Hitting The Female G-Spot

Hitting The Female G-Spot

The ABCs Of Stimulating The Female G-Spot

The person who said, “The way to a woman’s heart is jewelry,” obviously never ended up finding their partner’s G-spot.

Stimulating a woman’s G-spot has reached epic and mythical proportions, guaranteeing she’ll always remember you as the “best she’s ever had” if you’re the first one there.

Hitting The Female G-Spot ABCs Of Hitting The Female G-Spot

Let’s get real here for a second: If she’s sex positive and engages in masturbation, she may very well have found it already. You’re not going to blow her world apart just because you claim to be the “G-spot whisperer”.

And just because you’re able to find and stimulate the female G-Spot, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get her to squirt.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try nor does it mean that she won’t get even more pleasure from having you be the one who arrives at that tricky little spot. If you keep the focus only on finding it, then the pressure’s on and half the pleasure’s gone.

So relax and you’ll allow her to feel more present. Engage all your senses and make ample use of all the other great things going on during penetration and you may very well hit it.

Here’s our guide to the G-spot done right.

The Big O and the G-Spot

The location of the G-spot is hotly debated — to the point where researchers debated whether it even existed at all.

Some say they can feel it as a ridge or a slight difference in tissue, where the G-spot is more pronounced. Some say the within their partner’s bodies don’t feel as obvious so they rely on her reaction to tell if they’ve hit it or not.

Regardless of what it looks or feels like, the rough location is found to be against the lower abdomen, on the vaginal wall. You don’t have to go very deep into her uterus — in fact, if you’ve hit her uterus, you’re too far in.

You only need to head in about two inches, before moving to the front of her stomach, rather than inside. It’s best to start with fingers before you move to penile (or other) penetration so you can get a sense of where it is.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

The Body is Bespoke

Okay, so, theoretically, you know where this elusive little treasure trove of a ridge is. But every gal’s lady-bits are made a bit different. If you’re embarking on this hunt together, communication is key.

So is going slow and taking your sweet time: emphasis on “sweet”. If you can get your woman aroused and draw out that arousal, you’re more likely to find her G-spot, since it swells and becomes more pronounced when she’s aroused.

Even as you’re heading inside with your fingers first and feeling around for that telltale ridge, don’t be afraid to let your fingers walk around through the fleshy tissue.

If she moans and relaxes or says she needs to pee, you’re getting warm, warmer, hot!

The Famous Fingers

It’s an oldie but a goldie for a reason: the famous finger techniques never go wrong when trying to find the G-spot for the first time. Have her spread her legs wide, as she would if you were giving her oral.

If you’re just getting started, you can choose to start with some water-based lube to make slipping in easier.

Without a doubt, make sure your fingernails are clipped completely and cleaned. It’s hygienic and just strategically smart.

You want to insert your fingers, one and then two at a time, and travel upwards rather than into her vagina.

Use the vaginal opening to hit against her lower abdomen and apply pressure with your fingers against her mons (the triangular pubic area).

You can also curl your fingers in a “come to me” motion that feels incredible, even if you don’t accidentally brush against the G-spot. If nothing else, this helps the area swell with blood and you’ll have an easier time finding it.

Combo Moves

Arousal is a really important aspect to finding and stimulating the female G-spot so why not use your tongue for some directed oral while your fingers are rooting around in there? If she’s lying on her stomach, it’s not so much the angle that might help as the ready-made pressure on her stomach.

Your chances of success with combo moves just shot way up.

Positions To Try

To help you increase the odds and maybe even beat them, we’ve put together a handy list of positions that will help access the abdomen wall rather than going too deep into the vagina.

A High Doggie

Going deep in doggy always feels incredible and there’s a chance you could accidentally hit it on your way further in.

But a shallow thrust is always best if you want to try and reach the elusive G for that big O. In this case, try bending her over a low couch. Rather than being perpendicular to her, while her back is flat, you want to get her at an angle so her ass is higher in the air.

Think of creating a slight variation on a downward dog. The angle she’s in will keep your penetration shallow.

Reverse Cowgirl

It takes a bit of manoeuvring but the reverse cowgirl puts her in control. Which is great for you because you can be the guy who blew her mind by hitting her G-spot without having to really work to it.


You’ve got a part in this too, as nice as the view of her ass on your crotch is. Have her keep her knees bent so that when you thrust, you’re putting pressure on her abdomen wall.

While she can shift around and get the right angle that feels good, you can put your hands on her breasts, fondle and tweak her nipples or reach down and give her a little clitoral stimulation.

Lovers In Arms

Start by lying on your side so your face-to-face and have her lift her thigh and rest it on yours.

Enter her from the front and begin to thrust in. A shallow reach means that her G-spot will have a higher chance of being hit and stimulated. Meanwhile, your hands (and hers!) are free to roam, stimulate her clitoris and pull the back of her neck closer to you – to kiss her, to touch foreheads or simply to form a connection with your eyes.

Never underestimate what a little intimacy can do for her arousal.

A Word to the Wise

Real women, whose partners have tried (and succeeded!) to find their G-spots observe that the best thing you can do is not force it.

For all the advice and how-tos out there that you can plough through (no pun intended), sometimes, reaching the female G-spot is not so much an art as it is a stroke of pure luck.

If you don’t put so much pressure on finding it and, instead, focus on pleasuring her with lots of foreplay, getting her to relax and let go, having her surrender to the sheer sensation and pleasure of it all, chances are, you’ll both find it when (and where) you least expect it.

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