Should I Publish My Sex Toy Review On As Many Websites As Possible?

You’ve written a fantastic sex toy review, covering all aspects of the product. Or perhaps it’s for lube, lingerie or bondage gear. The fact is, you’ve managed to put together a thorough review that you’re sure will help others understand the product before spending their hard-earned cash on it. Now, where should you publish this review that you’re rather proud of?

Should I Publish My Sex Toy Review On As Many Websites As Possible?

The top answer, if you have your own sex blog, is likely to be on your blog. But say you are a relatively new blogger or for some other reason have a small or limited audience. Or perhaps you just want to give this amazing review a boost with extra exposure. Doesn’t it make sense to put your sex toy review in as many places as possible?

As well as on your own blog, there are a few other places you might be tempted to publish your sex toy review.

– On A Sex Toy Shop’s Product Page

Sex toy shops online often offer the facility for customers and other users to add their own product review to the buy page. It’s much the same as Amazon in the majority of cases; a short review is submitted with a star rating, which is then moderated by a staff member before being published for all page visitors to read.

This option might seem particularly sensible if the sex toy shop were the ones to send you the product, and it may cross your mind to post your review at other sex toy websites where the item is also for sale.

– On Amazon

Sex toys are now offered for sale on e-commerce giant Amazon. With such a large audience, especially for and, it can be tempting to find the product you’ve written your review for and submit your text & star rating as a review to appear on the selling page there, too.

– As A Guest Review On Another Blog

If you’re worried your review won’t be seen by many on your own blog, you may be inclined to ask/accept offers to publish your review on another, more established blog. In that way, your review will be seen by that blogger’s audience.

There may even be a link back to your own blog, introducing those readers to your webspace and giving you an SEO-valuable backlink from a website with authority in a relevant niche.

– As A Guest Review For The Pleasure Panel

As a member of the Pleasure Panel, you’re sent products to write a review for which is published here at CaraSutra. It may be that you’d like to submit a review for another product, something I’ve not sent you, something you’ve reviewed on your blog already. Or perhaps you want to put your Pleasure Panel review for the item I sent you on your own blog, as well as having it published here at CaraSutra.

The more who read your review the better, right?

Please, Avoid Publishing Duplicate Content

Should I Publish My Sex Toy Review On As Many Websites As Possible?

Duplicate content breaches Google’s content publication rules. Search engines – Google especially – don’t like it when the exact same content is published to more than one website. It doesn’t matter if one is a blog and the other is an online shop – to the search engines they’re both websites and if the exact same content is found on both, it can be damaging for both sites involved.

Google and other search engines may stop ranking those websites as highly for various related search terms – meaning that by publishing your content on another site than your own blog could harm not just the other website, but your blog, as well.

Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You (Sex Toys)

If an online sex shop has sent you a product to review, then it’s only polite to make sure you publish that review only in places that shop is happy with. This might be on your blog or on the product page at their website or a full review on your blog with a mini (differently worded) review on their website.

To go ahead and publish your review (or even a differently worded version of that review) in places other than those the business has allowed/is aware of would be quite rude. It could even mean that the shop involved is put off from sending you more products & working with you in the future. Of course it could be that they don’t mind at all – but without asking them how would you know?

Check A Blog Or Shop’s Publication Policies

I believe that it’s always best to check a website’s specific policies on content/review publication in all cases. It’s the polite, honest, professional and fair thing to do.

For example, the guidelines of the Pleasure Panel make it clear that products sent to members are for full review only at Those reviews are not to be published in full at the person’s own blog or on another website.

Similarly, reviews sent from Pleasure Panel members for other products, ones I’ve not sent out, need to be unique content for I cannot publish reviews which have already been published elsewhere. This would contravene not only the duplicate content policies of search engines as explained above, but also the rules of the Pleasure Panel itself.

You can also check the footer of this website – there’s a copyright notice and republication rules at the foot of every page on this blog.

What To Do Instead

Should I Publish My Sex Toy Review On As Many Websites As Possible?

Stuck for ideas on how to enable more people to see that fantastic review you’ve written? Although we’ve discussed why publishing that full review in more than one place isn’t a great idea, there is a way you can kinda do it without running into problems.

Instead of publishing your entire review on that shop page, or on Amazon, why not cut it down to a mini version. Also, change the words enough so that it doesn’t read the same.

If you’d like to guest blog the review, or send it to me to publish as a Pleasure Panel review, it’s best as a full review. This means that to avoid the duplicate content/content publishing policies you need to provide a completely differently worded review. It’s not enough to simply change a few words here and there. The search engines are smarter than that; they can tell if you’re trying to publish something incredibly similar.

The Options:

Publish the entire review on your own blog and put a mini review on the shop’s page.

Publish the entire review on your blog or the shop’s page, not both.

If submitting as a guest blog elsewhere: check the blogger’s publishing policies before submitting your entire review. It may be that they’d rather have the entire review with you simply putting a few lines on your own blog and a link to where the full review can be found.

If submitting as a Pleasure Panel review: the review needs to be unique content for This means a submitted product review cannot have already been published elsewhere whether on a shop’s product page or on your own blog. For products sent to you as part of the Pleasure Panel rounds, the review isn’t for use anywhere else, but you may put a few lines from it on your own blog with a link to where the full review can be found at

If in doubt, simply ask before publishing or submitting your review. It’s much better than risking seeming impolite or breaching search engine or website-specific publication policies.
Should I Publish My Sex Toy Review On As Many Websites As Possible?

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Should I Publish My Sex Toy Review On As Many Websites As Possible?

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