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Wishing a Very Merry Christmas to all my readers! I hope you’re all enjoying a fantastic Christmas Day with your friends/family/loved ones, but just in case you wanted a sneaky distraction when Aunty Mabel starts on about her bunions – here it is. A round up of my most popular blog posts 2017.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

This isn’t something I’ve done previously, but I thought it would be interesting to put together a compilation of the most-read articles at this year. This has been quite enlightening; it says a lot about what’s tickling the fancy of my readers and which topics are drawing people into the blog.

So, *checks party hat is still on head* without further ado, here’s a few bloggy belters from 2017.

Am I Addicted To Sex Toys?

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Sex toy addiction is a common worry amongst frequent vibrator users. Can you get properly addicted to vibrators? It’s no wonder this is a top worry for toy using folk; some of those vibrators seem pretty damn addicting.
*looks longingly at Doxy Number Three*

I was worried that I turned far too regularly to my sex toys for orgasmic release rather than enjoying intimacy with my partner. They’re a different type of enjoyment, sure – but I still wondered whether I was addicted or simply lazy.

It’s certainly less involved to pick up the Doxy or O Wand and blast out a quick orgasm (or two) than it is to consider someone else in the equation. Their thoughts and desires, my self-consciousness, my energy levels being able to sustain a lovemaking session.

Still, I decided to experiment and see what would happen if I didn’t turn to vibrators for that release whenever I got the urge. Whether this would have any effect on my sex life with my partner, or whether there’d be no change. The results were quite surprising. I hope you enjoy reading the post.

10 Reasons Why I Love Clit Vibrators So Hard

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

If you know anything about me at all then you’ll know I love my clit vibrators. *steals another glance at the Doxy*

What is it about clitoral vibrators I love so much? I could choose a penetrative dildo or vibe but clit pleasure is my absolute favourite type of sexual stimulation.

Sometimes I even use vibrators designed for internal vaginal penetration & pleasure externally, because I simply prefer it and it gets me off quicker and harder.

There’s loads of other reasons why I love clit vibrators than just ‘because they make me cum hard’. And there are a few clit vibes I’ll reach for consistently whereas others roll & stay under the bed, or go straight in the bin.

Enjoy finding out more in this blog post. Oh, and just in case you really need a Doxy right now (spoiler: you do):

Buy Yo’self A Doxy Already
Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017 Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Is Submission A Sign Of Weakness?

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

In my opinion, this blog post was so popular because the subject is such a common misconception. No, submission certainly isn’t a sign of weakness, but amongst the uninitiated (and even amongst some within the BDSM scene) submissives are often labelled or at least regarded as being weak in some way. As if the desire to submit to someone else marks their character as lacking in strength.

I wanted to tackle this myth head-on, because BDSM has been a thing for such a very long time yet the misconception persists. Because the misguided belief is still prevalent, I have to believe that at least some of the people who think submission = weakness simply want this to be the case.

It takes a special kind of strength to not only actually submit to another person, but to be identified as a submissive – whether in the BDSM scene or particularly in the world at large. And especially when faced with those who would then call you weak for doing so. How much easier to simply fake confidence and control and label yourself Dominant? Certainly, that’s what many have felt obliged or found themselves doing, if only to avoid being tarred with the ‘weak submissive’ label.

Read more of my thoughts on this subject in this article.

Why I’m Proud Of My Pussy

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

It’s difficult enough being a woman – then someone has to go casting judgements on our bodies and the choices we make in relation to our bodies. I’m talking pubic hair, and whether it’s lush, meh or ewwwww, gross.

That was the opinion thrown out casually and thoughtlessly by a business on one of their social media broadcasts earlier this year, and it rightly sparked intense outrage amongst the business’ followers and other bloggers.

I prefer my vulva as hair-free as possible – not because some guy would find my pubes disgusting, or because I want to please my man. Because that my preference. I like the feel and look of it without hair. You can debate all you want whether that’s my genuine, unbiased preference or whether I’ve been conditioned to like it that way due to media and porn. The fact remains that it’s my body, my choice. No-one else’s business.

My vulva and vagina are more than perv-tackle and penis-sheath, in any case. They don’t exist for the sole pleasure of men, or any other person. My pussy has been a more faithful friend to me than I have to it, it’s coped with plenty, delivered blessings –whereas I, in the past, have hated on it and deemed it ugly and horrid.

It’s taken a long time to feel proud of my pussy, and of my body as a whole. Negative attitudes from others, horrible judgements about me or women in general, really don’t help.

Read more of my thoughts and opinions in this blog post.

How Do You Start A Sex Blog?

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

I was being asked so often how I got started sex blogging, and what the best way to start a sex blog was, that I decided to write an article about it. More than that, I launched the Sex Blogging School Series which provides loads of sex blog related advice for aspiring, new and established sex bloggers alike.

This is the second post in the series, and it takes would-be sex bloggers through the initial steps. I don’t mean creating a blog and publishing posts – that comes later, believe it or not. No, first you need to think about such things as your blogging name (URL and identity/online handle), anonymity level, how your blog will be hosted, where you’ll source your images (spoiler: you shouldn’t just nab them from Google Images or other blogs) and which platform you’ll use for your blog.

Future blog posts in this series went on to look at things like how to get ‘free’ sex toys to review, whether things like Alexa Ranking and Page Rank really matter, how to get advertisers on your blog and what you should be charging for any sponsored promotional posts. I love to hear how this series has helped new and current bloggers, so if you’ve found these advice articles useful please comment or hit me up!

Take a look at this popular post, then check out the rest of the Sex Blogging School Series.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reflecting on these most popular blog posts 2017 – now go and enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day! Merry Christmas everyone. x

Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

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