Desire Cruises Offer ‘Playground At Sea’ For Sexually Adventurous Couples

Relationships are strengthened by regular times of intimacy, where couples can revel in each other’s company without common stresses & interruptions. It’s all too easy for the pace of modern life to overwhelm us, almost overtaking us – and this can have a severe and detrimental effect on our sex lives. If you and your partner have become like ships in the night, it’s time to think about an adult-only break. Desire Cruises are here to help you.

Desire Cruises Playground At Sea For Sexually Adventurous Couples

About Desire Cruises

Desire Cruises are sensual holidays for adults. Couples, to be specific. These clothing-optional cruises (yes, real cruises aboard luxury liners) place the emphasis firmly on pleasure.

On-Board Ship

Desire Cruises Playground At Sea For Sexually Adventurous Couples

These luxury cruise ships are designed to meet every need of the pleasure-seeking yet discerning couple. With spectacular spaces created to enhance your enjoyment to its peak, you can relax knowing you’re in capable hands.

Elegant and luxurious amenities are available on-board to cater to your every whim. Pamper and prepare your bodies together in the spa, salon and fitness centre. There are Wi-Fi packages to ensure you stay connected, and land excursions for a spot of regular sightseeing between more decadent options. Sate your secondary appetites with speciality dining packages, and stock up on essentials in the conveniently located on-board shops.

Erotic Entertainment

Desire Cruises’ mission is to fully satisfy every passenger on-board. With this in mind, there are several erotic entertainment options to take full advantage of. These include Spicy Signature Theme Nights, Couples Workshops, Pumping Pool Parties, Custom Shows & Performances, Meet & Greets, and Intense Icebreakers.

Desire Cruises ships also offer beautifully designed areas which further enhance your pleasure. There are clothing-optional pool areas, Jacuzzi lounges and signature Playrooms. In these areas you and your partner will be able to experience a full range of erotic delights with the other open-minded couples on board.

Planned Desire Cruises

Sexually adventurous passengers will delight in boarding a top luxury and high-end cruise liner this September, for a real voyage of discovery.

Desire Cruises’ Venice Cruise will set sail along the Adriatic Sea from 26th September to 3rd October 2017. This cruise will depart and culminate in Venice, Italy, stopping in several ports along the way including Croatia and Slovenia.

Desire Cruises Playground At Sea For Sexually Adventurous Couples

There is another Desire Cruise planned for 2018 in Barcelona, Rome.


These sexual pleasure-centric, ‘playground at sea’ cruises are strictly for adults only. Moreover, Desire Cruises are only for couples.

Desire Cruises have strict rules that every passenger must agree to then abide by for the full duration of their voyage. Doing so ensures the comfort, well-being and happiness of everyone on board. This also maintains the mandatory consensual and respectful nature of the cruise.

Why You Should Book

Desire Cruises’ ultimate goal is the full satisfaction of their guests. The main aim is to offer pleasure-centric vacations for sexually adventurous couples to enjoy, in a respectful and elegant adult-only setting.

Desire Cruises Playground At Sea For Sexually Adventurous Couples

Original Group CEO, Rodrigo de la Peña, explains:

We have carefully selected this amazing ship and this exotic route to enable us to provide our passengers the opportunity to live a high-end, sensual yet spicy experience in a luxurious and secure environment, where they will receive top quality service and visit paradisiac sites.

He continues,

We’re thrilled to bring to the sea our more than 30 years of experience in creating the perfect sensual atmosphere for adults, and we have no doubt that the Desire Cruise experience will be life-changing for our passengers and will become THE sensual way to get away!

Desire Cruises Discount Codes & How To Book

Book your provocative pleasure voyage today. You can book here online -or if you prefer, telephone 0330 022 3662 (UK).


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Wishing you all a safe and intensely pleasurable voyage.

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