Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass from Temptation Holidays

Most of us would love to live a healthier life, but good intentions all too easily fall to the wayside in the pursuit of pleasure. Happily, there’s now a way to combine better health with carnal passions: sensual wellbeing.

A couple of months ago I revealed that Temptation Holidays -the new and confident voice in the 18+ leisure sector- would be organising fun and educational experiences for adventurous adults. As Temptation Holidays and their clients prioritise sensual wellbeing, their upcoming event is the perfect setting for you to realise full sexual empowerment as well as accessing plenty of other intimate advice.

Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass

Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass from Temptation Holidays

Temptation Holidays have organised a Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass which will welcome ladies only (18+) for the evening. This masterclass will be hosted by the experts in female pleasure, Sh! Erotic Emporium. With over 25 years of experience, the ladies from Sh! will be the perfect guides to help you unlock greater awareness of your sensual needs, leading to a heightened enjoyment of both solo and shared intimate pleasure sessions.

Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass from Temptation HolidaysThe Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass will be buzzing with positive energy (and, of course, several demonstration products). With over 200 women expected to attend, you can look forward to a fun and welcoming evening courtesy of Temptation Holidays.

There will be talks, workshops and demonstrations, as well as fun games for those who’d like to take part, with some saucy prizes up for grabs. The masterclass is a fully-clothed event and any participation in the workshops, demonstrations and games is entirely voluntary.

Where It’s At

The Frosbisher auditorium at the Barbican Centre in London, UK will be the setting for this Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass.

Barbican Centre
Silk Street, London

The Barbican Centre is within walking distance from several London Underground stations, the closest being Barbican, St Paul’s and Moorgate. The nearest train stations are Liverpool Street and Farringdon. Bus Route 153 runs directly past the Barbican along Chiswell Street. There is car parking at the centre (payable) plus free bicycle spaces.

More information available at the Barbican Centre website.

When It’s Happening

The Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass will take place on the 30th November 2017.

Arrive at the Frosbisher foyer from 6.30pm to buy your pre-event drinks, then head to the Frosbisher auditorium at 7pm for a 90-minute fun and educational extravaganza. Your comfort and enjoyment is top priority, and with this in mind there’ll be an intermission mid-session.

Evening Schedule

Attendees are assured of a highly entertaining as well as educational evening at the Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass.

Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass from Temptation Holidays

Let’s take a look at the full-to-bursting schedule:

Part One

An Introduction to Sh!
For Her Pleasure

A voyage of discovery into female pleasure. A sensual expert will discuss female arousal, not only from an anatomical point of view but also the psychological requirements and impact. During the relaxed setting of the masterclass, your ‘sensual tutor’ will share valuable sex toy advice and how to use them to reach and enhance the female orgasm.

The Seductive Arts

Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass from Temptation HolidaysWho wouldn’t want to be more seductive? This lust-inducing lesson will help you perfect those flirtatious skills. Reveal your seduction strengths and learn how to become the mistress of an erotic liaison at will. Find out how to grow your self-confidence, the expression of which will render you entirely irresistible.

Erotic Fantasy Writing

Writing is often a therapeutic and cathartic experience, and no less so with regards to sex and desire. Putting both pen and passion to paper will free those sexual fantasies and unlock free rein to conjure even wilder imaginings. After such sensual creativity and intense exploration, you’ll be inspired to visit those fantasies time and again in other areas of your life.

Intermission (15 minutes)

Part Two

For His Pleasure

Find out what really pushes his buttons in this fascinating and playful class covering male pleasure. The secrets of his erotic hotspots will be revealed, along with a frank discussion of male anatomy and how to use this knowledge, combined with expert techniques, to give him mind-blowing pleasure sessions.

Hanky, Panky, Spanky!

Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass from Temptation HolidaysCurious about spanking? Get ready for an interactive lesson which taps into the appeal of this pleasure-inducing activity. Learn what makes spanking so popular, how to do it safely and which implements are best to use for maximum efficiency and enjoyment.

All Tied Up

Restricted movement in an passionate session can lead to heightened levels of erotic anticipation. Find out what makes bondage a thrilling psychological as well as physical turn-on for so many. Your expert guide will give you a beginner’s course in using bondage accessories, blindfolds, cuffs and sensory toys to tease and tantalise.

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Sensual Wellbeing Masterclass from Temptation Holidays

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