websites, but localised dating apps like Tinder.

London Where Hiring An Escort Is Cheaper Than A Tinder DateDating apps like Tinder often promise a lot, but all too regularly fall far below initial expectations. Officially, they’re supposed to help ‘match’ you to people within a certain distance, with whom there’s a mutual attraction. Agreeing that someone’s sexy is one thing, but what about your and their real intentions? Things can quickly turn from hot to not if one of you wants no-strings sex while the other harbours long term relationship dreams.

When You Desire No-Strings Sex

Think about your desires and what you hope to get out of meeting, and hopefully connecting with, a woman. There’s really no point making out that you’re into the whole dating scene, with a view to getting into a relationship, if no-strings sex is your real aim. To pretend otherwise is simply dishonest – and believe me, no woman will appreciate dishonesty, whether from a friend or a potential romantic partner.

London Where Hiring An Escort Is Cheaper Than A Tinder Date

There’s nothing wrong with wanting and pursuing no-strings sex, so if you’re feeling at all guilty about your desires let me stop you right there. Sex is a natural desire for the majority of adults, and when pursued and enjoyed safely, with honesty and active consent from all involved, it’s a mentally and physically beneficial part of life.

Let’s take another look at dating, particularly hooking up with a ‘match’ through a dating app like Tinder. There are several costs involved, ones you may not even have considered previously.

Ongoing Financial Cost

Dating can hit your wallet hard, and repeatedly. Whether you’re offering to get the bill each time or splitting it, you may find that you’re reaching for your cash card or heading to an ATM a lot more often than you budgeted for.

It’s not simply the restaurant reservations with impressive wining and dining. You may want to go on to various pubs and clubs, utilising taxis much of the time, as well as purchasing gifts at intervals to show your affection.

London Where Hiring An Escort Is Cheaper Than A Tinder Date

Time Is Also Money

They say time is money and although I’ve shown above that you can certainly spend a lot more than you bargained on, the longer you spend dating someone, you’re also not earning that cash while you’re out and about. One early exit from the office to meet up with your date could turn into a regular Friday lunch early finish, leading to decreased income while expenditure continues to rise.

Emotional Costs

Continuing to date your Tinder match when what you’d prefer is no-strings sex can be incredibly draining not only on your wallet but on your emotional resources. As I mentioned, pretending you’re interested in pursuing a longer term romantic relationship with someone (or even a platonic friendship) in the hopes you’ll eventually persuade them into bed, is a form of dishonesty. The pursuit and the guilt can eat away at you, leaving you thoroughly void of the satisfaction and fulfilment you were hoping to attain in the first place.

There aren’t only the emotional costs to yourself to consider either; what about your date? Once they inevitably realise that a long-term relationship isn’t on the cards from your point of view – and never was – they’ll understandably be hurt. The emotional costs just aren’t worth it for either of you.

No-Strings Sex Ultimately Costs Less 

Why not assertively pursue what you really want, in an honest, consensual way which hurts no-one and costs less into the bargain? Hiring an escort is cheaper than a Tinder date, especially considering the full picture of all the associated costs of dating that we’ve just revealed.

London Where Hiring An Escort Is Cheaper Than A Tinder Date

London is the city of pleasure and excitement, where one can be as anonymous as they like. In addition, it’s extremely accessible from all areas of the UK as well as worldwide. It’s no surprise, then, that the top-quality escort agency of your dreams is based in this huge and diverse city.

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