Happy Birthday Daddy! From Your Little Girl

It’s Daddy’s birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday Daddy 🙂

My Daddy is very big and so very strong. He has big hands to hold me tight and strong warm arms to wrap around me tightly and make any bad things go away. Daddy always has zillions Happy Birthday Daddy From Your Dirty Little Girlof cuddles and huggles for his little girl. He always gives me his special love and he is always there for me. Daddy never tells me to go away, he always has time for me.

My Daddy works hard and because he works alot he gets so very tired. So when he is all tired in bed it’s my special job to help Daddy feel better by cuddling him and kissing him. Daddy especially likes it when I give him naked cuddles, because they feel warmer and he likes feeling my soft naked skin on him. It’s then usually not long before Daddy perks up and his fingers start to move all over his little girl. He feels to check I’m warm enough all over and he gives me lovely Daddy strokes and tickles (especially in those special places that only Daddy knows about).

Happy Birthday Daddy From Your Dirty Little GirlOne day, a long, long time ago, Daddy gave his little girl a very special present. My special present was a teddy bear, all for me!

Teddy is so fluffy and cuddly and biscuit-coloured so I called him Biscuit. He has a special huggable nose too. Biscuit keeps Daddy’s little girl warm and hugged when Daddy can’t be there sometimes because he has to go and do Big People Stuff.

Teddy Biscuit is so furry and soft and warm and helps to make things all better even though Daddy might not be there with me. Also Teddy Biscuit makes my special places feel good – but shhhh, it’s a secret. Or Daddy might get cross again.

…and it hurts when Daddy gets cross. *rubs bottom*

Oh, and Daddy says all the right words always. Like that he loves his little girl and that I’m only for Daddy, no-one else. That Daddy loves the way his little girl’s mouth is always ready for him, for kissing or for sucking on his cock.

Happy Birthday Daddy From Your Dirty Little GirlDaddy loves how tight his little girl is. He loves shoving his big Daddy cock into me to give me his special love – and it doesn’t even matter what time of the day or night it is. Sometimes when I’m asleep. But I don’t mind. I love waking up to Daddy giving me all his special love again. Even when it’s quite hurty and ouchy sometimes, because Daddy feels so big and is pushing it in so hard. I love my Daddy so I’m a good girl and I try to be very quiet, as quiet as possible, so Daddy doesn’t stop giving me his special love. Mmm, Daddy feels so good when he’s pushing his lovely big cock all the way inside me.

Sometimes Daddy worries that he’s not such a good Daddy and that he doesn’t do the right things and that he says the wrong words. But Daddy’s words are always lovely and gentle and kind and nice. I don’t know any Daddy as nice as my Daddy. When Daddy gets those silly worries then it’s time for naked huggles while kissing my lovely and clever and big and perfect Daddy all better.

Happy Birthday Daddy From Your Dirty Little GirlI can be naughty sometimes especially teasing all the boys but Daddy says he doesn’t mind me teasing all the boys so that’s ok. Sometimes they can see my knickers. But Daddy knows none of them will get to touch my special places, because they’re ONLY for Daddy. Nobody else. Daddy likes reminding his little girl that those special warm places are just for him and not for those boys. He says I’m all tight and wet and feel so good when I’m clenching my pussy around his cock. And then I feel even better when he is finally ready to explode all his hot love deep inside me.

I love my Daddy and Daddy loves me too.

Happy Birthday Daddy From Your Dirty Little Girl

Happy birthday, Daddy – from your dirty little girl

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