International Women’s Day: Appreciating My Freedom

March 8th 2018 marks International Women’s Day, which is a global event celebrating the achievements of women through the industries, while continuing the battle for gender equality. Recognised annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900s.  

International Women's Day: Appreciating My FreedomMany people worldwide, women in particular of course, mark International Women’s Day with demonstrations, marches, conferences and more –and I’m taking the time this year to reflect on how privileged I am, in many ways, while appreciating how much freedom I enjoy in everyday life.

There’s so much work that still needs to be done worldwide to correct the situation for countless other women. I wrote about colliding head on with my own privilege, realising that I am a feminist after all and generally being angry at the many injustices International Women’s Day highlights and seeks to address in last year’s blog post. And with so much inequality or outright abuse of women still going on, of which I’m sure only a small amount is reported to the world through the media (and there’s enough of that), I’m still a very angry woman this year too.

Free To Build My Dream Job

Four years ago, I was littered throughout the mainstream press, print and online, due to my job. In case you didn’t realise, this website, is my day job; I’ve built it from personal blog to a professional, commercial website. This week, I’m in the online mainstream press again talking about my job. Of course, being the press, they focus on what many people view as the sensational aspect – being a sex toy tester – but with International Women’s Day on my mind this week I see another facet to this story breaking.

Headlines such as ‘banker gives up job to become professional sex toy tester‘ or ‘mother quits office job to work as a sex toy reviewer‘ grab people’s attention, sure. But there’s an undercurrent the red top press and their audience is missing. I had the freedom to be able to quit that job, I was lucky enough to be able to pursue something else, and I was privileged to be able to carve out my own career not just in any industry, but in the sex industry. Yes, even as a mother. Yes, with the support of my partner. It’s something to be proud of, but it’s also something I don’t want to take for granted; something I intend to fully appreciate.

Sex Toy Tester: The Press

The press piece can currently be found in the Daily Mail, Mirror, Daily Star, Metro, LadBible, The New York Post,, the International Business Times and Inquisitr. HuffPost also ran a Q&A with me after the media piece, This Woman Tests And Reviews Sex Toys For A Living. Here’s What She’s Discovered.
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The story and press coverage has also been highlighted by UK adult industry press ETO Magazine. This report was compiled and published to help mark 200,000 sex toy reviews this month at leading online sex shop Lovehoney – extremely appropriate, considering that it was through their on-site community that I decided to blog my sex toy reviews in the first place.

International Women's Day: Appreciating My Freedom

A Fuller Picture

A quick look around shows that I don’t only review sex toys, regardless of what the press decide to print. In fact, much of the sex toy testing these days is carried out by the brilliant Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel team, a project which is partially financially supported by Patreons.

I write erotic stories that visitors can enjoy free of charge, I arrange and host regular sex toy giveaways and publish many articles relating to sex, sexuality and relationships. These articles provide sex tips, sex toy information and relationship advice – not only because I enjoy writing about the topic, but so that I can help other women (and men, and people of any gender) to live their fullest, happiest sex life, and enjoy thoroughly rewarding relationships.

Feeling Liberated And Grateful

All of this combines to reinforce just how liberated I am in order to be able to not just have a job I genuinely love, but one which helps other women, other people –and brings an income with which I can support my young family. Working in any part of the sex industry is often incredibly challenging for women, so I don’t take my ability to work unquestioned and unhindered in this role for granted.

I’m also extremely, extremely grateful to my long-suffering partner Darren who not only supports my job, and the demands it places upon my time, my energy –sometimes even my libido, believe it or not- but who puts up with being popped into the mainstream press as the partner of a ‘rampant’ sex toy tester with an admittedly unusual career.


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International Women's Day: Appreciating My Freedom

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