Social Media For Sex Bloggers: Which #SocMed Is Best?

Social Media For Sex Bloggers – Which #SocMed Is Best?

Sex Blogger School Part 4

Social media is an effective route to take when trying to get word of your new blog out to the world. It’s often a blogger’s biggest source of traffic before they become established in search engine rankings. So, once you’ve created your new sex blog, how do you get started in the world of social media? Is there anything sex bloggers should do differently or beware of? And is social media for sex bloggers or will this always be an incompatible relationship?

Social Media For Sex Bloggers - Which Social Media Is Best for Sex Bloggers?

Checking social media is the first thing many people do when they wake up. In fact there’s now approximately 2.51 billion monthly users of social media (er, guys? My blog’s right here!). Becoming part of the sex blogger community and developing an audience for your blog through social media means that your writing will likely be seen by more people than if you didn’t use social media at all – at least in the early days.

You don’t have to use social media, of course. As I said in last week’s part of Sex Blogger School, these are all simply my suggestions, not strict rules you have to follow.

Social Media For Sex Bloggers: Top Tips

Clearly direct people to your social media from your blog

When I come across a blog I like the look of, one of the first things I look for is whether they’re on social media. I scour the home page; the top area, sidebar, footer… trying to find those little social media icons.

Remember to include a way to find your social media accounts on your blog, so readers can easily connect with you.

Use easy to understand, recognisable social media icons

Although simple text links to your social media accounts from your blog homepage/side bar is better than nothing at all, social media icons do the same job but they’re eye-catching and recognisable.

Which social media icons will you choose? If you opt for something different to the standard navy Facebook, the twitter bird etc, is the design in keeping with your blog theme? And, more importantly, is it easy for visitors to tell what the icons refer to? Don’t get so caught up with visuals that functionality is forgotten. It’s also worth checking that the icons you choose are the up to date representative logos (platforms tend to change the official logo from time to time).

Social Media For Sex Bloggers - Which Social Media Is Best for Sex Bloggers?

Here’s a great blog post about free, high-quality social media icon sets you are able to use on your blog.

Finally – double check that the links behind your social media icons are correct. So many websites and blogs place the icons before opening the accounts themselves, then forget to actually link up the icons.

Pro tip: ‘nofollow’ all links to social media. We’ll discuss nofollow/dofollow links in a few weeks.

Check & protect your anonymity level

We’ve discussed personal safety on your sex blog in a previous Sex Blogger School article, as well as in this anonymity and sex blogging piece. What about your privacy & safety on social media?

When opening your sex blogging specific social media accounts (you probably don’t want to use the same account where you talk to the ‘rents/post your kids pics), go straight to the settings area. Turn location off – you may need to make sure your mobile device has location turned off for the social media app as well as doing this on desktop. Check through every other privacy aspect of the settings; there may be quite a few.

Each social media platform has its own privacy and safety settings and it’s worth spending some time going through each part before posting on your timeline.

Finally, check what’s in your photos before posting them. Can you see yourself in a reflection? Have you caught your door number in the pic? How about your address on a package? You’d be amazed at what manages to creep in!

You don’t have to be on every single social media platform

When researching social media for sex bloggers, it might feel easier to just open an account on every platform going. Before you get trigger-happy with the account opening, spend some time thinking about which social media you really want to be on.

People tend to have their favourites when it comes to social media; you might feel more comfortable on Facebook or Instagram than you ever will on Twitter or Tumblr, for instance.

Another factor to consider when opening social media accounts is that you’re not going to be focusing on cake recipes, knitting patterns or travel guides. This is SEX. Even though you probably won’t talk about sex 100% of the time, the fact is you’ll be talking about it at least sometimes. Choose a social media platform which is sex blogger friendly. We’ll discuss this further in a little while.

Connect with who you want to connect with

Don’t feel that you have to follow or friend every other person in the adult/blogging community. It’s OK if you’re not in the #followback club.

Social Media For Sex Bloggers - Which Social Media Is Best for Sex Bloggers?Follow who you want to follow, rather than connecting just because you feel like you should. Otherwise, your feed will soon become cluttered and overcrowded and you’ll have to make the choice between putting up with it or clicking unfollow/unfriend.

I find Twitter lists incredibly helpful in this regard – I add people to lists which categorises by how they’re relevant to my interests. Bloggers, shops, marketing, publishing and so forth. Checking these lists regularly means I get a stream of information just about that particular subject rather than attempting to digest it all in one overwhelming tide in my main feed. I can then decide to click follow if a particular person consistently resonates.

On Facebook there is now the option to ‘follow’ as well, rather than only being able to ‘friend’.

Minimise the stressful factors of social media

Social media is brilliant at letting you know exactly what’s going on… and it’s also terrible, because it lets you know exactly what’s going on.

Whether it’s world events or closer to home dramas of the blogosphere, you might find yourself feeling apprehensive when visiting social media platforms. I recently wrote an article giving some helpful ways to minimise the stress you feel while on social media, including the mute function, posting to social media from a distance, ways to filter what comes into your feeds, establishing some ground rules and avoiding mixing too much alcohol with social media.

