What Should Freelance Bloggers Charge Per Article?

One of the most confusing things about going from hobby blogger to professional / freelance blogger is working out what you should charge. A frequent question I get asked is, “how much do I charge per blog post?” Whether the post is going to be on your blog or on a client’s website, what should freelance bloggers charge per article?

What Should Freelance Bloggers Charge Per Article?

Taking into account that the majority of those asking this question will be new to the pro blogging / freelance writing world, I’d work out the pricing a little like this.

Your Writing Has Integral Worth

It’s probably best to leave your traffic and social media audience out of the equation, as you might not have established high levels due to being a new blogger. Even if you’ve been hobby blogging for some time, your social media audience in particular might not be the type that appeals to a would-be freelance writing client. Writing is still a skill, though, regardless of your blog’s traffic size or your social media following and reach. Don’t underestimate the value of your writing on its own merit, regardless of anything else.

This specialised piece will be for your relevant niche, and you may have been sought out to write it. The aim is for a high quality piece, whether or not you’re a new/pro blogger, and clients will likely use the published article as part of their marketing strategy. It has integral worth.

Working Out Your Rates

So, what should freelance bloggers charge per article? It really comes down to how much you think your writing is worth, which includes how much you think your time working on these articles for the requesting business is worth.

Freelance rates are typically more than if you were working in an office/day job, earning salary. So, don’t do yourself down. I started off charging £25 per hour, taking into account I’d already grown a fair following on social media due to previous work in this industry. Personally, I’d advise not going lower than £15 per hour it takes you to write the piece. This includes not only the writing itself, but also research, editing and how much value you place on your unique writing talent.

Say you decided on £15 per hour. If the whole article/research/editing takes you 3 hours, that means an article price for the business is £45. If it takes you 2 hours, £30.

Stay Confident About Your Skills

Try to estimate how long it will take you beforehand (take note of how long it takes you to write and curate one of your better blog posts) and give a solid price to the requesting client. And stick to your guns. Don’t be battled down on price – this is business, and attempted bartering is par for the course – if you do go lower they’ll know that you’re flexible. Flexible in this regard tells businesses that you don’t value your work enough to stick to the price you’ve originally set.

Keep in mind that you’ve been asked to write the piece (or had your pitch agreed to) because the client already knows you have the required skills and style, and they know you can do the job to an acceptable/great standard. Keep that confidence in yourself, and your writing.

Yes, I’m aware it can be very difficult at times – sometimes I think questioning whether you’re actually a decent writer is simply part of the process. Even though I’ve been a freelance specialist writer for years, I still regularly doubt my skills and suffer crises of confidence.

Charging Per Word

Another point: some writers charge per word, but I don’t think this is a great way to work out what to charge, personally. Some freelancers might feel they have to stretch an article to reach a minimum word count which can result in a low-quality piece. Besides, you’re not only charging for the words themselves – it’s the skill, research, time, editing involved. There are lots of facets beyond the mere words when it comes to a top quality freelance article.

As always, this blogging advice post is a reflection of how I work when it comes to working out what to charge clients per article. No hard ‘n fast rules – I just wanted to share a few tips from personal experience. I hope they help.

What Should Freelance Bloggers Charge Per Article?

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What Should Freelance Bloggers Charge Per Article?

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