What To Do When You Can’t Complete A Product Review

As a sex toy reviewer, there may come a time when you can’t provide the promised review in a reasonable time-frame. Or perhaps you feel that actually, you now can’t complete a product review at all.

Thinking back to an earlier Sex Blogger School article, I’d always advise a sex toy reviewer against accepting all products for testing that they’re offered – which usually means a work overload. Tester products can quickly mount up in the excitement of receiving shinies in the post, and you could end up in a position where you’re over-promising and under-delivering to the supplying companies.

Taking into account that you’ve thought you could review a certain product, in an acceptable time-frame, something  may have happened in the interim. There’s now going to be a big delay – or you can’t review it at all.

Reasons You Might Not Be Able To Review

What To Do When You Can't Complete A Product Review

In the past, some reviewers for the Pleasure Panel haven’t been able to complete their reviews. It doesn’t happen often, but there’s usually good reason. After all, when accepting an item for review you then have an obligation to fulfil. You’ve promised that as the product is being sent out to you, you’ll complete a thorough review to a good standard in an acceptable time-frame.

But life happens. Relationships break up, and there’s a product left un-reviewed which is a couples’ sex toy. Accidents happen, which could result in long hospital stays and/or surgeries. Perhaps there’s been a family bereavement, and reviewing sex toys is (of course, and I completely feel this from personal experience) the last thing on your mind.

Understandably, in the above and similar situations it would be thoughtless to demand a review from someone who had originally accepted the product with the best intentions.

What NOT To Do

What To Do When You Can't Complete A Product Review

I want to start with what you definitely shouldn’t do – whether you can’t complete a review due to an unscheduled delay, or you just can’t complete it at all.

Please, please – whether it’s for the Pleasure Panel or any product supplying company – don’t simply do nothing. Doing absolutely nothing is literally the worst thing to do.

Whoever has sent the product to you isn’t psychic, they won’t know what’s happened in your personal life. Instead, a company starts to wonder whether a person has simply disappeared with the product sent and doesn’t plan to review. Or worse, that something absolutely terrible has happened to a blogger/reviewer, if their social media also falls silent. It’s incredibly worrying.

What To Do Instead

Instead of burying heads in sand, the key here is to accept that an outstanding product review won’t simply be forgotten about. Someone somewhere has had to pay for that product, and pay for it to be sent to you, and the responsibility of your owed review isn’t going to just go away.

As usual, the solution lies in prompt and honest communication. With companies I’ve worked for, worked with, and now as someone who gathers product reviews from my own community, I can honestly say that communication really is key. It’s a well-worn phrase, but with excellent reason.

I’d much prefer someone to approach me about an outstanding review before I have to get a bit huffy and chase them for it. I can understand that the sense of responsibility combined with guilt over not yet providing the review can create inertia through worry and even fear. But please, don’t be nervous. Doing nothing will just make things worse.

With companies I’ve worked with, they’ve always been extremely understanding over product review delays. We all understand that life has a way of, well, happening – and sometimes it’s a case of ‘the best laid plans’.

What literally makes all the difference is that key point of communicating what’s going on – and I don’t mean specifics are needed, just some sort of email or message with a note as to the delay – so product suppliers remain in the know.

Of course the preferable route to take would be to ask for an extension on the usual time-frame, with the intention still in place to provide a review eventually. If you need to cancel the review entirely, I’d advise these further steps.

When You Need To Cancel On Your Product Review Obligation

This would hopefully be your last resort stage. There’s nothing to be done about the matter, you simply can’t ever complete this review. Not this month, not next month, not this year, not ever.

As I see it, there’s two options open to you:

  1. If the product has been opened, then it can’t be returned to someone else. Personally, I’d offer payment in full for this item to the company who supplied it, since it was supplied for a review that I can’t now provide, and it can’t be sold on to another customer. A company may be generous (and/or financially successful!) enough to turn down your offer, but it’s still the decent offer to make.
  2. If the product is still in the same condition as you received it, ie. not opened, not touched, then another route is possible. You could offer to return it to the company (offer to do this at your own expense, and I’d strongly advise a tracked method of postage). This means it can be sent to another reviewer – and the company will eventually get the promised review – albeit from someone else.

Hopefully this week’s Sex Blogger School has given you some helpful suggestions when you’re in sex toy reviewer difficulty – not able to provide the promised product review on time. Or at all.

Please leave your comments below if you’ve got any other suggestions or advice for sex toy reviewers who find themselves in this tricky situation.

What To Do When You Can't Complete A Product Review

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What To Do When You Can't Complete A Product Review

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