The Wide & Diverse World of Virtual Reality Sex

Since its release earlier this year, virtual reality has taken the electronic world by storm.  Even if you haven’t been paying attention, there’s a good chance you’ve have heard the rumblings of this great new technology.  Virtual reality is poised for big things, with lots of viable uses already putting the technology to work.  For instance, the tourism industry is using VR to sell vacations, real estate agents are using it to sell homes, classrooms are benefiting from detailed teaching methods using VR, video games are breaking boundaries and of course, VR is revitalizing the porn industry.  Of all these, video games and porn are taking center stage but it seems like VR porn may move into pole position soon.  Let’s take a look at why VR porn is pushing VR technology forwards into the future.

Wide And Diverse World of Virtual Reality Sex | Virtual Reality Porn

What is virtual reality technology and how does it apply to pornography?

Virtual reality as a concept has been around for ages.  From stereoscopic images to Nintendo’s Virtual Boy – the concept of jumping into another 3D realm is nothing new.  However, where VR failed in the past, it’s getting things right this time.  The technology is finally at a level where delivering an immersive, high quality experience for users is possible.  Video games now work properly, allowing players to get inside the game and interact on levels never seen before.  While the graphic content of video games is still lacking a bit, the mechanics are there and things look promising.  VR porn on the other hand, is making full use of the technology and coming out with some pretty amazing things.

Pornographers have been chomping at the bit for technology like virtual reality, because immersing viewers within the scene has been a long-standing fantasy.  Being right inside the scene with the actors, experiencing everything as if it was really happening has always been pornography’s version of the holy grail.  Regular 2D porn is fine, but it lacks a certain connectivity and doesn’t allow for total immersion.  That’s all changed now, thanks to VR.

Virtual reality porn was born in 2014, when a solo masturbation scene was filmed with some of the first VR recording tech.  Multiple cameras captured all the movements the actress made in 180 degrees.  The actress was coached on the movements she could make (and still look good) while the camera setup took care of the rest.  Well, that’s not true because a large part of making a VR porn scene happens after the scene is shot – in post production editing.  A lot of work hours go into producing any single VR porn scene, but the end product is well worth it.

Ask pretty much anyone that’s experienced VR porn and they’ll tell you that it’s way better than regular 2D porn.  It has a huge draw to it.  The lack of disconnect between the display and the viewer is making 3D porn the future of the industry.  The viewership numbers are backing up this assertion, with mega tube site, Pornhub, reporting an average of more than 500,000 VR porn views everyday.  That represents a 300% rise in views, and that’s just one website.  Other tube sites such as VRSmash are reporting similar increases in their VR porn section of videos.  This adoption by porn viewers has experts estimating the VR porn market will be worth in excess of $1 Billion by the year 2025.

Virtual Reality just seems to be “made” for porn, and with the forthcoming advancements in the field of virtual sex, it’s just going to get even better.

Too bad there’s no way to experience VR porn beyond your eyes and ears… or is there?

The Exciting World Of Teledildonics & VR

Virtual reality has shown us the future of porn, but for the industry to really post astonishing viewership and revenue numbers, there has to be more.  Good thing that “more” is already available in the form of remote controlled sex toys or teledildonics.  These devices, available for both males and females, work by transmitting haptic (touch) sensations to the user from another device or by an encoded video through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  This is great for couples in long distance relationships and people wanting to get the most out of their porn viewing experience.

Teledildonic devices typically resemble dildos (for women) and Fleshlights (for men).  There are a handful of companies marketing these sex toys and many more are getting in on the action.

Kiiroo is an Amsterdam based sex toy manufacturer that offers three revolutionary toys.  Kiiroo’s Onyx2 & Pearl2: Couples Set, features a dildo and Fleshlight style device that can be linked to each other or to an external source. The company also brought out the Fleshlight Launch, which takes a standard Fleshlight and adds the element of remote actuation.  It can be synced to other devices or to a porn movie that has been encoded to deliver hands-free sexual manipulation.

Wide And Diverse World of Virtual Reality Sex | Virtual Reality Porn

Another sex toy manufacturer, Lovense, offers multiple vibrator style devices (male and female) such as the Lush, Hush and the Max, which communicate with each other in real time over any distance.

Is there anything besides VR porn to experience in virtual?

Yes, there is. Typically, VR porn describes real-life porn (real actors and surroundings) and not computer-generated graphics or what have you.  VR porn offers the ability to get next to your favorite porn star and involve yourself inside the scene, but this doesn’t fulfill the fantasy that many viewers require.  That’s where VR sex apps or sex games come into play.  Imagine meeting people, dating and even having sex in a fully virtual environment.

Sounds extreme maybe, but that’s what VR sex apps like 3DXChat promise and deliver.  They’ve created a place or a medium to let your virtual lust loose, to live out fantasies and let the computer-generated sparks fly.  Users of 3DXChat can design custom avatars, then mingle, party and have consensual sex with like minded members.  Everything happens in an expansive virtual reality world that supports teledildonic integration.  There are also less sexually oriented VR apps available like AltSpaceVR or vTime, where the focus is more on having fun with other real people in a virtual environment.  They are great for dating and couples in long distance relationships too.

Considering that virtual reality technology is still in its infancy, there’s a lot more to come.  As the technology keeps advancing and the software element expands, one can only imagine what the future holds.

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