How Do Sex Bloggers Get Free Sex Toys To Review?

How Sex Bloggers Get Free Sex Toys To Review On Their Sex Blog

Sex Blogger School Part 5

Although not every sex blogger wants to write about or even use sex toys, they remain a popular topic in the sex blogging world. The vast array of designs and styles makes them interesting and collectable – plus, of course, they’re fun to use! Testing then reviewing sex toys also gives you something else to write about at your new blog. It’s no wonder that many new bloggers soon ask the question, “How do sex bloggers get free sex toys to review?”

How Do Sex Bloggers Get Free Sex Toys To Review?

Free Sex Toys You Say?

The first thing to realise is that in this context, sex toys are not free.

Sex toy reviewing is an exchange – you’re receiving the sex toy on the basis that you will provide a review. This review will be written either at your own blog or on the supplying shop’s website. Sometimes both, as long as the review is worded differently to avoid duplicate content problems. Some sex toy reviewers review sex toys in video format, either on their blog or on YouTube. Whether you’re a written or video reviewer is completely up to you.

Your Blog Is Your CV

As a newly launched sex blog without any/many posts published, it’s unlikely that sex toy shops will fall over themselves to send you sex toys to review.

Write reviews for sex toys you already own. Buy some adult products that you can then use and review at your blog. Obtain a variety of products so that you’ll end up with an assortment of reviews – this will also kick-start your review categories if you’re planning to create those at your blog.  A small vibrator, a dildo, a butt plug, some lube, a sex enhancer like an arousal oil or supplement and some condoms is a great beginner basket for a budding sex toy reviewer.

Building Reviews On A Budget

If you shop around you’ll be able to take advantage of sex toy special offers at various adult shops. It’s unlikely that you’ll stumble across many of them on the usual voucher code sites though; adult and mainstream shopping tend not to meet very often.

How Do Sex Bloggers Get Free Sex Toys To Review?Instead, scour the sex toy sites themselves for sales and special offers areas. Sign up for the email newsletters offered by the sex toy shops of your choice. They often have the sign up box on their home page or sidebars. Check out their social media for the latest codes and offers. Have a look at what offers other sex bloggers are promoting on their social media. You can snap up some real bargains, and these items will go towards building your ‘reviews CV’ on your sex blog.

I managed to find a mini vibrator, an orgasm gel, some hybrid lube and some anal beads at an online sex shop for a grand total of £11.90. That could be 4 reviews for your blog right there!

Asking For Freebies

I’m going to be very direct on this subject from the outset – I see far too many sex toy reviewers still approaching sex toy shops loudly and publicly, asking outright for sex toys and other products. Adult retail is big business; these shops are unlikely to want to send out products to someone they’ve never spoken to before until a sudden demand for freebies pops up in their social media mentions.

Having worked for sex toy companies and been on the receiving end of these ‘freebie demands’ as a business rep, I can honestly say that it doesn’t give the company a great impression of you as a blogger. It screams greedy freeloader.

Contacting Companies

That doesn’t mean that you can’t ever ask for sex toys to review, it just means that there’s a better way to go about it.

Avoid public requests. It puts the business on the spot and in a very difficult position if they’re unable to send you anything. I’d always recommend contacting the company in a private way, with email being ideal. It’s more professional than a quick-snap private message on social media.

If you can’t find a company’s email address or other contact form via their website, then politely asking for those details on social media is fine.

A Word Of Warning

How Do Sex Bloggers Get Free Sex Toys To Review?I’d advise against immediately contacting all the sex toy shops you can find asking for sex toys to review. It’s not only incredibly spammy, think about what you’ll be faced with if they all respond and send you something… You could end up with a large boxful of products awaiting review and then feel completely overwhelmed from the outset.

It might seem like a glorious predicament to be in, but believe me: the pressure soon mounts when you realise that these products aren’t just for fun. You’re obliged to provide a good quality review for every single one. After the initial excitement of receiving sexy products in the post fades, you’re left with a pile of work. Because that’s what sex toy reviewing is: work. Yep, it’s fun too; but it’s most definitely work.

Be mindful of how many companies you’re contacting and track their responses so that you can fulfil your review obligations to them in good time.

