What Are Multiple Orgasms? How Long Should An Orgasm Last?

Have you ever had one of those orgasms that surprises you? An orgasm that you can almost catch hold of, ride the crest of, as if you were a surfer on the perfect wave? I have. And I can’t help wondering whether those types of orgasm are multiple orgasms, or just seem like they go on for ages. How long should an orgasm last, anyway? 

My Types Of Orgasms

What Are Multiple Orgasms? How Long Should An Orgasm Last?After some consideration (and a lovely wander down memory lane), I don’t think I have orgasms which are exactly alike each time. However, there are certain ‘types’ of orgasm that I experience. I’m not talking about anatomy here, whether it’s a clitoral, vaginal, anal or nipple-gasm. I mean what the orgasm itself feels like.  

Here’s the main types I’ve identified: 

Bang, And The O Is Done

What Are Multiple Orgasms? How Long Should An Orgasm Last?This is what I’d describe as my ‘service orgasm’. They’re usually the result of a quickie masturbation session, just to get my rocks off. The masturbation is a well-travelled path through familiar territory, taking my body directly to orgasm rather than taking the scenic route. Not all my masturbation sessions are like this, but some are just… functional.  

These orgasms are very quick, over quite suddenly, and like a nerve-ending explosion with then fizzles out fast. And I get on with my day. These are not bodily orgasms, or long-lasting; they’re like fireworks. A gorgeous explosion that you want to revisit time after time, even if it’s incredibly brief. 

Comfortable Linger

What Are Multiple Orgasms? How Long Should An Orgasm Last?My comfortably lingering orgasms might be through masturbation or foreplay/sex sessions with my partner. They’re not necessarily long in length, but the tingles from that orgasm seem to continue even though the climax is over. I can feel the embers of that enjoyed orgasm, ebbing away gently, comfortably. Ripples of pleasure continuing through my body. A lovely memory of the physical climax for a good while afterwards.  

Even though the pleasant lingering sensation of the orgasm is physical – with extra sensitivity to my erogenous and sexual regions, nipples, clit, vulva – the ongoing pleasure feeds my emotional and mental happiness too. I get a real sense of psychological as well as physical fulfilment, and increased wellbeing, from these types of orgasm. 

Full Body Shock

What Are Multiple Orgasms? How Long Should An Orgasm Last?Oh, this type of orgasm really knocks me for six! They’re quite rare for me, as I tend to need to be incredibly sexually frustrated before I have one of these full body shock orgasms. I don’t usually experience this by myself either; these ones happen during foreplay or sex with my partner.  

My mind needs to be stimulated before my body, which then races to catch up to where my mind is at. For me, this typically means kink is involved somewhere along the way… the thrill of dirty talk with my partner during the day on messaging apps when we’re meant to be working/otherwise innocent. Unable to visit the scenes in reality until later. A spanking ‘warm-up’ session before anything sexual.  

Or even just sharing other recent fun with him; say, at keeping a guy chaste, or some other kinky facet of my FemDom life. Confessing my wickedness, enjoying his ‘punishment’ of me or him revelling in enjoying what those men don’t even dare to dream about. 

The orgasm at the end of such sessions is mind-blowing and body-wrecking. They tire me out completely, because I feel them so intensely from top to toe as well as the connected torrent of emotion through my mind.  

Neverending Orgasm

This is the orgasm which baffles me. I can’t pin-point any specific reason behind why my seemingly neverending orgasms happen on some occasions but not others.  

It might be during sex with my partner in bed at night, it could be when we have sneaky afternoon sex, sex while standing, in the bathroom or office… It might be when I’m having a mid-morning wank or it could be during time set aside for solo pleasure in the evening, in bed or in the bath.  

What Are Multiple Orgasms? How Long Should An Orgasm Last?

The neverending orgasms obviously do end (I’d say ‘unfortunately’, but let’s get realistic here), they just seem to go on for much longer than one of my typical orgasms. They probably don’t even last that long, really… but then I’m comparing them to my usuals.  

Length of the orgasm isn’t the only thing that’s different about this type. As hinted at in the intro, when I’m enjoying the ‘neverending orgasm’ it feels as though I can control it a little. Direct it. As if I’m riding the wave of this orgasm, surfing it through its entire existence until I decide to disembark on the shore.  

And then, when it’s finally over, I don’t have that extreme sensitivity that I experience with other types of orgasm. You know, when you wriggle to get out of their reach because the stimulation is too much, or you do the hasty-fumble to switch the damn vibrator off and chuck it… somewhere… anywhere as long as it’s not on and near you while you bask in the hot post-orgasm haze. No, with this type I can continue the stimulation. I can ‘bear’ to have him keep thrusting into me, against me. I can keep the Doxy pressed up against my clit, grinding against the powerful, throbbing vibration.  

Multiple Orgasms Or Not?  

Is what I’m experiencing really that elusive, almost-mythical sexual happening: multiple orgasms? I thought multiple orgasms were entirely discrete ones. Individually separate, and distinctly so. After all, I know what one orgasm is, so multiple orgasms must be like that, but more of them.  

What Are Multiple Orgasms How Long Should An Orgasm Last

This is backed up by other sources.  

“Multiple orgasms occur when a woman has more than one orgasm during a sexual experience with either her partner, or while she’s self-stimulating. They don’t always occur in succession, but with continued stimulation and arousal, they can have a second and a third go with little effort.” – Medical Daily

“Definition of multiple orgasms: experiencing orgasms within half a minute to a minute apart, which is quite close together. Each orgasm in a multiple session doesn’t have to be earth shattering, it can be waves of pleasure, or even tension releases, we all experience orgasms differently and at different intensities, so multiple orgasms also vary with each individual.” Female First 

With further reading, it becomes apparent that the gap between orgasms, the rest phase, isn’t necessarily a part of multiple orgasms. 

“[Multiple orgasms are] successive orgasms that take place without having the usual “resolution” phase in the Masters and Johnson model of human sexual response.” – Shepherd Express

“Multiple orgasms are a series of sequential orgasmic experiences that occur in quick succession.”Health Central 

This last quote is the closest to how I experience multiple orgasms – or if they aren’t/it isn’t a multiple orgasm experience, then as close to it as I’ve ever got. It’s exactly that, a sequence of orgasms. When I referred to riding a wave of orgasm, I guess it was slightly misleading; I don’t feel one drawn out climax but several peaks. Like someone banging a big bass drum throughout a normal orgasm, where the space between the beats is pleasurable and the beats themselves are climactic.  

In Conclusion

When it comes down to it, I suppose such labels don’t really matter. Multiple orgasms are famously elusive for many women, however, so the appeal is undeniable. Whether what I happily experience from time to time is multiple orgasms or not, it’s extremely pleasurable in any case. Why quibble over definitions when there’s orgasmic quivering to be getting on with instead?

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