My Deserved Punishment From Mistress

I’d taken far too long to complete the last task I’d been given, and my Mistress was very displeased with me. Despite my begging and pleading, and my grovelling apology, I got the impression Mistress was deliberately making me wait before announcing her chosen punishment. The tension and anxiety kept mounting.

My Deserved Punishment From Mistress | FemDom Session Blog

Eventually, a text from Mistress. I was to serve Mistress on Thursday morning, and also collect some packages that Mistress required to be posted.

My nerves were on edge. I knew I had displeased Mistress and did not know what to expect. At the same time though, I was excited that Mistress had given me the opportunity to make amends and try to please her.

On Wednesday night Mistress and I exchanged several texts. I was desperate to please Mistress in every way, and checked what I should wear, the time of arrival, and if there was anything special Mistress would require.

During the course of the evening’s text conversation my attire became clear.

I was to wear no panties and remain naked under my jeans. I was to wear a black bra, and worse, I was to wear black stockings with suspender belt so Mistress could laugh at me.

On Thursday I awoke filled with nervous energy and anticipation, and after showering took my time to make sure I was neatly dressed exactly as Mistress required. There was no room for error this time.

I drove to Mistress and although traffic was busy, I arrived on time. My clit was aching. Mistress had made sure to torment me on the journey, sending me pictures of her legs and telling me that I had better make a good job of massaging and kissing them and making sure they felt relaxed.

On arrival I texted Mistress and was told to come straight in.

I nervously opened the door and crawled into the lounge and immediately knelt in front of Mistress to kiss her feet which looked even more beautiful clad in sheer stockings. My body was trembling; partly through fear and partly through excitement of actually being in the presence of my wonderful Mistress.

Mistress kept me waiting, no doubt deliberately, before commanding me to look straight ahead.

I raised my head, and like a bolt of lightning Mistress slapped the palm of her hand hard across my face. I rocked back in shock and pain, but Mistress just laughed. With laughter in her voice Mistress commented,

“You said you have never being slapped before. Well now you have – and hopefully it will serve as a reminder to never displease me again.”

I thanked Mistress for my punishment, feeling the echoes of her slap reverberating through the fresh handprint on my face. The rest of my body quivered in shock and anticipation.

The next sharply delivered order from Mistress was to STRIP.

My face flushing with humiliation I peeled off my t-shirt to reveal the dusky rose bra I wore underneath. After unbuckling and removing my jeans, Mistress seemed amused and delighted to see I wore stockings and suspenders beneath. She laughed aloud at how small my pathetic clit had become.


Obediently kneeling on all fours in front of Mistress, I felt reduced to an animal as She inspected me. I was branded as stupid because I was wearing a bra that was obviously too small. Mistress also made sure I knew how ridiculous I looked in the stockings and suspenders especially topped with such a tiny and useless clit.

Mistress interrogated me about my edging. When the last time I had been allowed a release? How did that tiny clit feel right now? The questions served to focus my attention not only on Mistress’ presence but also the fact that my clit had been so cruelly denied pleasure for a long time. I could feel it twitching as Mistress questioned me about what it was like, enduring the suffering of chastity for her.

My Deserved Punishment From Mistress | FemDom Session BlogWhile asking the questions, Mistress made the most of her slave in her presence. She clearly and loudly enjoyed teasing her slave, feeling for my clit with her PVC-gloved hands, pulling and twisting it to emphasise her points. It was all I could do not to groan aloud at her touch, and I’m not sure I succeeded in keeping quiet. The cold PVC material of her gloves just served to further highlight the divide between Mistress and slave, and somehow made each touch and tug feel even more erotic.

After watching me squirm in discomfort and no doubt listening out for those involuntary groans, Mistress announced that she was still displeased with me. Ten sharp blows were promptly delivered -from what felt like a short crop- to my exposed buttocks, and I made sure I counted and thanked her for each stinging lash.

With my body clothed for humiliation, my tiny clit denied and aching and both ends of me glowing with Mistress’ punishments, I was reminded that I was in fact there for her pleasure. My purpose as Mistress’ slave was to please her – so I should hurry up and get on with it.

First, Mistress instructed me to remove her stockings and to fold them neatly. I could scarcely breathe as I was allowed to roll down her stockings, one by one down her gorgeous legs, and place them carefully to the side.

Slave’s next task was to kiss Mistress’ beautiful feet. I set to this task with enthusiasm, making sure my tongue cleaned and worshipped every part of Mistress’s feet. My mouth gratefully set to this task; gently sucking, nibbling and kissing their divine presence.

After some time Mistress decided she needed a drink and sent me forth to make her a cup of tea. This I dutifully did, but it was when I went to add milk that I realised my error. I had used the wrong tea bags. Hoping to cover my mistake I tipped the tea down the sink and quickly set about making a fresh cup. But nothing slips past Mistress. Before I knew it Mistress had entered the kitchen and I was forced to tell Mistress of my stupidity and humbly apologise.

I made a fresh cup and carefully crawled back into the lounge, with great difficulty, to present it to my Mistress. Mistress did not look pleased, and I knew the morning would continue to be even more torturous.

My Deserved Punishment From Mistress | FemDom Session BlogNervous and on high alert I resumed kissing and licking Mistress’ feet, whilst Mistress raised her other leg and used my back as a footstool. I was so frightened about which punishment Mistress might decide on due to my error, that my clit was entirely shrunken. Upon noticing, Mistress laughed loudly that she couldn’t even see it. It was like I had nothing there at all.