What Should You Say?

I realise it may be quite an intimidating prospect, contacting adult businesses asking for sex toys to review. What on earth do you say? How can you avoid seeming grabby, and instead communicate your desire to write informative product reviews?

I’ve put together the following email template which I hope many of you find useful. As I keep saying throughout this Sex Blogger School series, nothing I have to say on the subject is a hard and fast rule. Just advice and suggestions based on my experiences. Similarly, this template isn’t the only one that you should use – it’s just something I’ve written off the top of my head which in my opinion sounds professional and polite.

Feel free to amend it so it suits your particular tone of voice – and don’t forget to insert your blog links.

First Contact Email Template

Dear [the company you’re writing to]

Thank you for finding a moment to read my email. I’m a new and enthusiastic sex blogger, and you can find my blog here [LINK]. I have a particular interest in providing in-depth and well-written reviews for adult products, including links to the supplying business.

Please visit my reviews page here [LINK] to see several examples of my work.

I would love to write more adult product reviews, and would very much like to build a working relationship with your company. I’m looking forward to your reply in the hope that we can arrange a product review at my blog for you in the very near future.

Thanks once again for your kind attention.

Kind regards,

[your name]

Once You Receive Your Review Product

Please, and or goodness sake: once you receive your item, write a good quality review on your blog within a reasonable timescale.

How Do Sex Bloggers Get Free Sex Toys To Review?Businesses are likely to be wary about sending sex toys to review by a new sex blogger in any case, the worst thing you could do is not fulfil your end of the deal – or at least seem like you’re not bothered about doing so, and have to be chased for the review.

Show you can fulfil your review obligations from the start; it’s the best way to build professional trust in you as a sex toy reviewer and cement those professional relationships.

You can read this related article on how to write a sex toy review, including points to note, taking photographs, number of links to use plus a whole lot more.

Social Media & Sex Toy Reviewing

Last week’s Sex Blogger School focused on setting up your sex blog related social media accounts. When you enter the world of sex toy reviewing, you’re entering a professional relationship with the companies who supply those products (unless of course you’re buying all your own products as a customer).

It’s therefore a good idea to use your social media accounts sensibly. What do I mean by that? Well, rather than going the begging-and-bragging route when it comes to securing sex toys for review, be someone companies will want to work with and someone other bloggers will want to engage with.

Try to make your social media updates relating to sex toy reviewing informative and polite to all, especially businesses. Companies to tend to look beyond simply your sex blog when it comes to deciding if they want to send you products for review, so it’s best if your feeds present someone they’ll be motivated to work with.

As I’ve mentioned, a feed full of begging for ‘freebies’ and then brags when toys are received will probably be quite off-putting. /understatement

Need More Help?

I hope this article is an enormous help for new sex bloggers who would like to receive sex toys to review. You can read more helpful tips in this related article I wrote back in 2014. In future Sex Blogger School posts I’m going to be covering how to make money from your sex toy reviews, and when & if you should ever charge a fee for completing them.

You can also check out my sex toy reviews project – the Pleasure Panel (follow here on Twitter). Another great way to establish yourself as a sex blogger companies may want to work with is to take part in my Sex Blogger Spotlight Series.

Both of those are free to take part in, but I would LOVE your support on Patreon which keeps these and my many other) projects alive. Thank you.

How Do Sex Bloggers Get Free Sex Toys To Review?

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How Do Sex Bloggers Get Free Sex Toys To Review?

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  2. My gosh I’ve been struggling with so many things with my new blog. It has been up for only 3 month well it’s up and running, but could still use lots of help. This sure did that! Thank you very much Cara <3

  3. This article is really helpful. I was looking for somebody to give our product a test review but don’t know how to find bloggers and end up being here

    • Thank you. If you have a Twitter account for your business that can be a handy way to find and connect with bloggers. I’d advise not contacting lots at once though, or using it to solely be promotional, as it’s spamming and can be very annoying for people on Twitter. If you’d like to tweet me from your business account, I can reply to your tweet tagging in some people who may be genuinely interested in reviewing for you. I’m at @TheCaraSutra, or @PleasurePanel. Good luck!

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