Using hashtags on social media

Hashtags are a common inclusion in social media updates. They’re a way for people to find related commentary on a specific word or phrase, which is preceded by the hash key making it clickable.

Although hashtags on #socmed have become, in my opinion, more of a novelty addition rather than a useful one, they do still have their place on social media. Updates with affiliate links or otherwise sponsored content should really be marked up with an #aff or #spon disclaimer to be in line with online transparency guidelines, for example.

Some people use hashtags to easily group together a sub-category of tweets. For instance I tag all Pleasure Panel reviews/news  with #PleasurePanel, so those updates show when someone searches the ‘hashtag feed’ for that hashtag.

However although I used to tag all sex toy review related updates on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with such hashtags as #review #sextoyreview #sextoytester #adult #vibrator et al, their usefulness (in my opinion) has waned. Those updates will likely show up when a person is searching for information relating to sex toy testing even if the words aren’t hashed, just a natural part of the update itself.

It’s social media, not saturation marketing media

A final tip: I know it’s tempting (believe me), but please don’t be a 24/7 running advert for your blog on social media. No-one enjoys or wants to be spammed with links all the time. You’ll have greater success growing your audience and getting them engaged enough to be interested in your blog posts if you’re sociable, approachable and conversational.

Basically, just be REAL. People engage with people, not an endless stream of automatically or manually posted links.

Which Social Media is Best For Sex Bloggers?

If Facebook is your bag then you’ll need to be extremely careful what you publish on your profile or page – particularly when it comes to photos (including featured images which may be pulled through from your blog posts by publishing a link). Facebook’s terms and conditions are very strict when it comes to sexual content and you probably won’t be eligible to buy Facebook ads when you’re flagged up as a sex blogger either.

Vine is owned by Twitter and is on its way out. If sharing short videos along with photo-based content is your thing, you may like Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook and has semi-strict rules about sexual content. No explicit photos or videos allowed.

This is also true of Google Plus & Pinterest – be very careful about the photos or images you share, even if they’re not shared directly but being pulled through as the featured image from your blog post links. You tend to get one warning then get booted off the social media platform… usually without any way to reopen that particular account.

Since Tumblr was bought by Yahoo, their terms and conditions altered slightly. Although you’re free to share sex-related content, these won’t show up in people’s searches, making them pretty much only visible to those who already follow you. Not ideal when you’re just starting out.

I love Twitter because they seem to have the freest of free speech policies. This means I feel able to talk about whatever I like, using whatever language I like – and posting images which are as explicit as I wish. Note: If you’re planning on posting sexually explicit content for followers then a warning in your bio is usual etiquette. And never use explicit pics as your avi/send them directly to anyone/tag people in them, it’s a breach of consent.

When discussing social media for sex bloggers I must include the fact it’s best not to dabble. When you’re on a social media, be on that social media. It’s better to invest time in creating a fun/educational/interactive timeline and growing your audience on the one or two platforms you’re comfortable with, rather than opening 15 different accounts and only posting to each a couple of times a month.

There are certain tools & blog plug-ins which can help you fill your feed with a mix of your own blog posts, interesting articles from others and cross-post to several social media at once. Want to know my favourites?

My Favourite Social Sharing Tools & Plug-Ins

Buffer (Freemium) – Schedule status updates for set times days and weeks in advance, or simply use Buffer to post to several platforms at once, and from afar as a stress-minimising bonus.

IFTTT (Free) – Create ‘if this, then that’ recipes which automagically trigger when you do a certain thing. For instance when I post to Instagram it automatically not only shares the status to Twitter as well, but also the image as a native photo (not just an insta link – h/t Sable for discovering this one!).

Social Media For Sex Bloggers - Which Social Media Is Best for Sex Bloggers?

Recipe examples from

Jetpack – If you’re a WordPress blogger then Jetpack is amazing. It gives you access to blog stats, the ability to instantly publicise your blog posts to connected social media accounts, protection from spam and a lot more.

Content Resharer – This is another WordPress plug-in, and I use the Pro version to regularly & automatically share past posts with my social media audiences. You can exclude posts you don’t ever want reshared, and toggle the time between shares so you don’t spam everyone with constant updates.

Other bloggers have found success with Triberr, Hootsuite and SocialOomph.

I hope this article has given you the confidence to go out there and find the best social media for you and your blog, and some tips on best use as a sex blogger. Are you on social media already? Give me a shoutout on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Social Media For Sex Bloggers - Which Social Media Is Best for Sex Bloggers?

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Social Media For Sex Bloggers - Which Social Media Is Best for Sex Bloggers?

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  1. Really useful info. I find Social media bewildering at times, and for blogging purposes only use Twitter as like you point out, it seems the most amenable to posting adult content. I daren’t create a separate Facebook account for my blog since I’m worried it would link to my personal account (I struggle to keep up with techie stuff at the best of times!)
    So for now I’m staying with Twitter and that’s enough social stuff for me!

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