Give Pleasure To Yourself With Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel & Masturbation Cream

Having followed and been a fan of Give Pleasure Products from the start of their journey into the global lube market, I was very excited to see some new additions to the range recently. Two thicker formulations have been created, the Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel (water-based) & the Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream (hybrid; water and silicone).

Give Pleasure To Yourself With Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel & Masturbation Cream


Both of these products come presented in classy packaging; black tubs with silver highlighted labels clearly showing which product you can find inside.

Once the lid is removed, there’s a foil seal which needs to be peeled back before you can access your pleasure gel or masturbation cream. This immediately lets you know that safety and hygiene are top priority to Give Pleasure Products; as well as your comfort and sexual pleasure, of course.

So how do the Give Lube #Selfie products really feel? We’ve been using them for the past few weeks -read on to discover our personal experiences.

First Impressions

The Give Lube #Selfies come in black lidded tubs. It was easy to tell which one contained which product as the name is written on the lid and the side. There’s 250ml of gel or cream in the tubs, and it really feels like you’ve got a decent amount of product for the price.

As the gel/cream is in a lidded tub, these are products to use when you’ve got a stable, flat surface easily accessible and nearby. Such as a bedside table. Just be careful you don’t send a tub flying in the heat of the moment – or at least, make sure you’ve put the lid back on tightly first.

I really like the design of the Give Lube #Selfie tubs; the black/silver colour scheme isn’t only gender neutral and universally appealing, it’s also very festive! Loving the celebratory glimmer of the labels as the tubs sit proudly on the shelf by the bedside.

Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel

Peeling back the foil hygiene seal under the lid of the Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. I mean yeah, lube – obviously, but what colour would it be? How opaque and how thick would it be? Would the pleasure gel be slippery enough? Would it have any discernible scent?

Peering into the tub I just saw blackness at first, then when the light hit the product I could see the tub was full of a thick but clear, very viscous looking gel. It’s most definitely a gel, not a liquid or a cream.

Give Pleasure To Yourself With Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel & Masturbation Cream

Although this water-based gel is pourable, it takes a while to wander to the rim of the tub. Dispensation is via fingers dipped into the tub (clean hands please) – you could dip a sex toy into the tub to coat it but for hygiene reasons I wouldn’t recommend it. You could be introducing fluff and whatever is on the surface of the toy to your tub of pleasure gel. Safer and just as easy to get your (clean) fingers stuck in.

There’s not enough of a strong smell from the pleasure gel to say it has a definite scent. You can just about detect a smell of liquid, of water – but I can’t smell anything chemical or unpleasant from this gel.

Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel Ingredients

Aqua, glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, citric acid.

Using the Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel

I found I needed to be quite assertive when grabbing some pleasure gel from the pot; a light dab of my fingertips wasn’t enough to get much product to my hand. This stuff is thick and viscous so I dipped like I meant it and successfully emerged with a good wad of gel-lube.

Although it was quite cold when I first applied it (clitorally/vaginally), the Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel warmed up quite quickly. And despite being thick and fairly immobile in the tub and on my fingers, once in contact with the heat of my body it turned more slippery and almost melted into gorgeously slick lube.

The gel-lube felt wonderfully natural, however – definitely not an intrusion on my masturbation session or an icky extra layer. Simply ample slip and slide so I could get on with enjoying my pleasure session in total comfort.

After use I found the Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel stayed slippery for a few moments even when I was washing it off with warm soapy water. That’s how slippery this stuff is! I even checked the ingredients again for the presence of silicone. Nope, no silicone in this one – it’s just supremely slippery.

I only needed to wash off the pleasure gel when I used a generous dollop of it during masturbation – I wanted to see just how good this gel would feel, intimately, just my lube and I having a little #Selfie time. During foreplay and sex with my partner we used a small amount of gel which then eventually became absorbed or evaporated through the intense heat of the long session. The lubricant was supplemented by our natural bodily fluids in any case, and the absorbency only served to further highlight how natural this product feels during use.

Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream

With ‘cream’ in the title, I was expecting a thick consistency to the Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream, and boy. It did not disappoint.

Give Pleasure To Yourself With Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel & Masturbation Cream

Underneath the foil seal, under the tub’s twist off lid, is a mass of white thick cream which comes almost up to the rim. Before getting stuck in with my fingers I gave it a sniff, and I had the strangest sense of déjà vu. Then I realised: it smells a little like E45 cream! The ingredients are a little different however.

This masturbation cream has been formulated for, well… masturbation… so it’s designed to be slippery as well as skin-safe and kind. It’s a hybrid of water and silicone for ongoing glide.

I found the thick white cream a refreshing change from the typical clear, thin lubes I’m used to seeing in tubes and bottles. The opaque whiteness means I’d be able to see exactly how much of it I was using, and where – and there’s no chance of this stuff being too runny.

Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream Ingredients

Aqua, petrolatum, paraffinum liquidum, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, PEG-8 stearate, ceteareth-25, dimethicone, phenoxyethanol, isopropyl myristate, ethylhexylglycerin, citric acid.

Using the Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream

I have a feeling that the Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream is meant ‘for him’, ie. for penis masturbation. But I just love this stuff so much. And not just for sexual pleasure, either.

This cream is unapologetically bright white and indisputably thick. You definitely know how much you’re obtaining when you scoop some out with our fingertips; I find it easier to remove from the tub than the pleasure gel, personally.

For my personal #Selfie pleasure I’ll admit: the Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel was better. The water based formulation of that one suits my clitoral and vaginal self-stim sessions, whereas the hybrid formulation of this masturbation cream doesn’t feel like natural lubrication.

Not for you, Jen.

He reports that this masturbation cream is ‘nice, feels smooth and does the job.’ You can see why I’m the product reviewer/blogger out of the two of us.

For hand jobs, the masturbation cream is fantastic. I can set the tub down on the bedside table and scoop out as much as I need, then get to work pleasuring my man using this comfortable, quick-to-warm formulation. As it warms to his erection, it does feel smoother; never as slick as a pure water or pure silicone lubricant, but more like a moisturising cream.

This brings me to why I love it for me, as well as for him.

The Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream is a fantastic moisturiser! I mean for my hands/elsewhere, as well as for his cock. I mentioned that it smells a little like E45 Cream but has slightly different (more sex-friendly) ingredients – and that led me to try it as a moisturiser. Now I’m going to have to buy another tub to use as hand cream for those  in-between giving-a-hand-job moments.


Give Pleasure To Yourself With Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel & Masturbation Cream

Give Pleasure Products have cleverly made the most of the popular #Selfie hashtag to create two self-pleasure products which do exactly what they say on the tubs. Although the Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel and Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream have been manufactured with masturbatory pleasure sessions in mind (hence: Selfie), we found them just as pleasure-inducing when used during couple’s fun, foreplay and sex.

Dispensation is from a screw-top lid tub with each product, so you just need to make sure you’re pleasuring (yourself, or someone else) next to a stable, flat surface. Both the gel and cream are thick enough to grab hold of as much as you need, however, and it stays where you put it. The skin-kind formulations provide sensational glide, creating frictionless sensual liaisons -whether shared, or a richly-deserved #Selfie.

Give Pleasure To Yourself With Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel & Masturbation Cream

Thanks so much to Give Pleasure Products for providing the Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel & the Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream for us to use, enjoy and report on here at CaraSutra.

Give Pleasure To Yourself With Give Lube #Selfie Pleasure Gel & Masturbation Cream

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