My mind was spinning with the overwhelming humiliation and fear, and I could barely get any words out. Terror gripped me in every way, but it was confusingly mingled with a painfully sharp arousal which seemingly only manifested in my mind – not my body. In that moment I determined to make sure I did not make any further mistakes.

Unfortunately, my nerves mixed with the intoxicating sensation of her close proximity and my humiliation meant that I kept making mistakes regardless of my vow to myself. My tongue felt too large for my mouth, and I couldn’t get words out to answer questions I was asked properly. Forgetting myself, lost in the glorious feeling of her divine presence I looked at Mistress without permission on a couple of occasions. In general, I made matters worse for myself.

My Deserved Punishment From Mistress | FemDom Session BlogFrom the corner of my eye, I saw Mistress reaching for her crop and flogger. With one in each hand, as she lounged in her chair, she tormented my already pink behind while I knelt to continue worshipping her legs and feet.

On finishing her tea Mistress ordered me to stop. I was to kneel up in front of her, on full display. Maybe Mistress had enough of waiting for my clit to reappear and wished to see if I had anything there at all. Although nothing much was showing, there was a tiny bud. The cruel laughter of Mistress rang in my ears as she joked about how pathetic both my clit and I were. The physical torment continued, supplementing my mental suffering, as Mistress twisted her bare feet against my tiny clit then grasped and pulled it about with her gloved hands.

Just when I thought my morning could get no worse, my tiny clit made a terrible mistake. It had leaked pre-cum all over my Mistress’ glove.

Mistress was not happy about this at all. After making me lick up my filth from her glove, she warned me that I would be thrashed severely if I dared leak on to her floor. I grabbed my t-shirt from the earlier discarded pile and quickly placed it underneath me. Any errant leak would foul my clothes and not my Mistress’s precious floor, as is only right.

The torment of my tiny clit continued as Mistress carried on her punishment using her hands and flogger. Slave stood no chance against Mistress’ expert administrations and soon was leaking my filthy pre-cum on her punishment tools. Mistress took great delight in making me lick my filth from each one of them.

Several times throughout Mistress repeated that slave was simply Mistress’ toy and slave’s only purpose in life was to please and amuse her. I felt my mind relaxing into an even deeper submission as I let the words penetrate me to the core. Yes, I was simply Mistress’ toy and my only purpose was to please her in any way I could.

The pain of knowing I’d displeased Mistress in various ways until this point seared freshly. Feeling a renewed devotion to Mistress I found myself babbling promises to her that it would never happen again, I would always place Mistress first and would never dispute Mistress, ever. No command or order would see a delay or mistake.

With just the barest of nods of acknowledgement Mistress had me lick her crop again. Then Mistress made me kneel straight up in front of her… I didn’t know what to expect but without warning Mistress edged me in front of her. Her gloved hands edged my tiny clit, showing no mercy.

My body had never known torment like this. Every stroke from Mistress had my body screaming out for release. My skin was so ultra-sensitive that with each touch it felt like 10,000 volts were coursing through my body.

As my body built in intensity to the point of release, Mistress suddenly jerked her hand away leaving me gasping and shouting aloud in need. Unable to stop myself, I fell to the side – breathing laboriously and sweat pouring from me.

Mistress sat back in her chair and laughed at the sight of her slut in such a predicament. So utterly dependant on a pathetic clit. I was under no illusion. I suffered because Mistress wished me to suffer, and I did not deserve release.

Thankfully I was allowed a few minutes to compose myself then I got back into my rightful position at my Mistress’ feet. Lotion was handed to me and I was instructed to continue massaging my Mistress’ aching legs.

Completing this task to an acceptable standard was difficult to say the least. I was still breathing heavily from the sudden journey to the edge of my arousal, cruelly denied. My body betrayed me with each touch Mistress made. It is difficult to explain, but every time my Mistress touched me, it felt like someone was sticking needles through my skin and twisting the needles around.

But it was so intensely enjoyable, that pain. Addictive.

Groaning aloud, I squirmed, bucked and shook. Mistress enjoyed the torment she was causing and took delight in my suffering whilst laughing at my pathetic desires.

Time was lost to me, all that mattered was that I suffered to please Mistress.

My Deserved Punishment From Mistress | FemDom Session BlogAfter an unknowable amount of time, Mistress once again told me to get on all fours. A final flourish, a punishment of 24 strokes delivered to my deserving backside. The state I was in, it was difficult to count after 18; still Mistress showed no mercy. Only a perverse sense of pleasure to see me suffer and debase myself.

Punishment delivered, my buttocks so red and sore, I was commanded dress myself again, then crawl to Mistress’ hallway.

After being given a few domestic chores to complete for Mistress I was sternly reminded not to fail my Mistress again.

Pain threatened to overwhelm my body from the punishment and the agonising ache for orgasmic release threatened to overtake my mind. However, I knew that slave was to be denied for a while yet… it’s what Mistress wanted, and that’s all that mattered. I thanked Mistress for my lesson in obedience and once more vowed never to displease her again.

Kneeling there, with Mistress smiling down at me, I kissed my Mistress’s feet for the final time that day. As she turned to dismiss me from her presence, I dutifully made my exit until my next summons.

– slave

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  1. I am a slave husband also. In the morning after making breakfast and serving her I don’t get time to be punished.I used to get tortured during my bed time only and occasionally on holidays. It is only for an hour or 45 minutes according to her mood but this duration is the longest duration in a day for me. Coz when she start she breaks me like anything. I am not only canned but she beats my gentile also depending on the weekly course of punishment determined by her.But I am really lucky enough as she gives me opportunity to serve her feet just after punishment.

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