TENGA Survey Shows 85% Of Us Are Happy With Our Partner’s Masturbation Habits

An online survey of over 2000 UK adults* has revealed some fascinating insights into our masturbation habits and attitudes. The Masturbation Matters survey was commissioned by TENGA for Masturbation Month and posed masturbation-related questions to people of various age groups (18+), genders and relationship status.

What They Asked – And How We Replied

TENGA Survey Shows 85% Of Us Are Happy With Our Partner's masturbation habits

Do you feel that masturbation is culturally acceptable?

Surprisingly, over half the UK adults polled (55%) feel that masturbation still isn’t culturally acceptable. As sales of sex toys carries on at an exponential rate, perhaps we’re clinging to some old-fashioned taboos to keep solo sex exciting?

How often do you talk about masturbation openly?

A fifth of millennials (19% of the 18-34yr olds polled) feel able to talk openly about masturbation with their partner or friends at least once a month.

This % reduces dramatically with Generation Xers (35-54yr olds) and baby boomers (55+), where only 5% and 2% feel able to do the same, respectively.

If you’re in a relationship, are you comfortable talking about masturbation with your partner?

Nearly half of millennials (40%) feel comfortable when talking about masturbation openly, compared to just 26% of Generation Xers and 20% of baby boomers. Overall, 50% of us are comfortable when talking about masturbation with our partner.

Would you like to be more open with your partner about your masturbation habits?

Over a fifth of couples (22%) expressed a desire to be more open about their masturbation habits with their partner. Hopefully this growing trend, the wish to be more open about masturbation in relationships, will lead to it actually happening in more and more cases.

Does your partner know that you masturbate?

A massive 51% of UK adults who are in a relationship stated that their partner is aware that they masturbate. 67% of these were millennials, while 35% were baby boomers.

Who do you think about during masturbation?

Ooh, cheeky! Only 35% of UK adults think about their partner during masturbation, overall. Surprisingly, a whopping 48% of millennials think about their partner when they masturbate, compared to a mere 24% of baby boomers.

39% of men polled said they think of their partner during masturbation.

16% fantasised about a celebrity, while 23% thought of an ex when hitting that sexual climax.

If you’re in a relationship, do you masturbate?

Despite being in a relationship, there’s something about the release gained during masturbation. 83% of UK adults in a relationship said that they masturbate when alone, with 51% sharing that their partner is aware of their habit.

Why do you masturbate?

Most people polled (52%) said they masturbate simply because they wanted to achieve sexual pleasure while on their own. However the under-35s in particular are using masturbation for sex-positive self-enlightenment.

A fifth of millennials (21% of 18-34yr olds) explore their sexual preferences through masturbation, and 16% say they do it to feel more comfortable with their body.

11% said they believe masturbation has a positive effect on their sexual performance, too.

Are you comfortable when your partner masturbates alone?

An overwhelming vote for yes on this question, showing evidence that although we feel masturbation isn’t culturally acceptable yet, it’s certainly an acceptable thing to do – even in a relationship. 85% of UK adults polled said they were comfortable for their partner to indulge in some self-love.

Most of these (78%) say they’re comfortable about it because it’s a natural thing to do. 60% say it’s acceptable because they masturbate, too.

It’s not just the guys who are happy about their partner finding solo relief either; 79% of attached women polled said they were comfortable with their partner masturbating alone.

Do you believe that masturbation has positive health benefits?

Over half of us (57%) believe that there are positive health benefits to be enjoyed through masturbation. This does have basis in truth, as previous studies have shown that masturbation increases our endorphins (feel-good hormones), which can effectively battle depression, anxiety and stress.

Masturbation is also a great way for singles and couples to explore their sexual preferences, fantasies and needs without the requirement for someone else to be involved, therefore lowering the risk of contracting STIs through unsafe and often unplanned sex.

The Infographic

TENGA Survey Shows 85% Of Us Are Happy With Our Partner's masturbation habits

The Expert’s Point Of View

Alix Fox, multi award-winning journalist, broadcaster and sex educator, is also the sex & relationships expert for TENGA. On the results of the masturbation study and on the topic generally, this is what she had to say:

Let’s not (ahem!) beat around the bush: the truth is that the majority of Brits masturbate, but it’s a subject that culturally, not all of us feel comfortable and confident about discussing openly.

“It seems we find it a great deal more acceptable to converse about partnered sex than we do about solo sex – and that’s an imbalance we need to put right, because the root of all good sex is exploring and knowing your own body, preferences and needs.

“By not talking about masturbation, we’re missing key opportunities to have constructive conversations about sexual health, happiness and wellbeing. Chatting about self-love can introduce us to fresh ideas, tools and techniques that could potentially bring us new levels of joy. Masturbation is a natural, healthy, positive thing to do. It’s high time we stopped shrouding it in silence, stigma and shame.”

TENGA Survey Shows 85% Of Us Are Happy With Our Partner's masturbation habits


How About You?

Now, it’s over to you. The results of this nationwide survey conducted by TENGA through YouGov are fascinating and revealing, that’s for sure – but what are your opinions on masturbation? If you’re in a relationship, how do you feel about your partner’s masturbation habits? And would you ever admit –publicly or just to yourself- that you fantasise about anyone but your partner when you masturbate?

Thought-provoking questions indeed.


TENGA Survey Shows 85% Of Us Are Happy With Our Partner's masturbation habits

*YouGov study commissioned by TENGA polled 2,035 UK adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 28th February – 1st March 2017. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+).

For more information on the survey, please visit www.masturbationmatters.co.uk

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