Sex Toy Reviewing: When You Love The Company, But Hate The Product

As an adult product tester, it’s bound to happen at some point. You’ve been happily sex toy reviewing for various businesses on your blog – and then you get a product you really don’t get on with. But the company who sent it to you are lovely! They’ll be so upset with a negative review! What should you do? This week’s Sex Blogger School is all about sex toy reviewing: when you love the company, but hate the product.

Sex Toy Reviewing When You Love The Company But Hate The Product

It is understandable to have concerns about upsetting an adult industry company who has sent you a sex toy or other item to review, especially when you’re a new sex toy reviewer/sex blogger. This business has agreed to send you, quite possibly a not-that-well-established sex toy reviewer, a product to review, free of charge. You may feel an obligation to the company involved, an obligation which goes beyond simply writing an honest, fair and in-depth review. One which includes keeping that company happy.

Of course it’s lovely when B2Blogger relations go swimmingly, where everyone on both sides are entirely happy and there are no ripples in the pool. However, it’s more important to keep your obligation to your readers in mind. As a sex toy reviewer with their own blog, you will be building an audience who are putting their trust in your reviews. Trusting that the reviews you write are unbiased, reliable, true.

It would be a mistake to think that if you review everything you receive in a highly enthusiastic and positive light, no matter the truth of the matter, that it won’t become apparent to readers and potential customers. People who buy low quality products on the back of your review, who then find out to their dismay (and lower bank balance) that actually, it’s crap, will probably give your blog and reviews a miss in future.

This might seem like an acceptable risk to take to some – but over time, those drifted readers add up. Plus, once word gets around other bloggers that your reviews appear to be insincere, positive merely to curry favour with businesses, those in the community may well start avoiding your blog, too. And in any case, won’t you feel happier blogging with a clean conscience? Knowing, hand on heart, that you’re being completely honest with everyone?

Sex Toy Reviewing When You Love The Company But Hate The ProductProvide reliable reviews right from the start. Review products as you mean to continue, and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that being sent a product free of charge to review means you owe a company a positive review of that product. It doesn’t. You’re reviewing the product you’ve been sent; keep that in mind no matter how much you love their staff, their community, their ethos.

There are ways to negatively review a product that hasn’t worked for you, or that you really dislike, while still maintaining and communicating your admiration for, your trust in and your loyalty to a particular sex shop or adult business.

Once your negative review of the product is published at your blog, speak to the company involved – via email or some other private medium. Explain your feelings about the product, reassure that you have the utmost respect for their business, and express your hope that they understand your dedication to providing 100% honest and genuine product reviews for your readers. Say that you want your readers to be able to trust completely in the reviews you publish at your blog, and that sometimes this sincerity means having to write a negative review.

If the company involved is as genuine and deserving of your loyalty as you believe, then they will understand your viewpoint and accept that on this occasion, you had no option but to write a negative review. Trustworthy businesses who are in it for the long haul will accept criticisms of the products they manufacture or stock.

Personal experience has shown that genuine businesses will even go so far as to change the design of manufactured products based on the fair but negative reviews of sex toy reviewers and sex bloggers, incorporating reviewer’s suggestions into future versions. Trustworthy stores have discontinued certain products based on the fact that the majority of independent reviews show that it’s a low quality product which doesn’t deliver on its promises.

Just because you love the company, it doesn’t mean that you should withhold your valid opinions of a product they’ve sent you to review. Discuss the product fairly, examining why it didn’t work for you (and how it might work for others, if you feel your issues are more personal than general). It’s still appropriate to thank the company who sent you the product for review. Plus, if they stock something you feel would be better suited than the item you’ve reviewed, you could even point that out to readers and link to it as a suggested alternative.

Sex Toy Reviewing When You Love The Company But Hate The Product

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Sex Toy Reviewing When You Love The Company But Hate The Product

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  1. That is a a really balanced piece on honest review blogging, I totally agree and will be guided by it. Thank you for sharing.

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