Why London Is Becoming The Escorting Capital of the World

If you’re looking for a night of sexy fun with an experienced lady, why not try one of the breathtaking London Escorts? London is becoming the escorting capital of the world, and for very good reason.  

Firstly, let’s take a look at the work of escorting itself. I prefer the term ‘sex work’, or ‘sex workers’ rather than ‘escorts’ – but I realise that sex might not necessarily be part of the liaison each and every time. In fact, because sex isn’t part of the contractual & business obligations, escorts and their agencies can avoid any negative legal implications. A client pays for the time spent with the and the company of a person he chooses from the escorting company. Of course, what two consenting adults agree to do in private is entirely up to them. 

Why London Is Becoming The Escorting Capital of the World

So, why the high concentration of escorts in this area of the UK in particular? What would make it the escorting capital of the world? Escorting is potentially a very lucrative career choice for men and women in England’s capital city, London.  This glamorous city is densely populated, for a start; there are many would-be clients in a comparatively small area. In addition, London is the everyday destination or stop-over for hundreds of thousands of businessmen and women, providing an even greater potential client-base. 

London doesn’t simply offer a magnitude of people, some of whom will choose to book an escort. There are numerous iconic public areas which can serve as handy initial meet-up points.  There’s Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the Tower of London, as well as the National History Museum and various art galleries. The three famous parks are Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and St James’ Park – or you could simply take your pick from the multitude of sightseers’ attractions. 

Should you decide to take the session somewhere a little more private, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxurious hotels. Big name accommodation and intimate boutique spaces can both offer comfortable and opulent backdrops for escort-client liaisons. 

Why London Is Becoming The Escorting Capital of the World

When I think of London, I think of a multi-cultural city, one with a rich history and, I hope, an even richer future. On the whole, London is famous for being welcoming and open-minded, and there are many opportunities here both for escorts and their lucky clients.  

There’s no need to be nervous if you have never booked an escort before. Escorts from top quality escort agencies are very well trained and experienced at putting you at ease. You can look forward to fascinating conversation, a beautiful partner for the afternoon and/or evening, as well as plenty more excitement once you’re alone. Escorts can offer you unashamed fun and a much-needed break from the many pressures and stresses of life.  

Why London Is Becoming The Escorting Capital of the WorldWhether you live in London, have a break or a stop-over already planned, or have been persuaded to give London escorts a try, a lust-filled liaison in the escorting capital of the world is very easy to arrange.  

For a start, London is arguably the best-connected location in England. No matter your mode of transport, you’ll be able to get here. Air, train, car… it’s extremely accessible. 

Secondly, you can take your time selecting the right escort for you from a well-established London escort website, then get in touch to book.  

Make sure you book through a high quality escort agency, like Babes of London. Friendly staff are available by telephone to answer questions, ease worries and explain how everything works, and they are experienced in being the epitome of discretion at all times. You can text if the telephone line is busy, and/or fill in the reservation form on the website.

So what are you waiting for? Come to London, the centre of erotic extravagance, the escorting capital of the world -and enjoy some guilt-free fun with the sexy, sensual lady of your dreams.   

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