Sex Without Obligations: Pros and Cons

Sex Without Obligations: Pros and Cons

Sex in modern society has been discussed much more often and more frankly in the last decade. People are no longer afraid to reveal their preferences and desires. One of the most discussed themes today is “sex without obligations”. It is a screaming theme that is hated by many people. So, let’s figure out what are the bright and dark sides of sex without obligations?

Sex Without Obligations: Pros and Cons

  • Maintenance of health

It’s no secret that sex is necessary for both men and women. At least for maintaining your health! And also it relieves tension, brings bright emotions and pleasure. And if there is a person who can give you what you need – that’s just wonderful.

  • Absence of obligations

You get pleasure and no one makes you unhappy. You don’t have to justify yourself. Don’t have to answer annoying questions with whom you spend evenings or be afraid to look stupid in somebody’s eyes. You don’t even need to listen to what she is talking about and pretend that you are interested. In other words, there is no pretense that is so negatively formed in our emotional state.

  • Freedom of action

If you want you can meet with a lover for sex. If you don’t want to see her today – you don’t call her. No one will blame you for this. You are absolutely free in your decision. Sex without obligations is for those people who have no feelings for each other but have sympathy. Any experiences or feelings are not directed at a lover, so you don’t depend on your love feelings as well as she from hers. And mutual sex even helps distract from the pressing problems. In addition, each of you can find other partners and you will not even regret it because you have no obligations to each other!

  • No sexually transmitted diseases

Of course, none of us can guarantee an eternal protection against disease. Each of us remembers and knows that sex should be protected. But condoms, unfortunately, don’t give a 100% guarantee. Constant contact with the only one partner gives more guarantees to stay healthy and not get infected by the entire list of infections, bacteria, and viruses that are known to gynecologists and urologists.

  • Occurrence of affection

There is always the risk of manifestation of sympathy and occurrence of affection. It is difficult to predict consequences. A sense of “ownership” may arise even when you have sex with a constant person and then the whole plan that is called “without obligations” can fail. This is not the best finish for this kind of sex.

  • She will meet another man

Someday she will call you and say that this is the end and you will not see each other anymore. And even if you didn’t feel special feelings for her, it would hurt you. In addition, you could lose such a wonderful friend who has been making you happy in bed for many months or years.

  • You will not get what you need from this relationship

It seems that you have a close person, but, in fact, she is not. She will not support you in a difficult situation and she will not hug you in a difficult moment. After all, each of us wants to be loved and unique in the life of some person.

  • Negative opinion of others

Skew glances and disapproving comments have not yet been canceled. There is always someone who calls you “immoral”. Do you have sex without a relationship?  Have you lost your mind? How to live in such a society? Everyone knows better what is best for you. We are all excellent advisers when it doesn’t concern ourselves. Perhaps sometimes it is better to leave the secrets of your personal life in your bedroom. Don’t be afraid of the disapproval of others. Don’t forget that they have their own personal madness and secret desires.

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  1. Thought All The Pros and Cons Are Strong! The People Who Talk Immoral Have Every Right To Their Opinion! Trouble Is, Many Of Them Become Horses Asses In Public! Too Bad!

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