I Made A Company’s Best Sex Blogger List! Should I Publish The Badge On My Blog?

At some point in your blogging journey you may be contacted to alert you to the fact that your blog has made a ‘best blogger list’. Many websites and businesses create lists like this, which can be anything from a simple list of linked blog names to a more detailed article with a brief blurb on each blogger. It’s natural to feel proud of the recognition and respect you’ve earned by making a company’s best sex blogger list.

I Made A Companys Best Sex Blogger List Should I Publish The Badge On My Blog

In my experience, along with the email or message letting you know that you’ve been included on one of these lists you tend to receive an attached or linked graphic which proudly announces that you’ve been included on said list. The image may read along the lines of “Best Sex Blog” with the current year, or “We Love This Sex Blogger!” or “Top 25 Best Sex Bloggers Ever” etc. This image or badge will often include the list creator’s business name/logo.

A Reaction Journey

When I’ve received a message like this, along with the attached badge, I am asked to use the badge on my blog – usually on my sidebars. In the past I’ve gone along with this – in fact my ‘reaction journey’ to these messages/request to publish the badge on my sidebars has gone something like this:

Oh wow! I made a company’s best sex blogger list! I’ll let my readers know by copy/pasting the html snippet into the relevant area on my blog, which displays the provided badge on all my sidebars. Then I’ll put it on all my social media. I might even write a little blog post about it too!

Aw, that’s nice. I’ll copy/paste the html snippet provided to put the badge into my sidebars. I might tweet about it too!

Oh cool, but I don’t want to hotlink the badge image – I’ll save the badge image, upload to my blog and pop it in my sidebars with a link back to the best sex blogger list. There, that looks good. 

Ok wait a minute. That’s all lovely and everything but you want me to link to you from all my sidebars? Hmm, ok well I guess… I mean you did do a nice thing by including me in your list. Ok then, sure.

Ooh I’m on a best sex blogger list. Awesome! However my sidebars are majorly for paid sponsors… and putting this badge up would really be free advertising, both the image and the backlink from my website. I’ll respond with thanks, but I need to think about whether this badge adds value to my blog – or only really adds value for the originating company/website.

Ah, another company is doing the ‘best sex blogger list’ followed by the ‘please publish our badge in your sidebars’ free backlink strategy. Thanks, but probably no thanks.

At the risk of sounding like I’ve simply become jaded and cynical over the years I’ve been sex blogging, please allow me to explain the change in my attitude. I promise it’s not because I’m ungrateful. Hopefully my explanation will help you to properly consider whether you really should publish that best sex blogger list badge on every sidebar on your blog.

First, Thank You

I really am very grateful when companies/websites choose to include me on their best sex blogger list. Honestly. I like to think it means that my hard work and efforts blogging aren’t going unnoticed, so much so that another site has chosen to include my blog in their ‘yay, look at these bloggers because they’re pretty awesome’ list to be read by their audience.

So, websites who genuinely want to publish a list of bloggers they feel are pretty cool and want to share the love: thank you.

On Publishing This Type Of Badge

Ok, so here’s the problem I have. The majority of the time when I’m alerted to my inclusion on a best sex blogger list I’m also informed about the attached badge on the email which announces my inclusion. I’m asked to use this on my blog to let my readers know that I’ve ‘made the list’.

The request that I use this badge on my blog can be anywhere from a no-obligation, polite offer (“if you like, you could use the attached badge we’ve created on your blog to let your readers know – completely up to you”) all the way to a firm request (“as you’ve been included on our list please show your gratitude by publishing the attached badge in your blog’s sidebars”).

My reaction to these offers/requests all comes down to three things:

  1. Attitude displayed with the request
  2. Intent behind the best sex blogger list creation
  3. A careful consideration of whether I really want to publish this badge on my blog, or not.

Respect, Or Disrespect?

If you’ve ‘made’ a company’s best sex blogger list then it’s hoped that the company involved has a genuine respect for you, the blogger. Personally, I like to consider whether that assumed respect also makes its way into the communications with me about my inclusion on the list.

Is the offer to tell your audiences about your inclusion on the list – whether in a blog post, on social media or by publishing a sidebar badge – really just a polite offer? Or is it a firm request? Or possibly even a bit of an emotionally manipulative demand, almost saying ‘if you don’t, we’ll assume you’re incredibly ungrateful – and look, we did such a nice thing for you’?

Why Was The List Created?

Do you believe this best sex blogger list was created with the genuine intent to let people know about respected bloggers in this niche? Or does it smack of an attempt to play on bloggers’ egos to get free exposure of their website through blog posts about the list, social media mentions and the free backlink and advertising on every page on your blog via publication of a pretty badge?

I’m definitely not saying that all best blogger lists are simply some form of free advertising attempt/backlink strategy; but I believe some most definitely are.

Will The Badge Add Real Value To Your Blog?

Before publishing that pretty ‘I’m One Of [company name]’s Best Sex Bloggers!” badge on your blog, think about what your blog is gaining from this agreement. By announcing to your readers that you’ve made this company’s best sex blogger list, are you lifting the assumed merit of your blog by association with that company? Such as by telling your readers that such-and-such a company values your blog – and look what an awesome company they are?

Or are you simply going to publish the badge for another reason, like because

  • It looks pretty on your sidebars?
  • You’re proud of making the list?
  • You’ve been guilted into it by the list-making company?

Consider that by publishing this badge with the link back to their list, you’re not only giving that website advertising to your readers, you’re also publishing a backlink to their website (which is likely dofollow, and therefore higher value to the search engines) all for absolutely nothing at all in monetary terms.

The Decision, As Always, Is Completely Yours

You might not care about any of the above. If you’re a hobbyist blogger or a relatively unknown blogger, or love the originating company that much or you just really want the badge in your sidebars, then go ahead. I don’t make the rules. But I do think it’s important to be aware of the aspects I’ve pointed out here when making the decision whether or not to publish this type of announcement badge on your blog.

When I Would Publish A Badge

In some cases the merit of publishing the best sex blogger list announcement badge is likely to add enough value to your blog to make it a sensible and welcome decision. If I were included in such a list by a company or website that had super widespread/mainstream/incredibly large reach, then to announce that I’ve been picked out by them as being a great blogger would make sense.

International glossy magazines, for example. National press. Businesses who are already well respected. Websites that have nothing to gain from including me in such a list other than creating an article of genuine interest to their readers. Companies with whom an association with my blog would help persuade other companies to advertise with me, as a respected blog in my field, thus making the publication a solid business decision.

In Conclusion

If I look at the best sex blogger list your team has created and it’s on a website clearly in need of the help a free backlink/established blog & social media exposure would give, then I’ll think twice – and probably decline the offer of adding the badge. This is especially true if the email alert with attached badge tells me in no uncertain terms just how grateful I should be to have been included.

Should you publish such a badge if you’ve been included on a company’s best sex blogger list? The short answer is I don’t know. What I really hope, is that by sharing my own insights and experiences above, I’ve helped you to make a properly rounded decision using your personal judgement.

Also: businesses? If you could stop creating these lists purely as part of your ‘budget marketing’ strategy that would be awesome. To do so is incredibly disrespectful. If you’d like to advertise in my sidebars I offer extremely reasonable rates.

I Made A Companys Best Sex Blogger List Should I Publish The Badge On My Blog

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I Made A Companys Best Sex Blogger List Should I Publish The Badge On My Blog

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