Naughty Tea Cup Gift From Outlandish Creations

I’ve been considering whether I should publish this post, because I get asked to write about all sorts of brands and products and I promise myself I’ll only advertise businesses who specifically pay for the piece. It is a form of advertising after all; and that promise to myself is my best bet towards getting the bills paid. Every once in a while, though, I’m motivated to share a company or product with my readers simply because they’re that awesome. Introducing Outlandish Creations.

Outlandish Creations initially tweeted me to offer a handmade tea cup and saucer. Lady Gaga has one!

I contacted Katie at Outlandish Creations and explained I’d love to receive one of her tea cup & saucer sets, and I’d offer some social media pics & tags in exchange.

Choices, Choices…

Then it was time to choose which tea cup I’d like. With my affinity for this particular word, there was one clear winner: the Slut tea cup. Lady Gaga might be a Whore (in tea cup terms, obviously) but I’m a Slut (a consensual slut, to be precise).

Naughty Tea Cup Gift From Outlandish Creations

Oops, I Bought Some

While browsing the Outlandish Creations website, I saw so many brilliantly filthy cups ‘n mugs that I was motivated to buy some as Christmas gifts. Darren’s nana & grandad have a wicked sense of humour, and so do some friends we know, so I added some pieces to my basket and checked out. A nice surprise for Katie at Outlandish Creations, too!

Naughty Tea Cup Gift From Outlandish Creations

I bought two mugs (Nice Tits & Stud) and a Penis Bottle Stopper.

Outlandish Delivery

My items were delivered swiftly and discreetly, however the postman must  have been practising for the World Cup as one of the mugs was cracked on arrival.

Even before I contacted Katie about it I knew she’d resolve this situation in a fast & friendly way – and sure enough, with a thousand apologies she arranged for a replacement to be sent out in the next post.

Naughty Tea Cup Gift From Outlandish Creations

Eventually I had everything I ordered, and they were just as brilliant as they’d looked in the website pics. More so in fact, because they were finally with me, in real life. The handles were adorned with removable ribbons proudly bearing the Outlandish Creations branding, and I even turned the ribbon from the broken mug into a cheeky necklace.

Naughty Tea Cup Gift From Outlandish Creations


On My Wishlist

So what’s next on my Outlandish Creations wishlist? Here’s the items which have seriously caught my attention:

Tea cups & saucers: Poison (we enjoyed the Dark Angel TV series & “Would you like a niiiice cup of tea” is now a thing in our house), I Love Pussy, Pervert

Mugs: Nasty Woman (for obvious reasons…), Bollocks, Bunch of Cunts

Others: This Blue Delft Bottle Stopper is absolutely gorgeous. I love the traditional blue & white Willow china, so this really appeals. The dinner plates are fab too… I just worry that I wouldn’t be happy until I had a whole set, then I could invite the neighbours over for a very memorable dinner party.

Insta Sneak Peeks

I love that Katie keeps the Outlandish Creations social media updated so regularly, with fun and interesting updates which grab people’s attention. There are regular sales and discount codes, as well as sneak peeks of new items to be added to the website shop in the future.

Find the social media links at the end of this post.

Discover & Shop

You can visit Outlandish Creations at I found the checkout process extremely easy, You can create a user account during checkout which will allow you to sign in and view your orders any time, plus there’s a subscribe to newsletter option so you can keep up to date with all the latest.

Paypal is accepted, as are all the major debit and credit cards. Shipping to me, within the UK, was £3.

Social Media

You can also follow Outlandish Creations on their social media:






Thanks again Outlandish Creations for my Slut tea cup. Wishing you the best continued success with your brilliant business!

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  1. I love their website! I particularly like the Cunty McCuntface mug and Massive Twat tankard! They’re so beautifully designed too, lol, it’s going on my Christmas list! ?

  2. Naaw, great article and review Cara. Thank you for sharing and writing. I know what I will be getting myself as an early Christmas present. Their site and products are amazing.

    PS: You look beautiful btw!

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